History Behind the Logos of Top Companies

By siliconindia   |   Thursday, 29 September 2011, 00:08 IST   |    2 Comments
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9. IBM
IBM was earlier known as The International Time Recording Company (ITR), whose major products were mechanical time recorders, invented and patented by Willard L. Bundy in 1888. The old logo of the company had ITR inscribed on it. In 1947, IBM decided to bring lot of changes. The logo was not the only change in 1947,it was accompanied by a change in business from the punched-card tabulating business to computers. Tom Watson, Junior decided to project the beginning of a new era in the company, for that he changed the company's logo as well as the actions. Paul Rand designed the new logo which represented that the changes in the company would be subtle and will not disrupt the continuity. Also, the new logo looked more solid, grounded and balanced. Another change in the logo was designed by Paul Rand which had stripes instead of the solid font. It depicted 'speed and dynamism' of the company.