Why Do Women Gain Weight Post Marriage

By siliconindia   |   Wednesday, 26 October 2011, 01:57 IST   |    2 Comments
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Bangalore: Ever wondered why the evergreen Tina Munim, the beautiful Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, and the stunning Neetu Singh have looked bulkier after marriage? Every girl dreams to look best on her wedding day and puts in all her efforts to tone the body in order to look stunning in her wedding dress. You go on a strict diet regime to impress your love. But what happens after the ring is put? Studies show that weight gain until two years of marriage increases upto 20 pounds. Below are a few reasons why women put on weight after marriage- * Pregnancy One of the main reasons for weight gain post marriage and the most important phase in every woman's life - Pregnancy, It's when a woman takes extra care of herself. Women are more focused on staying healthy and hence become less active, and also tend to overeat during this period. Since they are restricted to certain food items, they happen to eat less healthy foods and this worsens the problem. Post pregnancy, the child become the center of attention and women stay at home, looking after the family and catering to the child's needs. It is advisable for expecting mothers to watch their weight, eat healthy food and spare some sometime for exercise. * Less exercise A woman's responsibilities multiply after marriage which does not give her time to exercise. Now that they have their priorities of looking after their husbands and children, women reduce paying attention to themselves. They get so engrossed in cleaning the diapers, setting the house and other chores that the exercise from their schedule get eliminates, thus resulting in weight gain. * Cooking Most women after marriage fall in love with the kitchen and spend a lot of time cooking and feeding the family. The more they are appreciated; the motivated they get to cook more. All the cheese, cakes and pizzas become a part of the meal to impress the family with their culinary skills. * Eat more Marriage involves celebration; and this means more of eating. The list of dinners and lunches never ends and women don't realize how many pounds they would have gained in that process. If the partner has a heavier appetite, women too end up increasing theirs. And sometimes they are forced to eat more in order to look good. Also, when there is a child in the house, mothers end up finishing the left-over food, leaving aside their taste, such that the food doesn't go waste.