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About the Company

Established in Hyderabad, QualiTlabs is the creation of Kishore, with an ideology of bringing in a strong understanding of the dynamics of the Software IT Services space. With more than 18 years of experience in the software industry at different levels like CEO, VP of Technology, Delivery Manager, Project Lead and many more. Also, by using a skill in managing clients from different countries including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and many others on the list. With such ample experience, knowledge and skills Kishore brainstormed the idea of QualiTlabs, a pure-play software testing services company, delivers Quality at the speed of Agile & DevOps using Test Automation and Continuous Testing.

Overcoming the Challenges

Like any other software testing company, QualiTlabs offers quality at the speed of Agile, skilled resources, in-house built training for test automation. One of the most common pain points that the clients of QualiTlabs come up with is when the QA teams fail to catch up with the speed of the Agile and DevOps, and hence, the bugs start slipping into the production due to the delay in regression test. To solve this problem, when the clients try to conduct automation, but the way automation tests are being built, that is not reliable, also high-cost maintenance. Therefore, QualiTlabs have turned successful in addressing these major challenges usually the clients come up with and this has been the major key factor that has contributed to them for whatever they are today.

Major Services Offered

QualiTlabs offer new-age software test automation services across domains/industries and technologies.

Under Core Testing Services, QualiTlabs has the following verticals:

  • Functional Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Mobile Apps Testing
  • Globalization Testing
  • Installation Testing

Under Test Automation Services, QualiTlabs has the following verticals:

  • Test Automation
  • Continuous Testing
  • Web Services or API Testing

Under Specialized Testing Services, QualiTlabs has the following verticals:

  • Security Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • ERP Testing
  • Customer Experience (CX) Testing
  • Big Data and Analytics Testing


In the unending list of esteemed clientele, some of the major industries served by QualiTlabs are Technology, Legal Transaction Management, Energy, Finance, Healthcare, E-commerce, Construction and Document Management.


QualiTlabs delivers quality at the speed of Agile & DevOps by creating reliable Automation Tests and Continuous Testing. It also provides skilled resources and in-house built training departments and a dedicated Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Test Automation.

Technologies Used in Testing Services:

QualiTlabs leverage state of the art automation tools, DevOps tools and Artificial Intelligence for auto-healing of the test failures, and cloud for test execution.

Growth and Future Plans:

The revenues have increased by 50 percent compared to previous years and QualiTlabs have planned a roadmap to double its revenues in the next financial year, and are opening the second office in the first quarter of 2020. Also, it has retained 98 percent of clients for more than two years and is maintaining 95 percent customer satisfaction (CSAT Score).

  1. Founding Members: Kishore
  2. Office Locations: Hyderabad
  3. Awards & Recognition: QualiTlabs featured in CIO Insider Magazine as ‘10 Most Recommended QA Testing Solution Providers 2018’
  4. Website: