Politics make top govt. officers consider quitting

Politics make top govt. officers consider quitting

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, 31 May 2010, 03:27 Hrs   |    45 Comments
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Politics make top govt. officers consider quitting
Bangalore: The first government commissioned Civil Services Survey has revealed that, one out of three top officers in Indian Civil Services desire to quit their job. Political interference, harassment, frustration at being unable to contribute and the big money in the private sector were some reasons which is pestering them to leave the job ubder the government, reports Aloke Tikku from Hindustan Times.

4,800 of out 18,000 officers from various central services like Indian Administrative Service, Indian Police Service and Indian Forest Service, the Indian Foreign Service responded to the questionnaire sent to them. The survey revealed that, the officers faced several problems in their service to their office, political interference being one of them.

"It appears that performance appraisals, posts and transfers, opportunities for deputation, political interference and timely promotion rank very high among the concerns of civil servants," Cabinet Secretary K M Chandrasekhar acknowledged in his foreword to the report.

Most of the officers feel that their colleagues try to get good posting by pulling strings of favorable authorities. One out of three IAS and every second IPS officers believe this and one in four civil servants believe very few officers maintained integrity at their job.

"Perception of the IAS and IPS officers about the prevalence of unethical practices in their services in highest," the report, that also recorded the perception among non-IAS officers that the IAS officers keep the best deals for themselves, said.

This survey was commissioned by the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG) to reach to census of the perception of the men and women who lead India"s Civil Service.The report of the survey conducted last month, where more than 4,800 officers had participated, has been circulated to state governments and central departments such as the Home Ministry.

"The government intends to make this survey an annual practice. This survey would act as a baseline and tell us how the corrective steps taken are perceived," a DARPG official said.

A senior government official said he wasn't surprised at most of the findings. "In fact, I expected it to be worse though it is bad enough," the official said.

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Reader's comments(45)
1: No doubt the govt services are riddled with corrupt people but is the private sector a holy cow.Right from recruitment there are corrupt practices every where.Even the IT sector is party to it.Major portion of recruitment is through non-transparent means and is given the fancy word "networking" & referrals.Corporate governance is junk and independent directors in the board are rubber stamps.Many IT firms top brass is packed with people from particular communities/regions and they brazenly promote their own gang.All talk about diversity is thown out of the window.Promotions guidelines are haphazard and HR practices as per whims and fancies.There is no purchase policy to speak off in any of the major IT players.And lastly all private sector companies have greased the palms of people in india / abroad to get contracts.its called lobbying/entertainment allowance/business development expenses/etc,etc.Who is calling the kettle black!
Posted by:Rohan - 06 Jun, 2010
I agree with Rohan .With the lure of high salaries and overseas opportunities in IT sector ,who really gets the job is a un-pleasanr surprise.
Prasad Replied to: Rohan - 06 Jun, 2010
3: I just now read a report from Germany where an Indian settled there attended a talk where he was the only invitee from India. After the talk it turned to a Q&A and he says slowly he was ripped apart with questions mostly relating to corruption. The negative image that the country has is something that makes all of us hang our head in shame. With this kind of corruption, very few babus who come with noble intentions can remain noble. I once interviewed an IAS topper and had asked him a quesiton if you cant beat them will you join them? He had just laughed. Incidentally I met him ten years later, that is very recently and it so happened that he had quit IAS and gone off to US to join his equally capable wife teaching Economic Harvard. He says he had got so used to the trappings of power, that it became very difficult for him to do everything by himself.
Now with billions stashed in tax havens by both the corrupt netas and babus, is there any salvation except for the ethically conscious babus to quit and join private enterprises and earn hefty sums legitimately?
But with the salaries having gone up tenfold now, only hope in the future real worthies with ideals and wanting to do good to country join the elite force. But will our corrupt netas with their Rajneeta allow that to happen? Will we always have to hang our heads in shame?
Posted by:Niranjan Nikam - 02 Jun, 2010
4: The purpose of quality education planned, organized, propagated & monitored by the fit and qualified basing ethics & values the better the educational benefits.

Eroding one after the other the very foundation of the very purpose of the government has been the sole and only business of capitalist oriented formulas. The degree of loss already caused can be imagined from every common patriotic citizen’s needs and necessities that the system does not reach. Each day the erosion is increasing, so much so that even the very existence of a functioning government too is under doubt.

As a simple rule, the higher the degree of qualification, the lesser the degree of unethical, immoral, uncorrupts to unpatriotic values.

As a rule the more the fraudulent personalities pops up, survives and last through hooliganism, unruly mobism under the false notion that the majority is always right and that power comes from the people (with no basis, except nos.) the higher the degree of harm to the nation as a whole.

Posted by:Mohd Shafiq Mohiuddin - 02 Jun, 2010
5: Well..i am from one of the most prestigious college of India and I was living under the false impression that at least people who are very well educated are not corrupted. But none of the people I met wants to go for Civil Services because of prestige and all that. The main motive is just power. They always say that huge amount of money flows in once you become IAS or IES...the only incentive for them to prepare for Civil Services is to money and thats all.....I don't know what the solution....but the condition is really very embarrassing......
Posted by:Gaurav - 01 Jun, 2010
6: actually many using it as money garbing opportunity,
the comment may be real.but they are throwing their self conscience simply eating public money shamelessly.
if they really want to work at least one fourth of the salary our country will run over ugly politicians.
it is better to scrap out IAS,IPS schemes temporarily, and we can observe the performance for 10 years,i hope there may not much different .
Posted by:kittamani - 01 Jun, 2010
7: Morality is on our hand my dear friend Civil Services Of India an pretigious examination for all candidates to surve the people who live in India and motivate all about but the main thing is that all those who is qualifying Civil Services all candidates are true? But its true that political influence in the Indian Administration are too strong if you are right no body can change you because India is on changing path and fresh blood have Reddisness
Posted by:Prakash Gupta - 01 Jun, 2010
8: You are absolutely right my brother. An individual who clears the civil service exam has to go through a very tough competetion and do a lot of hard work to get into that place. But after that when they start serving the nation, what they find, their bosses are from either criminal background, less or no educated or very highly unprofessional and powerful politicians. Now he has to choose his way, whether to keep on serving in this situation and make money or to quit. I am sure most of them choose to stay, hoping that the situation will change one day. after 5-10 years they become used to it and find them selvs as a part of this system and keep on continuing.
Posted by:Samant - 31 May, 2010
9: The IAS and IPS of today work as money collection agents for their political bosses. The more collection one gives through looting of public money involved in welfare schemes, the better posting he gets.
Posted by:Amit - 31 May, 2010
10: Story as surveyed by govt. run organization is concocted & trying to snatch more breads from clutches of govt. Corrupt Bureaucrats have to leave their services when they feel that now they are under CBI scan. No bureaucrats wants to leave prime-services except there were adverse under CCS(Conduct) rules. That is our experience of 26 years. It is bitter but TRUE.
Posted by:mayihelpyouonline dot com - 31 May, 2010
11: JAIHINDIA, good day, good luck! The present capitalist democracy of party system is sucking the huge social money to influence not only governmental posts but entire society, nation. No free democracy & free constitution is working to protect the independence of common people & the governmental institution. What the people require is to correct the democracy & secure the work of constitution impartial so that the people get rid of the political groups and take control of the political institutions with new provisions included in the constitution. Casting votes is not the only mark to say that the democracy is successively running but the more vital thing is that the FIRST RIGHT OF DEMOCRACY THE REPRESENTATIVE RIGHT is impartially given to people by the constitutional provisions or not. If the answer is not then we have to pounder more research works to make the democracy truely works for the people so that all our institutions & social security system stand behind the people of Hindia. Lets start revolution to make the democracy more live.
yes your are right ! i feel gandhi ji funda of being united will be the best solution.

we as a public are quite indifferent for each other,
we dont care what is happening in others life, and so even a gang of 4 persons can easily poke us.

but if we are interacting with each other and we can speak for each other, then these issues will be solved from the root itself.

if you agree with , please mail me back ...
i am really thinking of doing something on united and non co operation type of activity

thanks and regards
alok Replied to: RCSHREEYAN SHREEYAN SHREEYAN - 01 Jun, 2010
I SUPPORT! I am here to join the league... just keep me posted at 1981.titan@gmail.com
amrita Replied to: alok - 01 Jun, 2010
14: OMG. Private sector is better.
Posted by:Chinmaya - 31 May, 2010
15: What the general comments here tend to exhibit is a mood that Indian Politicians are unfit to rule this nation. Well, that is really surprising, for the whole so-called struggle for independence was more or less to prove that the Indians were good enough to rule themselves.
Now what about the Civil Service? Why dont somebody check the modern Indian Civil Service question papers? What does it prove? What is seen is that there is no particular focus or idea as to what type of persons should reach the service. Anyone who is good in mugging up the sterile facts that are in the standard textbooks can enter the service.
If anyone thinks that the Civil Service selected candidates are of any specific level of quality other than that of mugging up facts, they are mistakes.
It is not that there are no good persons here, but that with the Independence, the whole focus turned into a very diabolic philosophy of sycophancy, and self service, that is a traditional part of Indian culture. It starts right with Gandhi, and moves down through Nehru and the rest. The others follow.
Posted by:Ved from Victoria Institutions - 31 May, 2010
16: here i am nt not going to speak about IAS officers i am going to speak about
Director of NIT RKL Sunil ku sarangi he is one of the worst directors
under his spell
and with contribution of some of the half educated and egoistic proffesors he is ruling on students by applying disco for very small causes They had totally blocked off the communuications between the seniors and juniors and also dean is also a major factor contributing to this
we as a far far related to this institute and those all students are darpooks fightened enough to take any legal step as they know these all have high connections starting from state politicians to the president of our country They cant even go to the MHRD ministry to complain since they are confused up to make complain to go up into laws and waste up their studies Nobody wants to waSTE TIME SO NOBODY EVEN RAISES QUESTION WHY THE FOOD IS BAD IN HOSTEL WHY NOT GENERATORS ARE PROVIDED IN THE HOSTELS why line is cutt off always during summer midsems and end sems why are the students busy in their personal life and not coming out of the shell to solve problems of real world why not the whole money coming from govt is being utilized properly why not they should eat by paying itself on the dinner/luch etc why they need to pay before semister the mess fees and they get very bad lunch/dinners why
hoping for positive response
Posted by:sahil - 31 May, 2010
17: Kill all the ploticians and clean the Mother India.
Posted by:An indian - 31 May, 2010
take the charge of politicians , then they will be removed by themselves ....if cant participate in electons atleast choose correct politican
shiromani Replied to: An indian - 01 Jun, 2010
Write correct spellings first than think of ........
Amit Replied to: An indian - 31 May, 2010
20: The civil servants especially the IAS, IPS and Indian foreign services personnel are at the whims and fancies of the political establishment and hence they are constantly harrassed by the political Masters.
The root cause is that everything pertaining to the Department to which they head has a Minister to go through, who may be versatile or a illerate, since he is the elected Representative of the people he has upper hand, but still the onus of error falls on this officer in question and this leads to eitherto, toe the line attitude or insubordination and in the latter case he is shunted out to the wilderness to some insignificant or dangerous zones.
This sutle sense of fear keeps this officer constantly under pressure which inturn leads to many of these superlative people quitting the jobs.

We have many such examples, T.N Seshan who went by the rule book when he was a election commissioner and set examples in the CEC, but soon his position was demeaned by appointing two more people but thanks to his tenacity he stuck to it till he retired, Kiran Bedi who was confered the magassay award was ingloriously dropped out of her promotions and had to resign--Nobody can or will replace her in the jail reform that she brought, Jayakar jerome the BDA commissioner who has to quit follwoing he demolition drive which brought him rivals in the political establishment these are only few names that we know, but there is a endless list of people who are forgotten for ever.
There must be a reform in the Civil services Rules we should dispense with the Raj mode of rules hankering around only the political, this should be replace by more dynamic module where individual autonomy should replace establiment support,efective administration should be key for promotion, and transfer should be limited to 5 times in the period of service spanning atleast 5-8years.
This paradigm shift will instill confidence and give them the boost to perform better and most importantly political interference should be limited to policy making and executive should be asked to interprt it and pshycophancy should be shunned for ever.

Posted by:Ramesh.V.Naivaruni - 31 May, 2010
21: why do they become slaves of politicians, if they have guts , they can make any of the politican to surrender in front of them , but the question is "if they have that will power" thw whole system is in their hand..but they believe in chaplusi,promotions and posting on some MALAIDAR Posts, so these politicans use them..task is tough to overcome poltician, but they are in the best position to do this..
Posted by:rupesh soni - 31 May, 2010
it's nt all abt. guts...

once u reach there u wl get 2 knw..
xyz Replied to: rupesh soni - 31 May, 2010
buddy, they are the most powerful adminstrator in India, they should have guts to rule and administer, who can forget Kiran Bedi and what she did with the uauthorise car parking of prime minister of India
if she can, then why cant others ?
rupesh soni Replied to: xyz - 31 May, 2010
24: Indian Administrative service is also considered by some as one of the biggest underperformers of the country since indep. While they were in a position to steer the country to a better state of governance. Blaming politicians is one thing, but administrators need to introspect. India fought four major wars and many skirmishes. Indian Armed Forces dont ask for excuse to the countrymen that they failed to deliver due to govt policies(most of them framed by IAS). Yet country holds Armed forces answerable for 62 debacle, and the Armed Forces admits to their failure shamefully. IAS and IPS though most celebrated are the least productive.. Indeed they remain frustrated.
Posted by:Amitava - 31 May, 2010
25: the problem starts with the common man. even though he elects the MLA , MP thru them CM ,PM. our herd mentality of not knowing who is the boss, we kneel in front of the POWER BROKERS and we want favour.

when as a common man can try to pull strings to surpass the system or get it out of turn, it is nothing wrong that IAS officers are doing.

iam not supporting the corruption or high end political boss interference, i feel the above is thr ROOT cuase of the problem

Posted by:ramani - 31 May, 2010
26: There should be norms to distribute tickets to only those leader, who got rank within 1000 in the UPSC examination. Portfolio / ministry should be allocated to person according to their rank in UPSC exam.

By doing this, atleast intellectual person will rule the country in a better way. I have full faith that corruption will get reduce to a great extent by following above rule.
Posted by:RKr - 31 May, 2010
I somewhat agree wid u on this point...in fact when it is the bureaucrats only who are the real executive heads, responsible for policy making and execution, why do we at all need the uneducated politicians...it's not that all the politicians are worthless but a majority of them are...if at all we need them, then there must be coherence between the levels of responsibility and authority of the bureaucrats as well as those of the politicians...
suman Replied to: RKr - 01 Jun, 2010
28: Facts are diffrent. I was in the same structure. They enjoy enormous power. Majority of them are useless for any outside business house. They want to run away because they have already got black money. To save their skin from GOVT, they are pretending to leave job. The power and Money they enjoy, no Politician is enjoying. However, there are FEW officers who are raelly honest san no courage to do corruption, may like to leave job.
I am technocrate. I am working outside India on my Technical ability so that I can pay my son's fee to make him study in USA.
Posted by:Bhavadip N. Vaidya - 31 May, 2010
29: I think that clearing civil service examination and reaching to a level of IAS is a very big achievement in anybody's life. Likewise, for any position of politician one should have set criteria stringent than IAS so that politician come to know clearly about their job responsibility. It has been noticed that now more than 50% chances are there party tickets goes to industriallist (Vijay Mallaya, Jindal and many more) and rest left with people having criminal record and curruption charges. It is poor democracy in terms of industrialist take advantage of their political position and twist the policy the way they want and also keep strong hold on top of IAS and other politician spoil the system and just bother about money-money not the country.

I would be obliged if any central statutory body should come with a initiative to set criteria and stringent guidelines for politician. The above findings are not surprising indeed system is worst than this.
Posted by:Anil Kumar - 31 May, 2010
Not sure if the election commission can bell the cat !
Madhu Replied to: Anil Kumar - 31 May, 2010
31: I feel this type of survey should be conducted in all state and central departments. I am sure there will be a lot of officers who are suffering from such interference and other problems. Its high time something should be done about it.

Posted by:Zinnia - 31 May, 2010
32: Business it has becom...n blame-games part of it...blame each othr n do trade...thats it ...........if ancestor property then start political party if not go to coaching study lik hell get into services...majjani life...Jai ho
Posted by:noddy - 31 May, 2010
33: Our system has become so wretched and flawed that it has acquired the despicable capability to corrupt even god himself! The blame rests on all of us for making a mess out of the whole concept called "democracy". India is a perfect example of how a wonderful concept can go horrificly wrong. Politicians, bureaucrats (babus) and businessmen have entered into a deadly nexus to form a vicious vortex thats sucking in the common man's dreams. Coming to the survey, it stated that one out of every three babus feels like quitting due to various reasons. Well then how many of them actually quit either in disgust or in protest? Not many I bet. There's helluva lot of difference between the word and the deed!
Posted by:C P Raj - 31 May, 2010
34: Every Indian Youth has a dream to become a Civil Servant like, IAS. The reality is horrible. Indian Politicians destroy the prestige of Civil Services. Our Government took a great step to conduct this survey. 1/4th of 18,000 Civil Servants took participated in it. Where are other Civil Servant ? This should be compulsory for all Civil Servants to participate in these types of Survey. As a citizen of India, I would like to recommend this survey on annual basis with full of confidentiality to grant back the prestige of India’s prestigious job. Perhaps, the situation will change in India.

Question: Does the Government will take corrective actions on this report with full honestly ?

Posted by:Sharad Garg - 31 May, 2010
35: With exceptions, some of the top minds of the country are in the civil services. It is also true that some do venture in these services as a civil service tag commands a hefty dowry. But then bad eggs are surely there in all spheres of life.
There are broadly two major issues that impact the services. First, the total politicisation of the government departments. For this one has to compliment the congress party at the centre having put this in motion from 1972. The quality of our political leadership has been questioned from time to time. However, unless the educated youth venture into politics big time, such a change shall not become a reality in the near future. The present youth leaders are all from political families been hoisted to this role.
Secondly, most get carried away by the trappings of bureaucratic power. It is indeed difficult for most middle class born incumbent to resist the temptation of this transitory trappings of grandeur. They soon realise that on retirement suddenly the the lights will go off, and everything in the grand orchestra shall fall silent. And this unnerves them. Those that leave the services are generally in the age group 50-60.
Posted by:Arindam - 31 May, 2010
36: Pot calling kettle black! vow.! India would do well without both. Dump both these species in Bay of Bengal.............. of course, where fish do not live. We do not want the fish to be poisioned
Posted by:swarn dev - 30 May, 2010
37: Many senior Civil service officers will go to any extent to get a good posting. Why blame only politicians, do we have a great bureaucracy? Politicians are at least answerable to people, face elections at least every five years. Whom does the bureaucracy answerable? How does somebody who had passed an examination 20 years back become competitive for a post?
Posted by:babumohanan - 30 May, 2010
38: It's true...the politicians are that cunning and they will interfere in civil service officers' duties like anything.
Posted by:Anuj - 30 May, 2010
Firstly honest officers are the most sufferers, transfer is a menance, it should be linked to one working in difficult areas like Andomans, NE region, J &K etc. All Central Govt servents should work atleast 3 to 5 years in difficult area before getting 2 promotion in their carrear irrespective of their connections. Corruption at higher levels should be handled by iron hand by severe punishment.
Dr.K.P.Ramesha Replied to: Anuj - 31 May, 2010
Most of us think in this way,why do not we enter in to the politics and make a change or give a straight statement.
We can not deserve that because we might get hurt from the political roudies.Who dares like Subash chandrabose and Peace like Mahatma our great Father of the Nation, this does not required to meet the men to dare.We are thinking in small way, even we can approach in big way with the UNO,if our country to be ruled with proper politics and decide the path ways or with in ourselves to solve our problems.
Civil Servants, They say in interviews that, we try to do our best with the CM commitments to the Public, Max people change with mind to money with out even turn back and see their Designation and the scholar what they have got.Not IAS is going to change the country, common man can do so.
Why these arguments because we got used to talk and not to do like politicians.Of course even i am also.
I would suggest the media to do this arguments posted in every day news.
At least we will expect our govt will change to 0.1% .

Ajay Bharadwaj Replied to: Anuj - 31 May, 2010
I totally agree with Ajay. Why not the educated younger generation extend their hand to help INDIA. We need not become any politician, do the things correct. Like, do not bribe any one, get account for what all you purchase. Make all business men to account what they sell.Do not go for any recommendation for any kind of post or any college seat etc.

Can anybody in this complete post dare to say that he never given or taken bribe (the writer included)?

I guess the 'YES' percentage will be less than 1.

Guys, this not a blame game to blame either our bureaucrats or politicians.

Think about ourselves first. Are we doing everything right. If yes and if you still fine the system problematic, then probably you got rights to someone else.

Hope you all know our administrative system is proposed by great visionaries like Nehru, Ambedkar, Patel... I don't think they would have such a blunders. I do agree that system has to change according to the conditions.

So guys my plea is "Be correct yourselves then you can see lot of changes in our great INDIA".
Divakar Replied to: Ajay Bharadwaj - 31 May, 2010
Line corrected from above post of mine.

"Think about ourselves first. Are we doing everything right. If yes and if you still fine the system problematic, then probably you got rights to blame someone else."
Divakar Replied to: Divakar - 31 May, 2010
"It's only one side of the coin,what would these 18,000 brainy gentlemen have done if politicians were not present."
Rachit Replied to: Anuj - 30 May, 2010
yes rachit u r right we hv to see both the sides...
asmita Replied to: Rachit - 30 May, 2010
It is necessary to have some qualifying examination for our politician before entering into the politics. At the same time past record what they did for society. On the basis of this they will get the nomination for election.
My dear friends are we youngsters ready to change the system from root, if yes then it is responsibility of everyone of us to jump to politics. Not help to corruption also. Our 99% IAS officers are honest but very few leaders made them to do all these things.

Jitendra Replied to: asmita - 31 May, 2010