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February-2003  issue
Cover Story
Author: Karthik Sundaram
CAESAR, VINOD DHAM’S GOLDEN-HAIRED Labrador, is given to loping around Dham’s hilltop estates in Fremont, CA. He wears a collar with an embedded chip, and you wonder if it is to stop him from crossing over the estate boundaries.... more>>
Cover Feature
Venkat Ramana
IN 1947, A TECHNOLOGAL INNOVATION WAS achieved at the Murray Hill, NJ facilities of Bell Labs; the first transistor was made of... more>>
Himanshu Singh
A FEW YEARS AGO DESIGNING A CHIP WAS A rather simple affair, since designers functioned almost independently. This was the era... more>>
Vivek Subramaniam
OVER THE LAST TWO DECADES, THERE HAS BEEN sustained interest among researchers in the development of a “3D”... more>>
Manoj Gandhi
COORDINATING ACTIVITY BETWEEN MULTIPLE millions of anything is non-trivial at best, and impossible without the right... more>>
Venkat Ramana
HAVE YOU TURNED ON YOUR COMPUTER TODAY? Maybe turned on your air conditioning or started your car? If you have done any of... more>>
Pradeep Shankar
EVEN AS THE PC CHIP MAKERS INTEL AND AMD are engaged in the so-called gigahertz wars, focus is now beginning to move away from... more>>
Vickram Swamy
THE MEDIUM OF COMMUNICATION IS BECOMING richer,” says Danial Faizullabhoy, general partner at Walden International, a $2... more>>
In My Opinion
Dr. Biswadip (Bobby) Mitra
Bobby Mitra is currently serving as the Worldwide Director, Industrial Systems at Texas Instruments . He posses an extensive... more>>
Karthik Sundaram
When today’s road warriors swap gripes on the longer sales cycles and scarcer client dollars, one company in southern... more>>
Personal Finance
Gurudutt Baliga
WHO: GURUDUTT BALIGA, Senior Vice President, Alliance U.S., and Portfolio Manager. Guru Baliga has 17 years investment... more>>
si Readers
Dalal is right! Jagdish Dalal's opinion on “India and the BPO boom” is indeed absorbing. It is, in fact, high time... more>>
Dr.Suresh Gopalakrishnan
“FASTER AND CHEAPER” ARE FREQUENTLY HEARD rallying cries from the supporters of the bandwidth revolution. At the... more>>
Pradeep Shankar
Alok Chaturvedi, CFO of a leading software firm in Bangalore, deposits a check for $ 90,000 at the HongKong and Shanghai Bank... more>>
Karthik Sundaram
WHEN HEWLETT-PACKARD INTRODUCED THE Compaq tablet-PCs, we took up 10 pieces to experiment with. The IT team held on to only... more>>
VC Chakra
si Team
Call Raju Gulabani, Chairman and CEO of TeleSym Inc., and though the telephonic conversation appears normal, you’d be... more>>
si Team
SOMERSET, NJ-BASED TACIT Networks, Inc., a provider of enterprise-class wide area network (WAN)-based storage consolidation... more>>
Venkat Ramana
EVERY ONE OF US SHOULD think like an entrepreneur. We should be able to come up with ideas that would help in taking the... more>>
Subhash Desai
BACK IN 1985, NOT MANY WOULD HAVE HEARD about contract research organizations (CROs). Thanks to the enterprise of Dr. Anand... more>>
Rahul Chandran
INDIA'S FIRST ELECTRIC CAR, REVA, IS ON AN expansion mode: a luxury version of the car, the product of a joint venture between... more>>
Jagdish Dalal
AS I WROTE IN MY LAST MONTH COLUMN, Business Process Outsourcing has become the Holy Grail for many services providers—in... more>>
Kris Ananthakrishnan
E-COMMERCE PUNDITS HAVE BEEN KNOWN TO claim that ‘if there exists a “perfect” market, it is the... more>>
Prof. Srikumar S. Rao
COPYEDITING IS A CHORE. EVERY MAGAZINE, every newsletter, every ezine, every book has—at some point—had someone go... more>>
Pradeep Shankar
PROFESSOR MANJUNATH HEGDE IS BACK TO teaching at the Washington University in St. Louis. Only a few weeks ago, he was the Chief... more>>
Karthik Sundaram
BEFORE, I WAS EMBARRASSED TO GO UP THERE and say that what I have is an unbelievable opportunity,” she says.... more>>
In Focus
si Team
PADMASREE WARRIOR, AN IIT DELHI GRADUATE in Chemical Engineering, is the first female technology officer for Motorola. As the... more>>
si Team
ARUN SARIN, FORMER CHIEF operating officer of AirTouch and chief executive of private equity firm Accel-KKR Telecom, has been... more>>
Editor's Desk
Harvi Sachar
SEMICONDUCTORS—IN THEIR MANY forms—still remain the foundation of the high tech industry; the basic building blocks... more>>
Last Word
si Team
“The innate cultural and economic strength of the people would ultimately provide the country with its rightful place... more>>