Next generation management the big challenge for IT
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Next generation management the big challenge for IT

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Next generation management the big challenge for IT
Chennai: Managing the next generation of employees is the major challenge that human resources (HR) managers are going to face in the coming years. There is an increased demand for the top management to spend more time to build next generation of corporate leaders who will work across continents and manage a global workforce.

"Pay hikes, bonus and designation do not largely matter but an appreciation in public for the work done carries more weight amongst the new generation. They work on the power of collaboration. Companies have to provide such collaborative tools. In fact performance appraisals have to be redesigned," R. Chandrasekaran, President and Managing Director of Cognizant Technology Solutions said at the two-day HR Summit 2010 organized by Nasscom.

According to Krishna Kumar Natarajan, CEO and MD, Mindtree, the 21-year-old fresh graduate looks at the work environment and not the big corporate names. At times, the whole work place has to be recreated, he said.

"If work is fun, people will spend more time at work and the productivity will increase," said Chandrasekaran.

Interestingly speakers at the summit considered the word HR bad and said terming humans as a productive resource or an asset is not right.

"We have failed to spend time with the nextgen. We should ponder whether we are open to imbibe the new technology of communication," remarked Aparup Sengupta, MD and Global CEO, Aegis.

According to the speakers, the top management has to change its mindset so that changes are there across the organization.

Looking back at the actions taken by Indian IT companies to manage the recession, John Sullivan, CEO, Dr. John Sullivan & Associates of the U.S., said business cycles are getting faster and like engineering companies IT company HR managers too should do failure analysis.
Source: IANS
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Reader's comments(17)
1: Devoid of imagination. I don't know who write their speeches. If they themselves do then only God can save their companies.
Posted by:Manish Rao - 29 Jul, 2010
2: All crappy talk here. CTS HR says "Salary and Bonus" doesn't matter as much as recognition does, only to justify their low salary and no-bonus policy. Mindtree CEO says, "Big corporate names" doesn't matter, only to cover the point that they failed to create a big name in last 12-13 years of existence. Whereas the fact is, Salary does matter, Bonus does matter, Big corporate name does matter, promotion does matter, On-site opportunity does matter.
Posted by:The Truth - 28 Jul, 2010
I have experienced that CTS has got the worst HR. I would like to put it as most Employee unfriendly HR I have ever seen.
RRG Replied to: The Truth - 29 Jul, 2010
we need to make this people understand .. Boss we are not doing any social works.. Success --> Fame--> Appreciaiton --> Money all come hand-in-hand
They are trying to attract new people from colleges as the market is up now a days.
Also they dont want their present employees to leave that is the reason they are making this non-sense statement..
"Hire Dogs for loyalty" my words to Big Corporate and there Big Names CEO's
rhaul shah Replied to: The Truth - 29 Jul, 2010
Its true tht bosses are thinking they hire dogs for cos. according to their requiement they just bark. No ethics are their in todays companies.
prangya Replied to: rhaul shah - 30 Jul, 2010
True Fact yaar.... Bt Mangmnt only speaks well, bt ppl who r struggling wid all these only knws the reality....
Pavan Yadav Replied to: The Truth - 29 Jul, 2010
solid point...fully agree
vishal sachan Replied to: The Truth - 29 Jul, 2010
Yeh...I totally agree with you!
Gaurab Replied to: The Truth - 29 Jul, 2010
Boss you spoke the truth.
Mithun Replied to: The Truth - 29 Jul, 2010
Bang on target. What these jerks are saying when the say "Salary and bonus don't matter" is what they wish things to be, not what things are and will remain. Faced with tremendous attrition these guys are resorting to illusory wishful thinking.

In their worldview, an ideal employee would be young, in their 20s, preferably unmarried and living alone so that he (or she) can spend 18-20 hours at the office, even on weekends or holidays, tremendously technically sound, easily able and willing to pick up new roles and technologies - regardless of whether or not it fits into his or her career profile or direction, is creative, client-focused, dedicated - and is totally clueless about money or compensation!
Wake up, dude.
cynic Replied to: The Truth - 29 Jul, 2010
11: i feel the present generation HR managers are too facing the same problem....
Posted by:girish - 28 Jul, 2010
I agree with all the comments dude at the same time we all must think ,Weather are we doing our work sincerely on the work time or spending time on Social media sites?All in a one shot we have to admit our mistakes.
Jerry Replied to: girish - 29 Jul, 2010
Cognizant'S HR are worst and they really need to change there mindset... I don't know why CTS hire such HR
x-CTS Replied to: girish - 28 Jul, 2010
Crap talks all across to hide there hidden agendas. Probably, this GYAN can only be imparted better in there town halls with only EC members as the audience.

I am really fed up being from the league called 'NewGen/GenNext' who are assumed not to be lured with pay packagebonusesonsitespromotions.

Moreover, such columns make us vent our frustrations in public.
Kashyap Replied to: x-CTS - 29 Jul, 2010
I hope we all shd talk of each org HR...Here all are talking abt CTS HR.... So tht whn we hav an more than one offer we can decide which is best
King Replied to: Kashyap - 30 Jul, 2010
At time of recession,organizations fired the employees and slashed their salaries, they didn't care about employees.Now market has got up and people are leaving organization for their growth interms of Salary hike and Promotion.
Organization are blameing employees rather than reviwing their wrost HR polices.
Satendra Saxena Replied to: King - 31 Jul, 2010
Satendra, you are corret.Organization should review their HR policies.
Situation in United Helath Group Information Services is wrost.Attrition rate in UHG is about 36% because of HR polices.In UHG , HR offers everything to stop employees at time of leaving,but never recognise employe efforts when he performs.
Mathur Sanjay Replied to: Satendra Saxena - 31 Jul, 2010