Narayana Murthy's journey in his own words

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N.R. Narayana Murthy is the key founder of the IT giant Infosys. His clear and coherent policies have created an environment where a professional can indeed show as much commitment to the company as a founder-member. He made several interesting revelation to Infosys shareholders, in company's annual report. In his scintillating speech, Murthy speaks about his journey and life in Infosys. Here are some of the extracts from it.
It was on one of those rare nights at home during late eighties. I was huddling with my young children Rohan and Akshata, when Rohan was most mischievous child I had ever come across, asked innocently whether I loved Infosys more than him and his sister. I got away from the embarrassing situation by saying that I loved mu children much more than anything else. However, even today, when I reminisce about the incident, my children are not fully convinced that I was telling the truth. When I was busy overseeing every detail of the strategy and operations of the company-from designing the logo, the company song and the presentation materials used in every building of our campus around the world and coming home late at night- it is difficult to argue with the innocent but correct logic of my children. When I was spending 16 hour a day in the office, and was away from the home for as many as 330 days in a year, it was hard for my children to believe in my commitment to the family.

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