Should We Be Floored By Bangalored?

Suresh Sundaram
Suresh Sundaram
Activate Enterprise Technology
Suresh Sundaram is the CEO at Activate Enterprise Technology, an ERP applications development and consulting services company. It offers consulting services to ERP customers in the manufacturing, retail, and energy sectors in the fields of maintenance, manufacturing, supply chain planning, business intelligence, and shop floor execution. Prior to this, Sundaram was a Senior Development Manager and rose to being the Group Manager at Oracle.

'Neither Fear, Nor Elation!' was the feeling when I read Obama's patriotic talk about Bangalore, India and Buffalo, New York. Is 'Outsourced to Bangalore' coming to an end? Are we looking at a major shift in policy from the Western Powers? We ought to be cautious about the protectionist policies from the West. However, we need not go completely negative as most of these cliché statements from the leaders of the West are for their internal purposes. At best, it displays their patriotism and with a good measure of their vested interest to bring their party back to power.

For an entrepreneur it is important to keep their foot on the floor when their vision and strategies are set way high in the Moon and the Stars. For the last 3-4 years I see Indian IT entrepreneurs stepped up to the global market both in terms of ownership of intellectual property and value based IT services. This trend should continue. Our goal should be to build more Intellectual Property when it comes to product development. Drive your workforce to efforts that are innovative and patentable. It will surely take care of the company revenues, if not this year, definitely next year.

Our Prime Minister has said yesterday, "India is now behind China in Science". Again, should we fear this statement? No! We need to take up this as a challenge. Success of a Nation does not rely on their stats from Science or Maths Olympiads. In this century, it depends mostly on the innovation and production based on our technology leadership. How do we get a work force which is innovative and not just hard working? In my experience, I have found most of the workforce fresh from the colleges has not done a single project on their own despite their first class degree. Education in India is moving towards just monetization by taking advantage of numerous students who are not clear why they are doing their degree in the first place. We need to educate the educators to be more proactive, less money minded and completely industry oriented. Aren't these are called professional colleges awarding professional degrees?
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1: After all this time here's someone speaking the absolute Truth, calling spade a spade ! Thanks Mr.Sundaram for this timely article.
Posted by:SEO InternetMarketing SuranjanGhosh - 17 Apr, 2012

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