Vintage Candies Still Sold Today!

By siliconindia   |   Tuesday, 01 November 2011, 00:05 IST
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Bangalore: During the time of the year when it's time for Halloween and Christmas, it is impossible to imagine walking into a house or a store without candy corn, gummy bears or homemade candy beseeching to be eaten! Skittles, Mars and Snicker bars may dominate the doorstep in the present day, but it wasn't always the case. A completely different batch of chocolates and treats adorned the shelves back then and even though many of these have faded into nothingness, a few of these are still found in candy stores today. Here is a bowl full we can't defy musing over about! Mary Jane
This chewy candy sure has a lot of flavor for its shyly-modest sounding name! Mary Jane has been around since 1914. The taffy-style candy's flavor is credited to the fact that the chewy delicacy is made up of unadulterated peanut butter and molasses.

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