Tata Communications offers built in DDoS protection in U.S.

Tata Communications offers built in DDoS protection in U.S.

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Bangalore: Tata Communications has announced that it will start providing built-in Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) detection and mitigation services as part of its dedicated internet access offering in North America.

With the launch of its internet 'Clean Pipe' service, enterprises will be able to leverage Tata Communications' global network and managed security service (MSS) offering to mitigate DDoS attacks. The internet 'Clean Pipe' service can absorb the enormous traffic volumes generated by botnets, buying time to activate counter-measures.

DDoS attacks are the single biggest risk to a company's internet connectivity, and their prevention can save companies many millions of dollars in business costs. The internet 'Clean Pipe' service is able to absorb attacks the moment the attack traffic is detected on Tata Communications' global IP backbone. Due to its extensive network presence, Tata Communications has the network scale needed to negate DDoS incidents before they turn into crisis situations that can create reputation and liability issues for companies.

Internet Clean Pipe rides on Tata Communications' global tier-1 network with 1.5Tbps capacity meshed with 10G backbones, which extends into more than 200 countries and territories. The service scrutinizes network traffic in real time to identify anomalies and quarantine attack packets and block malicious traffic. It makes use of sophisticated detection techniques including built in attack profiles, and statistical and behavioral analysis methods to quickly identify attacks in progress.

The service leverages reliable network based defense while simultaneously optimizing bandwidth utilization. By removing attack traffic within the Tata Communications' IP backbone, the managed service solution rapidly clears threats in the cloud before they can hit the customer network.

John Landau, Tata Communications' Senior Vice President for Global Managed Services, said, "Tata Communications' Internet Clean Pipe service identifies DDoS attacks well before the traffic reaches a customer's network and mitigates the attack within the huge capacity of Tata Communications' backbone. For customers, the service provides an effective and very affordable single-supplier combination of internet connectivity with protection against the DDoS attacks that could otherwise seriously damage their internet dependent business."

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