Windows 7 activation cracked
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Windows 7 activation cracked

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 30 July 2009, 02:44 Hrs   |    20 Comments
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Windows 7 activation cracked
Bangalore: Since some Chinese hackers rumored to have cracked the code for Windows 7 activation, Microsoft is facing a security risk after the recent release of the final code for Windows 7 to manufacturers. The Windows Genuine Advantage antipiracy system in the Windows 7 Ultimate release to manufacturers (RTM) has been compromised by hackers, reports CNET News.

This means the user can fully activate the software offline without connecting to Microsoft's activation server. The software's RTM code is usually the same as the retail code, which will be available to the public in October. Hackers must have used the leaked ISO file to get hold of the activation certificate that Microsoft digitally signed for the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) version of Windows 7. An OEM activation key will unlock multiple copies and it is rumored that this particular key will work on machines from Dell, Hewlett-Packard or Lenovo.

Addressing this, Microsoft released its statement, "We are aware of reports of activation exploits that attempt to circumvent activation and validation in Windows 7, and we can assure customers that Microsoft is committed to protecting them from counterfeit and pirated software." It also advises customers not to download Windows 7 from unauthorized sources.

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Reader's comments(20)
1: As a computer illitrate, this windows helped me to learn about computers. Like me there are millions. This people in IT won't understand. Do dont degrade MS. After all we have to press "ALT,CONTROL,DELETE" often, but still it works and great. Never forget your mother when you get married and never forget your wife whe you see a beautiful girl.
Posted by:Analak - 30 Jul, 2009
Let them do what they want. its all about money.
Rohan Replied to: Analak - 01 Aug, 2009
Nice said Analak, I like the words you put in, its always a war btw *nix fan boys and the rest of the world.
I don't choose a side just because I like both :). Some how there is no comparison.
Well its anything can be reverse-engineered, so even if the activation is tampered, BUY IT :)
Vaibhav Replied to: Analak - 30 Jul, 2009
you have not seen your mother giving birth to you. if its an arranged marriage and you marry on someone else compulsion you may think of other girls. see if there is good mothers good girls out there have a moral relation its up to you or your intellectual to decide right and wrong. any way what i meant is that the monopolistic approach shown by greedy Microsoft makes you learn the alt+ Ctrl + del if there was no such Linux may have helped you. go out and just look other mothers and girls and learn to live more like a man than like a slave.

want demo search in you tube& search ubuntu and see the first clip windows and ubuntu pls.
sharath Replied to: Analak - 30 Jul, 2009
5: "Hackers must have used the leaked ISO file to get hold of the activation certificate"
why it always happen that before launch or post launch of any software ,leaked copy is available in the market so easily,this all about the intentional campaign by the big software giants like Microsoft to feel the pulse of crowd.
Possibly they engage themselves in leaking this copy to hold their market position supremacy.
Posted by:Rachit - 30 Jul, 2009
6: This is going nowhere for Windows of its not going to understand that they lower their prices and remove all the idiotics from their OS and let users have what they really need.
I, rather, consider it good that Windows 7 is already cracked!
Posted by:Shivam Chaturvedi - 30 Jul, 2009
7: Hm, so this time also microsofts policy of "Catch Them Young" is going to work out for them with out any future. This is really a shame for microsoft shit. Why they are again in the field, why cant they employ some of these crackers and make a good os, which is uncrackable. this is really really pathetic.
Microsoft is slowly getting out of the market,as people start using more linux as well as more mac. they dont have a base in Internet also as it is taken away by google, which is again taking the advantage if opensource.
Oh Microsoft , Understand! u cannot win the race alway with the money and making the deals with hardware venodrs. because now a days small small hardware vendors are also coming up
Posted by:Althaf - 30 Jul, 2009
No matter how strong the clay pot is made, it's always bound to crack :)
antony Replied to: Althaf - 02 Aug, 2009
9: Hackers are always smarter than the Owners
Posted by:Saanaa - 30 Jul, 2009
10: One thing that MS has always failed to offer is a customizable OS. I have to pay for all the other shit like media player, movie maker, card space when I dont use them at all. I just need the base OS. Thats it. That is where ubuntu takes the lead. Giving a bare skeleton to work with. And 10GB of installation on Windows 7 is unacceptable. Another drawback is that OEMs like Dell and HP make their new range of computer to mandatorily come with Windows. This is shit man. I dont need your software. I just love your hardware.
Posted by:Nikhil Dev - 30 Jul, 2009
Yup, I stand by you Nikhil. Apart from this, the Patches, Service Packs, Updates use all the Internet traffic.

Why don't these giants make a simple OS with least complications.

I haven't heard MAC OS crashing or getting infected.

Its just because pirated MS is easily available, most students gets an hands-on experience, rather first hands experience with MS.

If I have the choice, I would like to go for MAC, but its always out of my reach :(. And moreover, have to start from scratch.

Lets see number of patches even before Windows 7 gets its first phase into market.
Kapil Replied to: Nikhil Dev - 04 Aug, 2009
12: If Microsoft doesn't see it now.. it will soon... It is already on its death bed with Open source OS's available "Free" in market to use & modify as per requirement...

The day is not far when this giant will only be known through history archives...
Posted by:Gejo John - 30 Jul, 2009
13: It is also the game plane of Microsoft, they are popular only because of piracy. If you have to pay money how many will buy Windows Vista, 2003, 2008, Microsoft Office?
Posted by:Some One - 30 Jul, 2009
14: Almost 65% of computers in the world are running on PIRATED software. Only strong reason behind the wide spread of CRACKS and PIRACY is the high price strategy of the original software. Manufactures should realize that they must keep their PRICE Tags little low.
Posted by:Bharat - 30 Jul, 2009
15: Many Small companies Every Home Pc all have pirated version of Windows only. Because of the high cost of the price. Even if they will block it some how. People will start using linux. Even Google is about to launch its OS. so in this technological war cheap product will suite to india. IF not there is always a crack.
Posted by:Viaksh Mohanty - 29 Jul, 2009
people are very familiar with MS os that why they are using MS OS.
otherwise linux is a batter option....
manoj Replied to: Viaksh Mohanty - 31 Jul, 2009
17: Hackers are too smart in spreading rumors about cracking code.
Posted by:rahul - 29 Jul, 2009
cost of software is directly proportional to piracy of it.
srini Replied to: rahul - 30 Jul, 2009
But every technology has its breakthrough..
Xcannon Replied to: rahul - 29 Jul, 2009
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