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Qapitol QA

Qapitol QA

Mohan PanguluriAbout the Company

Established in November 2015, Qapitol QA Testing Services is a new age Software Testing company which specializes in Digital Transformation Testing encompassing all customer touch points such as Mobile apps, POS applications, Web Portals, Marketing applications, Customer Support applications, Payments, Supply Chain ecosystems and Big Data / Data Pipelines. A 160- member Testing Solutions company, Qapitol QA has offices in London (UK), Bengaluru, Hyderabad, US and partners in Spain.

From technology and solutions perspective,Qapitol QA specializes in building Test Automation solutions across Web, Mobile Apps, APIs & Web-services and Data Pipelines. The firm also possesses strong capability in Performance Testing & Capacity Planning on Cloud Infrastructure, DevOps & Security Testing.

Qapitol QA brings to the table a rich experience of delivering great value to marquee clients such as Flipkart, Swiggy, FarEye, Arvind Lifestyle Brands, Myntra&Jabong, Cisco, Measured, CRED, PharmEasy, and many other technology companies and Enterprises across E-Commerce, Retail, Banking and Payments domains.

Addressing the Challenges

Today, most companies approach Qapitol QA for business requirements such as designing testing strategy, developing automation framework, executing quality programs and augmenting project staffing. A recognized name in this domain, Qapitol QA provides its customers with the required expertise by understanding their business issues and technology requirements and preparing blueprintfor testing strategy, test execution methodology, providing tools & frameworks, skills and manpower to achieve their quality goals and mitigate business risks.

Range of Services

Companies that produce software products are incubated from abstract ideas with the aim to solve business and consumer challenges. Testing activities begin with validating the idea and checking quality through continuous development of the product till its final realization. Qapitol QA provides such Technology Startups with Minimum Viable Quality Assessments and associated services to satisfy their product quality requirements. For larger enterprises that have established processes and products, Qapitol QA augments their engineering teams with Managed Testing Services that involves independently managing their quality programs using qualified resources and technical talent along with executing projects at customer’s global offices.

Some popular business requirements includePerformance Engineering, Security Testing, Usability Assessments, Functionality Testing, Accessibility Evaluations and more. For companies that produce mobile apps, Qapitol QA providesMobile App Testing Servicesacross popular platforms such as Google’s Andriod and Apple’s iOS.

At Qapitol, key emphasis is on providingDigital Transformation Testing Servicesto companies that are migrating to a digital-only strategy by shifting all their business applications to the cloud, from where they control all other apps such as mobile apps, web portals, IoT applications and more.KalyanChandrapu

For companies that are implementing digital transformation initiativesinvolving digitizing applications, migrating platforms towards the cloud and maintaining integrated development and operations (DevOps), Qapitol QA provides Digital Testing Solutionsthat ensuresuniformity of user experiences across desktop, web, mobile and cloud apps.While Business Assurance Testingensures de-risking business services, Qapitol’sIoT Testing enables companies such as home automation device manufacturers to make sure all their devices are connected securely and performing accurately. For quality engineering departments that want to reduce the overall cost of testing activities, Qapitol QA supports them with proprietary Test Automation Frameworkand Toolingsolutions.

Qapitol QA as a testing service ensures that the applications and data migrations are tested rigorously so that business is not interrupted during such transitions.

Technology Adoption

As the technology adoption is riddled with challenges, the recent years have witnessed proliferation tools to deal with problems at various levels and phases of testing from test design to deployment. Qapitol QA teams are well equipped with the expertise and ability to identify/ use the appropriate tools as necessitated by its tech savvy clientele.

For test design, Qapitol QA uses tools such as Cucumber, for test management, Jira is adopted. For unit tests, the firm uses use xUnit.Seleniumis used for system tests, Ant for builds, utilities created in Java and Python for test data generation, Jenkins for deployment. For non-functional testing, Qapitol QA usesJMeter, Locust and Gatling; for simulations and injections, the firm uses SOAP UI and Postman. The company uses system mocking tools, log utilities, test execution recorders, file comparators, framework and utilities for spawning test environments and platforms such as Appium,XCUITest, Espresso for UI test automation and others. There are also machine learning and artificial intelligence tools to automate activities such as test data preparations and test environment generation. Qapitol QA adaptsto its clients’ processes that vary from Agile methodologies to DevOps (integrated development & operations) to traditional waterfall processes

Manoj M VThe proliferation of multiple technologies such as social, mobile, cloud, analytics and IoThave disrupted product engineering functions and increased business complexity.Adoption of Agile and DevOps (Development + Operations) process methodologies has complicated software delivery. In this context, delivering software products that work efficiently across multiple platforms, devices and systems has become imperative. User experience tops the list of business requirements. Rigorous testing and quality engineering is vital to ensuring smooth delivery of products, identifying business risks and protecting customer data. Qapitol QA provides the quality philosophy, testing strategy, automation framework and skilled talent to ensure products are tested for compliance and quality. Qapitol QAhelps clients reducedevelopment time, achieve bug-free releases, and accelerate go-to-market strategy. Companies undertaking digital transformation projects partner with Qapitol QA for robust quality assurance and testing services that meet business outcomes.

Differentiating Factors

With changing business models, new technologies are emerging, and existing processes are becoming obsolete. In this scenario, the traditional companies are at a disadvantage due to their baggage of legacy infrastructure and outdated in-house skills. Qapitol QA is a new-age company that was incubated in 2015 with skills in the most modern tools and technologies and is poised to be ideal ‘Testing & QA’ partners to companies that are innovating with new technologies because of Qapitol’sexpertise in the latest tech-stacks, next-generation focus and continuous training initiatives.

While general testing companies can provide the skills and services required by the market, what differentiates Qapitol QA is the ability to consolidate its decades of experience in building proprietary tools and quality frameworks (intellectual property) to accelerate testing processes and strengthen quality engineering activities.

Qapitol QA is building its own testing tools and automation frameworks that will enable companies to conduct testing efficiently across applications in web, mobile and cloud and manage the test life cycle across platforms. The firm aligns with its customers and their compliance standards in all business relationships, whether it is data privacy requirements such as GDPR or generic quality processes such as ISO& CMM.


Qapitol QA works with technology intensive companies in domains of ecommerce, retail, food-tech, fashion-tech, property-tech, health-tech, fintech and more. Some of the major clients served by Qapitol QAare Flipkart, Swiggy, Myntra, Lenskart, Luxotica, Arvind, Jibo, Phonepe, Rupay, Groww, Paytm, Slicepay, Docon,Idfy&Cisco.

Go-to-Market Plans

Qapitol QA began its operations in 2015 with three members and today at the end of 2019, is a team of 160 members. Qapitol QA also has grown from providing simple staffing services, to managing end-to-end testing for product engineering organizations. Qapitol QA is currently building a platform that helps customers to design and execute testing strategies, including automating complex processes. The platform would also cater to tests that need to be conducted across various types of applications, platforms and devices.


Quick Facts:

Date of Establishment: November 2015

Total Employees: 160

Office Locations: Bangalore (Global HQ) / Hyderabad / Milton Keynes (UK) / Madrid (Spain) / San Francisco (US)

Key Management (with a short bio):

Mohan Panguluri: Serial entrepreneur, startup mentor and passionate to see more startups succeed. Manages global strategy, partnerships and marketing at Qapitol QA.

KalyanChandrapu: Lovingly called KC, dreams big and believes in Being Human. Manages international business and when not busy with that loves his single malt.

Manoj M V: A software testing veteran with experience of handling large complex engagements, Manoj manages global delivery and India business.


Awards & Recognition:

  • Qapitol QA has been recognized by App Quality Alliance, UK for best contribution to quality in a startup event
  • A 2018 CIO Insider survey has positioned Qapitol QA as a Recommended QA Solutions Provider in India