The heroes of Indian Philanthropy

The heroes of Indian Philanthropy

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 23 June 2011, 11:37 Hrs   |    18 Comments
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Bangalore: Forbes Asia announced its 'Heroes of Philanthropy' list for the fourth year running, with four Indians among the top 48 philanthropists. Giving poor children access to education is a top priority for Indian philanthropists, said Forbes.

Billionaire Shiv Nadar of HCL Technologies takes the brightest children from the poorest villages of rural India and sends them to boarding school, noted Forbes.His creation called Shiv Nadar Foundation has deep passion and commitment towards providing world-class education to deserving students, and empowering them to enter the workforce on a firm footing, to make their mark in their chosen areas.

he has accolades like the Padma Bhushan. He is committed to donate 10 percent of his considerable personal wealth to charity and is hopes to make a significant difference to the education and healthcare systems in India through his foundation.

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Reader's comments(18)
1: I am also getting some sort of Inspiration to donate something to some kind
Posted by:meher - 25 Jun, 2011
2: I would like our wealthy tycoons has to be think of poor people instead of donating the funds to religious institutions.
Posted by:abdul - 24 Jun, 2011
3: Of the Philanthropists discussed Shiv Nadar needs a special praise. He has many educational inistitutions and one is Siva Subramania Nadar College of Engineering in Chennai - Tamil Nadu. It is one of the best Engineering Colleges in Tamilnadu and the Country. 90 per cent of the seats are filled through the common admission process and the 10% through management quota. Bright Students who are poor are completely exempted from paying tuition fees - its real and not a joke and any fees paid by the bright students earlier will be refunded. This shows the true philanthrophic attitude of Shiv Nadar and concern for providing good and quality education especially to the deprived
Posted by:Subramanian - 24 Jun, 2011
4: Gurusharan Ji
pranam or namaskar to you ,,please do not connect philothropy with religion ,,please see it as a contribution to the fellow humanity ,,it is good to use religion as a guide ,,considering how much turover Wipro or GMR Grp or Mahindra Grp have ,,they have contributed very significantly
Also apart from the monetary contribution ,,sri Azim Premji has just not given to Charity ,,rather he deputed his people and constructing a full fledged Teachers Univ ,,where all Primary School teachers in Rural India can stay with full residential facilities and get trained ,,they then train the School kids ,,apart from that Schools also make sure Mid Day meals are served with nutrition ,,so in a way it is a very good bottoms up work in the field of Education and revolutionary

2.Sri GMRs varalaxmi foundation ,,also spend training poor youth with job skills apart from other societal deeds

3.Sri Shiv Nadar has set up Shiv Nnadar University at the Graduate level in UP ,, where it will have all the faculties just like an MIT or Stanford has ,,and the first batch is tution free ,,moreover HCL techs practical experience in Engg and IT will help to shape up the circulum ,,these are all noble deeds that really empower the people

So in a way ,,they are not only using the best way ,,but making sure every pie reached the deserved

Imagine giving to a charity fund ,,and brokers in the chain will start taking away their share ,,just like sri kalamadi and his friends did in CWG 2010 games

Please do not link philathropy with religion sir ,,it is done on personal experience and sorrounding situation in the society at large
thank you
Posted by:rama anne - 23 Jun, 2011
5: Congratulations to these caring Indians who are sharing their wealth with those in need. May Wahe Guru Ji ki blessings be on them.

However in Sikhism one is obliged to use TEN5 of one's income to help others. Islam sets the rate as three % but I am not sure how much the Hindus/Christians/Others are oblighed to use for helping the needy.

The amounts being donated by the billionnairs may be high in absolute terms but are they anywhere near the percentage prescribed by thier religions.

Using 10%/3%/other % will not in any way adversely effect the life styles of the very rich. I pray that they will use more than the suggested %ages to help others. This is one way poverty and illitracy can be wiped out.
Posted by:Gursharan Singh - 23 Jun, 2011
6: just a clarification ,,Ambanis are also good people ,,smt Nita Ambani ,,runs schools in Mumbai ,,also reliance grp is in plans to set up a University for which funds were kept aside ,,they have not yet decided which place Delhi or Mumbai ,,and all other issues like acquiring land and licenses ,,they are sensitive people as well and pitch in their part ,,keep watching news ,,and soon you will read it
,,they also have Marine engg or Petro tech school in Gujarat ,,ofcourse to train new engineers as well
Posted by:rama anne - 23 Jun, 2011
Ramoji aslo runs the school with high fees what a charity
Nandamuri Gopi Replied to: rama anne - 23 Jun, 2011
@Rama Anne, but they do it only for Rich people, who can afford their huge fees. But here we are talking regarding Philanthropy.
Ashish Replied to: rama anne - 23 Jun, 2011
Completely wrong Nita Ambani has association with types of schools ,,middle class and also with AAsha NGO foundation that helps street kids
rama anne Replied to: Ashish - 23 Jun, 2011
Hello Mr. Anne,
I think you are a big fan of Ambani family mainly for Nita Ambani. What's the matter boss? Can you clarify one thing that Mukesh Ambabi has huge wealth and money and he is the wealthiest person in our country. But how much he spends for poor people of our country. Whether he is philanthropist?
Deb Replied to: rama anne - 23 Jun, 2011
11: The article did not mention one very important point done by Sri Shiv Nadar ,,apart from boarding school ,,he has started a Shiv Nadar University ,,where all students selected in the first batch will study with free tution fee ,,also the Uni does provide in house boarding facilities as well ,,that too it is in UP ,,and open to all Indians so it is a celebration to UP and India as a whole

2.Also the article did not mention Mahindra Groups Life Line express medical surgery theatre on a train
Posted by:rama anne - 23 Jun, 2011
12: Mr. ShivNadar not only doing charity work..he is realy helping india by developing Great Leaders!
Sure his VidyaGayan will be successful when the first generation students enter in the social life.
We salute Man
Posted by:G-Indian - 23 Jun, 2011
Correct ,,also Shiv Nadar Univ will help Indian students to pursue cross disciplined coureses across faculties
rama anne Replied to: G-Indian - 23 Jun, 2011
14: pleasant surprise to see vivek.......where is the ambani?
Posted by:raj - 23 Jun, 2011
me too hats off to vivek ,,,, people like salman khan jst by painting and wearing t shirts want to show them selves philanthropist ,should learn from vivek
dhrnoacharya Replied to: raj - 24 Jun, 2011
ambanis do charity privately (gupt daan) in keeping with the tradition. often, they take up the projects of public works totally from gound zero. my view is that our whole class of rich enterpreneurs are vasly under-appreciated mainly because cynicism, a natural outgrowth of corruption.
shilpy Replied to: raj - 23 Jun, 2011
he is busy in making his antilla!

Ashish Replied to: raj - 23 Jun, 2011
we need financial support for school developments purpose
radha Replied to: Ashish - 18 Apr, 2012