Unhappy employees could leak firms' information

Unhappy employees could leak firms' information

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 27 May 2010, 10:31 Hrs   |    27 Comments
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Unhappy employees could leak firms' information
Mumbai: With growing discrepancies, diatribes and trifle salary at workplace dissatisfied employees often tend to take revenge from their organization by falling prey to their company's business rivals.Information theft at workplace is not a new phenomenon, reports Divyesh Singh from DNA.

Private companies need to take note of such discontented staffers. According to a research by Symantec India, most of the confidential and classified data in private companies is done by employees.
"Most enterprises have faced a cyber attack and suffered losses due to it. The report shows that on an average an Indian enterprise loses Rs 60 lakh every year due to data theft or loss. This could go up to Rs 84 lakh loss in productivity," said Vishal Dhupar, Managing Director, Symantec India. Use of smartphones, PDAs and notebooks where employees could store classified official information and also use it for work could be under threat if proper security measures are not taken, Dhupar added.

In the research, 59 percent of 100 companies from various sectors like telecom, hospitality, manufacturing, retail and technology feel that employees put the company's security at stake by infiltrating information about the company.

The report says that around 42 percent companies have lost proprietary data. "In most cyber crime cases reported, it was found that the accused was an employee unhappy with his organization," said D Sivanandhan, Mumbai police commissioner at a conference on cyber safety.

"In many cases, low-paid employees share classified information for money. Also, a disgruntled employee could do it to get back at the company," said Sumit Chaudhary, Chief Information Officer, Reliance Communications. "In many cases, employees shared information without knowing that it was classified or without knowing the consequences of their act," he added.

Communication through social networking sites, instant messages services and blogs could lead to malware attacks. Nearly, 82 percent of Indian companies use facebook for business communication and nearly 69 percent do not exercise policies to control the social networking sites. One of the worst attacks had happened when the private organizations were affected by a Trojan called Hydraq.

According to Symantec, confidential data or risk reduction could be done by creating a congenial atmosphere at the workplace by adopting Data Loss Prevention measures like discovering the data, monitoring it and then protecting using security software and mechanisms.

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Reader's comments(27)
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4: Insider threat: the risk of losing valuable information and reputation due to an accidental or intentional leakage is a reality all companies have to deal with.

Security of information is a difficult challenge, and is not as simple as security of a file, which can be encrypted, and then only authorized people can leak the information, again accidentally or intentionally.

It is for situations such as the ones mentioned in this article – we created Zafesoft.

Zafesoft’s solution secures information, enables collaboration, and edit-ability. www.zafesoft.com
Posted by:Sandeep - 28 May, 2010
5: We are professionals, so we must behave like a professional. If you feel the company/organization treating you as a slave. Quit from that company. Make you more stuff, so that you can find a suitable job for you. Dont blame others. If you quit from the company, make the loss for company by missing a good employee. Make the company to feel like this. This is beauty for a professional.
Posted by:Karthick Vijayakumar - 28 May, 2010
Well said
nwinfra Replied to: Karthick Vijayakumar - 31 May, 2010
I am fully agree with your views.
Pankaj Pandey Replied to: Karthick Vijayakumar - 29 May, 2010
do you think that freshers who join companies after signing hefty bonds know that they will be treated as slaves and their desparation would be exploited like an underground agent working through blackmailing.
In most cases(specially smaller cases), details of training and other clauses of salary package are not told until they sign the bonds, they call it detailed offer letter.

The fact that you are getting dream environment for working does not mean everyone is getting the same. The employees who are dedicated and hard workers are exploited even more.
gaurav Replied to: Karthick Vijayakumar - 29 May, 2010
Very Good... You are having a nice attitude... Keep it up..
SABREESH Replied to: Karthick Vijayakumar - 29 May, 2010
10: The employee dissatisfaction is growing high, because of the mismanaged managers who are boot licker of there bosses. Only they survive and others are left out of race.. This is the same story in every Organizations be it MNC or INDIAN companies. There is lot of bias with the organization.. A Northie does not like a south Indian. but wants to settle in South INDIA.. . But untill u master the are of boot licking its tough to survie in IT industry..
Posted by:michal - 28 May, 2010
11: There is nothing wrong in taking a revenge on the company since there are many stupid managers and many stupid companies with stupid policies if the companies wanted to be treated right then treat the employees right but whereas companies take employees for granted as if they are slaves and then treat them bad so the ad comes back. If silicon India looks at only money and companies sorry boss ou do not know basic economics there is something called sustainability so think long term don't think like typical Indian Indian mentality is very sick.
Posted by:dennis - 27 May, 2010
You are right
CM Bangalore Replied to: dennis - 27 May, 2010
Well Said Dennis Companies will work on need basis If the work is completed with particular employee then def dump that employee there is no proper recognition more over not proper appraisal and gives excellent pay to external guy .
Durai Replied to: dennis - 27 May, 2010
Rightly said
Naren Replied to: dennis - 27 May, 2010
15: The only thing the article above concerns itself with is "disgruntled employees". I've read in articles on siliconindia.com that people from an early age see themselves as "slaves" to an employer and they also compare their wages with those of other countries which makes them dissatisfied workers. Both are poor ways of thinking. Why not hold seminars to correct the misinformation Indians are receiving? Seriously, the mindset is wrong. In addition India must decide what level these workers are supposed to be at, whether they are simply workers or whether they are career individuals. And India needs to make (if they have not already done so) list the jobs available in the country and then put salaries or wages to the level of each job. There also seems to be no pathway upward from certain jobs but that's because of the present economy problems. For the wage jobs there should be clear pathways upward and coinciding duties so both employer and employee know when it's time to "think about" and "discuss" a possible raise. Sure some might be disgruntled but some might be bored as well. For career jobs the employer needs to have those employees sign contracts (so they can't change jobs so readily, can't take information with them or they will be sued, and can't work at the same type of job within certain mileage from the last job, and can't take another same job for 5 years). If they don't sign contracts then they are not career people they are wage people and their futures would be determined by different standards.
Posted by:Christie Fox - 27 May, 2010
"(so they can't change jobs so readily, can't take information with them or they will be sued, and can't work at the same type of job within certain mileage from the last job, and can't take another same job for 5 years)"

These are the ways companies exploit people.
Kaushik Replied to: Christie Fox - 28 May, 2010
Dear Christie : There is a company called Wipro technologies , which makes its fresher employees to sign the contract of 15 months , if they breach they need to pay Rs 75000 bucks. But on the other side company can fire the employees with notice period of 3 months. Is it justifiable?
Dennis The Menace Replied to: Christie Fox - 27 May, 2010
Nope, wipro is crap, they don'c care for their employees, there are all fools working there. my friend was an employee and he said that there is lot of politics
Jeevan Replied to: Dennis The Menace - 19 Oct, 2010
Christie ... you clearly are living in a world where you the employer would like to dictate all the rules. This, mercifully, isn't USA, however.

OK, you want put the shackles on the employee by restricting his mobility with a contract.
What would be the corresponding obligations on the part of the employer ?
(1) If the employee can be prevented from changing jobs "so readily" , what about an employer being prevented from firing employees at the drop of a hat ?
(2)Employees passing on confidential information is of course a crime. How about making it obligatory on the part of the employer not to pass on ANY information about the employee to any future employer or placement agency or database without his consent ?
(3) "Can't take another same job for 5 years" In that case, how about making it obligatory for the company not to employ another employee at a similar level for 5 years ?

From this and your previous posts, you want to be able to hire and fire people at will, while at the same time you want employees to stick to their jobs and not move around. Well, you can't have the cake and eat it, too. The world has moved away from 18th Century America where slavery was legal. Now employees have rights as well.

Something about your posts makes me suspect you're American.
Gaurav Replied to: Christie Fox - 27 May, 2010
Very well said, Gaurav.
Kaushik Replied to: Gaurav - 28 May, 2010
21: I feel the mistake is on both sides. The companies should not show disparity among it's employees and they should make sure the employees are satisfied and rewarded for the work they are doing. The employees though they feel they are cheated or not recognized for the work they have done, they should not leak secured information of the company, by doing this they are not punishing the company,but they are punishing the other workers working in the company and their families.
Posted by:gopalakrishnan - 27 May, 2010
Yes,i agree..mistake on bothside.....in the sense,from western countries we(Indians) have to learn 'how to respect others'.Then, employer will bring good policies,which will be benefit to employees.Similarily,employees should try to satisy employer,by showing loyalty.

So we need to change at Foundation Level itself...then everything will be ok.So we to have change first,i have changed....so i beileive others will also change....

kumar Replied to: gopalakrishnan - 28 May, 2010
23: Companies must take necessary steps to ensure that employees are happy in their organisation.
Posted by:tina - 27 May, 2010
Well said
gopalakrishnan Replied to: tina - 27 May, 2010
Chikkaa ridi ...
Assha Replied to: gopalakrishnan - 27 May, 2010
Dear Christie , i agree with u , but its not greed but demand, if company thinks he is not worthy do u think they pay him so much money.we are talking about people who r unhappy due to boot licking in the offices, and babes and guys giving party to get hikes and promotions and eligible guys left out . for your information money is never a factor to tell a employee happy r not, above it , insecurity deadlines over commitment by line mangers and work load on down people , if project on promotion for line manger, if failed brickbats for down employees this is major cause for unhappy employee in organization
sudhakar Replied to: TeeKay - 28 May, 2010
Christie .. Not sure if you are from India or if you understand Indian market very well .. but from your thoughts you sound like from some developed country ... where every thing is well defined .. where every thing is either Black or White but in Indian it is not Black and White rather it is gray ..
also in India recently people have started getting so much of salaries thanks to IT revolution .. and that actually has increased the greed of people .. and more money they get they live more lavish life so again they need more money .. so this is a vicious cycle ..

but I agree with you that there should be some thing to list all the available jobs in the country .. actually this is being done for govt jobs .. but for private companies . they would not like to do so .. thanks to India's caste based society that brings in reservation into picture (thats why I said its gray not black and white :))
But I believe once more and more people become financially stable .. we will see more stability in thinking of people.
TeeKay Replied to: Christie Fox - 27 May, 2010