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Microcontrollers Revamping the Electronic Industry
Steve Sanghi
Wednesday, December 30, 2009
The user interaction becomes the best mantra for any electronic manufacturing firm to stay ahead in the game, facilitated by the microcontrollers. The $17 million market for microcontrollers or miniature computers is hidden inside a number of products ranging from LED powered microwaves, automobiles to any remote-controlled devices. Fulfilling the five factors, which comprise user interface, connectivity, display, low power and high voltage, the embedded microcontrollers are well-poised to grab a larger pie in the $250 million semiconductor market.

It has been a huge cost redeemer making product revamp easy. For display issues, there are the microcontrollers that help easy interface with large display using the coder VGA technology. And to tweak the power buttons, there are these embedded computers that allows a device to function at extremely low-powered modes.

The huge opportunity that lies in the sector can augment the spirit of entrepreneurs of the embedded sector, however, the downside that mars the spirit is the lack of availability of risk capital. So, to pull up the tentative entrepreneurial stint as a fulfilling business plan in the market, the newbies have to shake hands with the established corporates as partners. The entrepreneurs have to be observant of the market demands and bit by bit expand their offerings to meet the consumer needs. With the strategies in place and a strong foray into the embedded sphere, has been a boon to the Asian regions. The companies are fostering their expansion plans over the regions as Asia takes number one position in market share with a huge difference of nearly 10 percent as compared to next big market of Europe.

Steve Sanghi, CEO of Microchip

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