Rossitek was formed to focus on the mobile app market. Earlier on we had identified that the mobile market was a platform that would be unique, have growth and require specialist skills to offer maximum results. It was innovative and new and exciting and something we wanted to get our hands into.

Coming from IT backgrounds in both software, hardware, management and the surrounding logistics our 20 years plus experience was pooled together to incorporate Rossitek and form a company that composed of all the elements we had learned and attributed over the years.


Rossitek is a self funded company, and all investment has come from our CEO’s own initiative and expenditure. Rossitek has rejected some partnerships in the past, but is open to investment in particular with some of our own self developed products and services.

Market Landscape
Mobile Apps Development can cover many varying sectors or business markets. We have companies concentrating on app development in entertainment, providing services such as push notification, developing app distribution platforms and more.

The market we are in, mobile apps, is a fast growing market and soon it will level out just as the dot com and web booms did, but we see this area growing for some years yet, as the market still tries to steady and get its feet and find its place in the digital world.The app development business will only be limited by the devices and functions that are available for us as developers to tap in to.

Product/ Solution offerings & Value Proposition
We have different products and strategies that have been discussed, planned and currently being rolled out to ensure a better success rate of uptake.

Most of our products are very manageable and allow for scaling, customisation and this offers value to our clients as we can offer mobility solutions to them at a more affordable cost versus complete development of their own platforms. It is aimed at a smaller revenue market share however the numbers in this area not only offer value but can offer us returns.

Services against that of the competition
What separates Rossitek from our competitors first and foremost is the relationship we have with our clients. We are dedicated to satisfying their needs, and go above and beyond what are required.

Rossitek is a family and all those involved from employees to clients are treated as such.Customer satisfaction is highest priority.

Rossitek provides our client’s products that we hope exceed their expectations. We like to dazzle them with unique UI Designs, animations, latest styles and widget type coding being used within the industry etc. We try to keep our team up to date with latest happenings and programming trends.

Our company provides devices of all makes and models to our staff, for testing, playing and to check out and learn and understand what others are doing for their own knowledge and the benefit of Rossitek

Intensity of Competition
Our clients are positioned all over the world, and in particular we have had a good relationship with clients in Australia. We had researched the market not just from a mobile user point of view but also from a country economy point of view and as a result have been able to tap into that part of the world. We have clients in - Aviation, retail and Mining/Coal/Oil & Gas sectors

Hemalatha Sriramulu
Hemalatha Sriramulu

Trends in market landscape
As the mobile market is relatively new, it is still establishing its feet.  iPhone for example was a game changer on its release however other handsets and operating systems are changing the landscape.
Who would have thought Blackberry would be in the position it is in today. The market moves very quickly, and if you are not ready for it, you can go from hero to zero very quickly.

We have noticed a shift to HTML5 and some of the services it provides are making people question whether they really need to develop an App or not. Speeds are improving; functions are increasing so this is an area to watch.

Intensity of Competition
We have never really experienced competition. We have had clients tender and request proposals on their terms, with comparisons to other app development companies, however we know what we do, we know what we achieve and set our terms and conditions accordingly.

There are many developers moving into the market, but experience always counts.

We never gauge ourselves against others but merely focus on allowing others to gauge themselves on what we do.We have a plan, we have a vision and in our own Rossitek World we strive to make that happen with all the successes and failures that may come.

Organizational Culture
We try to invoke creativeness, passion and enthusiasm with our employees to ensure that we can deliver innovative and creative app developments. We constantly encourage our staff to spend time trying new things, and part of this is over compensating on some of our projects to allow that time to try new things, and implement specialist functionalities.

Our team gather together before the start of all projects and we have expression sessions allowing each person involved to throw ideas, functionalities and bond together as a team to get an overall sense of feeling of each application.Our CEO and Management are approachable with an open door policy that allows our staff to freely speak, and discuss everything from projects to personal issues.

Growth Plans
From a service point of view Rossitek plans to provide high quality mobility solutions to our corporate enterprise clients and develop and support those services.

From a product point of view we will be establishing our current offerings in their respective markets.Growth on these products will be dependent on their success in those markets. Well established sales and marketing strategies will ensure a more successful product penetration and this is a primary focus. Traditional marketing and business plans are key to the success of any product development.

Long term Rossitek wishes to be recognised as India’s premier mobile apps development company and allow our staff and clients to grow with us and be part of that journey.

Global Strategy
Traditional marketing techniques, being innovative, creative and being noticed are key to being identified from the rest of the players.Our go to market plans are traditional, but we also try to think outside the box and use new innovative marketing techniques available to us, such as Social media, Viral Marketing etc.

Each product is assessed, analysed and a marketing plan is discussed and put into action. What may work for one product may not work for another.

Globally, Rossitek in the near future is looking to re-establish itself in different market segments and target those markets in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Japan and USA.We have already established a sales arm in some of those countries and obtained clients in them, so expanding globally is paramount to us being a global force and recognised as a leader.

Current Status of Company
Total Staff:35
Self Funded:$100,000 US
Investment Opportunity:Rossitek seeks investors for its line-up of products and services and is open for discussion at all levels of investment. Investment required $250,000 +

Road Ahead
Our biggest challenge is bettering ourselves. We always look for ways to improve things and better ourselves for the good of the company.

One of our challenges at the moment, is establishing ourselves in the different markets, and penetrating those areas. We overcome these by establishing people in their known markets, to open doors and understand the culture and requirements of that industry or sector.

No point sending a Used Car Salesman in to sell Oil & Gas Mobile Solutions.
It is critical to having the right people for the job. A small team of highly skilled workers will not only complete a job faster but produce a better product than a large team of less experienced people.
In the long run, it is your reputation on the line and the company is only as good as the tools you use to get the finished product.

Our challenge is to ensure we have those right people and hand them the right tools to deliver above and beyond our clients expectations.



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