Google launches Time Machine 'GigaPan'

By siliconindia   |   Wednesday, 27 April 2011, 08:12 Hrs   |    2 Comments
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Bangalore: Google has launched its time machine called "GigaPan." The time machine enables one to explore time and space at extremely high resolution in the web browsers. The application has been created by researchers from Carnegie Mellon University. They have put the latest browser technology to create "GigaPan" Time Machine. Google's new "GigaPan Time Machine" application, lets one zoom in and out of a time-lapse video or images without losing resolution. The cameras capture the image mosaics at regular intervals to create a video with hundreds of millions or even billions of pixels in each frame. Each and every minute details of the image or video can be scanned. For instance Google links to a video of a booth in a carnival. First and foremost one gets to see the panorama of the booth. After that one can target anywhere in the booth by zooming in, that will give every particulars of the booth. Once you zoom out you can even experience the way the booth was constructed. This project is built on HTML5 and the good part is that it does not need plug-in to run and has no limited bandwidths. It is incorporated in Google's Chrome and Apple's Safari. One of the striking features is that one can select a Time Warp and the time machine's authors will take one on a guided space-time tour with text annotations explaining what you are viewing. One can even learn how to create your own Time Machines and Warps. If anyone is interested in using this cool technology, all one needs to do is contact Gigapan. They will stack your photos and register them across time and publish it on their website that will lead to interactive explorations for the public.