South Asian lawmaker raises fund for Indian community

South Asian lawmaker raises fund for Indian community

By SiliconIndia   |   Sunday, 17 October 2010, 20:03 Hrs
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New Jersey: Upendra Chivukula, the only South Asian Lawmaker in the New Jersey legislature, raised more than $50,000 at his 60th birthday fundraiser held in Middlesex County, the capitol of Indian Americans.

The function held at the banquet hall in Royal Albert Palace in Edison was attended by a thickly packed crowd of more than 500 Indian Americans which marks the trend of growing support to Chivukula who has risen in ranks to a high level of state leadership and who is an effective advocate of the Indian American community issues. Assembly Deputy Speaker Chivukula who also serves the chair of Assembly Telecom and Utilities addressed the gathering in N J, the state which has the largest ethnic Indian population in U.S.

Chivukula's political career spans over 3 decades starting as a member of Democratic Party and getting elected as county committeeman in 1992. He was elected mayor of Fraklin in 2000. He was elected to the New Jersey general assembly in 2001 to run 5 consecutive terms. He is consisedered the Legislature's foremost experts in telecommunications, science and technology, being an electric engineer by profession and one among the few members with a background in Science and technology. "I am deeply humbled by the overwhelming support of the Indian American community demonstrated by the large turnout at my 60th birthday fundraiser. It manifests a coming of political age of Indian Americans who are realizing the importance of getting involved in all aspects of mainstream life. Empowerment through engagement is the key for all Americans but especially for newer immigrants like Indian Americans. The large turnout at my fundraiser is showing that the message is driving home" said Chivukula.

Out of nine million people in New Jersey, 7.5 percent are Indians. Upendra Chivukula has made a significant contribution to increase the engagement of members of the Indian American community with the state's elected and appointed leadership. He has also helped increase the awareness of India and Indian culture among the leadership with a series of initiatives. He indulges in measures to make America a better home for immigrants including Indian Americans.

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