Top 10 Countries Which Waste Most Food

By siliconindia   |   Saturday, 12 November 2011, 00:40 IST   |    10 Comments
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Denmark: In Denmark, the percentage of food wasted by Danes is 660 kilograms foe each person per year. The reasons for the waste of food are due to waste in households, catering centers etc. So, to stop wasting food by the Danes, A movement called 'Stop wasting Food' was conducted. The purpose of this movement was to fight against food waste and over-consuming. While there are about 6 million children in the world who are dying of hunger every year, every Danish citizen in average is throwing 63 kilos of good food every year. The movement also pointed upon the effects of food waste. Food waste is also very bad for the environment as it causes raise in CO2 emissions and that can play a main part in global warming.