Only 14 percent of marketers utilize technologies in marketing mix

Only 14 percent of marketers utilize technologies in marketing mix

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, 28 June 2010, 11:14 Hrs   |    1 Comments
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India: A survey shows that out of 55 percent respondents merely 14 percent make use of video, mobile and social media in their marketing mix. The Omniture survey reveals that this is a platform for the marketers to increase supply of these channels.

Onmiture, an Adobe company and a supplier of online business optimization software made announcements of the 2010 Omniture online Analytics Benchmark Survey's result.

Matt Langie, Director of Product Marketing, Omniture Business Unit said that, "Being able to measure these emerging channels effectively is a key business requirement for many marketers today,"

The survey bring to notice, the existing opportunities for marketers to improvise strategies for mobile, social media and video which will help in the growth of revenue.

About 80 percent hold the belief that online marketing's ROI (Return on Investment) activity is essential but just 31 percent of the marketers can measure it with effect. Similarly in case of conversion rate for online marketing services out of 86 percent of the respondents, 25 percent fail to measure it.

Though 61.1 percent use social media for marketing, a major 41 percent of them do not know how to measure the social media conversion.

In case of mobile application out of the 22.7 percent of its users only 30 percent are capable of measuring their mobile apps.

The 42.9 percent of the people who use video, 59 percent acknowledge the importance of post video conversion but 70 percent are incapable to measure that.

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1: these basic technological features will obviously increase the growth of our industry.
Posted by:Binu - 28 Jun, 2010