Foods You Should Never Buy Again

By siliconindia   |   Saturday, 05 November 2011, 00:02 IST
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Bangalore: While prices for groceries are rising, there are a few foods you buy that are completely unnecessary and which can be substituted. In any case, most of the stuff you buy might only be making you think you're getting a good deal in exchange for convenience and health. In reality it's denting your pocket and leaving you with depleted health. Here are a few items you need to cross off your grocery list! Packed Sandwiches:
While paying for a packed sandwich that you've just bought, you are just really paying for the fancy elaborate wrapping and the whole lot of salt, fat and needless additives. And with the average cost of one of these sandwiches, you could make yourself a more wholesome, bigger and healthier version at home! Think again, you might have a loaf of bread, tomatoes and lettuce at home that are facing chilling injuries on the lower shelves of your refrigerator. So use it instead of buying something that could burn a hole in our pocket.

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