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Hunka Technologies

Mobile market is growing rapidly/fleeting speed. Entire ecosystem is becoming more stable and mature constantly. Social media is going mobile. Smartphones are no more a luxury and have become need of the day. Social, deals, and B2B segments are changing this world. This is exactly where Hunka Technologies is positioning itself.

The company primarily focuses on iPhone and Android applications and games. In a short span of two years the company has developed more than 200 games. Set off with modest utility apps, the company has now shifted its focus towards corporate apps and high end games. Its “Lock my Phone” app reached to #2 in overall categories in the App Store. The company would enter into product development domain with the launching of i-DealGuru, in January 2012. A website benefitting the mobile developers community.

“Our USP is the turnaround time, the comprehensive quality of the product and the value addition that we provide in the development life cycle of the product. We work more as a partner than as a service provider, that not just develops product for the clients but also provides consulting, detailed analysis and market surveys to make sure that their product works,” says Akshay Hunka, Founder & CEO, Hunka Tech. The company has a dedicated QA team who has in-depth Business Intelligence of the system they are testing, to ensure that the product is not only working as per the requirements but also to modify it as per the market demand.

Although it has been a few years since the mobile market started booming, the demand still outweighs supply, and companies providing high quality work and professional environment are few and far between. “Currently most small organizations work on “all” parts of mobile development and hence the expertise of a particular field is missing. Small players need to grab expertise of a particular domain to become big,” adds Akshay.

The company believes that flexible work environment is the key and freedom is its essence. Hunka’s higher management keeps close eye to make sure that everything is being done correctly and instead of imposing ideas on their team, allows them to come up with their own ideas. The company shares everything with its team and clients, makes sure that they are aware of the real situation, and then jointly find a solution.


Akshay Hunka

Akshay has more than twelve years experience in Information Technology enabled services line. Akshay has specialization in Internet based applications and network Surveillance Sector. He has proficiency in programming languages objective C, C, C++, VC++, SDL, Flex (Action Script 3.0), PHP, ASP .Net. Akshay has been leading a team of 50+ people. Prior to starting Hunka, Akshay has worked in...

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Founder and CEO
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