Top 10 Brands with Most Facebook Fans

By siliconindia   |   Tuesday, 11 October 2011, 23:01 IST
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Bangalore: Facebook is a great social network for individuals and businesses alike. With more than 800 million active members, it's easily one of the best places for marketers and fans. Facebook pages have incorporated unique features that have attracted millions of fans. It's a pretty big feat, considering there are thousands of new pages popping up on Facebook daily. After taking a look through tons of great Facebook fan pages, here are listed top 10 companies with most Facebook fans. 1. Coca-Cola
The Coca-Cola.s Facebook fan page has nearly 35 million active fans. The page has many features and sub-pages, offering games, videos, images and even e-greeting cards and it also offers to download variety of screensavers and wallpapers. The page was originally created by two fans who just loved Coke. Coca-Cola found the page, and rather trying to buy it or create another official page, they rewarded the two fans and worked with them to continue building the page and representing the brand. Now the page has 34,615,293 of fans and 9,000 growth each day.

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