Time Is Money, Really?
By Avinash Sethi , Chief Marketing Officer , Innovize Tech Software
Everyone believes that time is money but I have yet to see companies that have a Time Accounting system like they do for Cash Accounting....
My First 50 Days As An Entrepreneur
By V. Bharathwaj , Founder , MyndGenie
The first 50 days have moved at a terrific pace -- it is hard to believe that it is only 50 days and not 250! Moving from a global senior...
Mapping The DNA - Mobile Apps For Sports
By Vikramjiet Roy , Director , Cricket Companion
Be it a Cricket Match, a Soccer Game, a Formula-1 race, or a game of Tennis doubles; today’s fast paced generation wants to be the...
Leadership Metrics
By Suman R , Co-Founder , EoS Software Systems
Organizations require a "measurement mind-set" and defined metrics to quantify and gauge the organization success and health. By...
Team Formation: 4KTA
By Naveen Bisht , Board Member and Chair , TiE Silicon Valley
Team Formation is the key for an entrepreneur in commencing his journey after starting his own company. I would like to provide four key...
How Entrepreneurs Become Visionary Leaders
By Naveen Jain , CEO , Intelius
As a child I experienced firsthand the severe effects of poverty and illiteracy, especially upon women and children. My parents taught me...
How Work Visibility can Transform your Business
By Shirish Deodhar , CEO and Co-Founder , Innovize Tech Software
The second most important currency at work: Time/Effort Most industries use ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software for optimizing...
The Success for Startup
By Suman R , Co-Founder & Director of Business Strategy , Eos Software Systems
When you have decided to explore the world of Entrepreneurship, what are the key to dos? Several management articles and studies indicate...
How To Overcome The First 24 Months In A Start Up
By Gautam Sinha , Partner , MyFirstCheque
As I put my son through kindergarten I realized that there is some logic to the natural evolution of learning that a human goes through....
By Prashanth Prahalad , Managing Director , Scalers & Victors Innovations Pvt. Ltd.
'What's wrong with the students of today? Why aren't our freshers ready for the working world?' A familiar sentiment, isn't it? If...
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