A Lethargic Government, Can Manmohan Singh Fix It?

By siliconindia   |   Thursday, 16 February 2012, 00:49 IST   |    3 Comments
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Bangalore: Why is there so much of hustle-jostle in the UPA government? Why is everyone on their toes? Because the drum beats by the PM is making them conscientious. The PM is said to get his hands dirty to fix the image of the UPA government which has long been at disparage for its policy paralysis. Decisions on long looming issues will now see the judgment day as Manmohan Singh takes the role of an action hero, whose solitary mission is to save the UPA government from vilification before it impinges on the UP state elections which will change political equations for the ruling government. These include inter ministerial issues as well. The PM has identified 17 thrust areas which need time-bound action. In December 2011, after FDI took a U-turn and stranded the assembly winter session, the UPA government had lost the courage to make any other proposals of changes. When the two leading lights of the UPA, DMK and Trinamool Congress stood against FDI, Manmohan Singh did not have the stomach to have an aggressive policy pursuit. The now to happen UP polls is going to verify the code of conduct of the Centre and hence the PMO will lead the initiatives. Some of the major Problem Sites and the PMO fix for these issues are: 1) PSUs Stagnant Investments:
There are 17 top PSUs in the country with a huge capital well that has not been used in any investments even when the country is facing a financial taut. PM identifies these firms as domestic growth drives and expects them to invest in assets that can save the country in a difficult global environment. The PM is expecting about 1,40,000 crore investments from the PSUs.

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