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Is West a greener pasture anymore?

By Juby Thomas   |   Thursday, 10 June 2010, 07:48 Hrs   |    63 Comments
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Indians returning back
Bangalore: For the past few years, Indians returning back has been constantly on rise. Around 60,000 professionals settled in U.S. have returned to India in last year alone. This is almost equal to the number of Indians going to U.S. every year. Constant feeling of getting back to the roots and the decreasing gap in salaries in India and U.S. are some of the major reasons attributed to this trend of reverse brain drain. Statistics report that India is facing nearly 30 percent shortage of IT professionals, providing a lot of opportunities for the Indians to head back.

"Take the IITians for example. If you see 10 years back, 90 percent of the IIT grads left India to grab opportunities in West, but now, almost 85 percent of the IIT passouts prefer to stay back in India," says Jayaram Valliyur, who has returned from U.S. and is currently, working for Amazon India. He says, "It was my entrepreneurial spirit that brought me back to India. The kind of work we do is similar in both the places, opportunities, money, technology are here in India too. In fact, the growth is much faster. You get opportunities to work with different talent and a chance to interchange with people who are going back and forth."

The extensive experience, technological solutions, quality assurance and commitment to the work have made Indian professionals to create a brand name for themselves. With organizations from west look at India for talent and MNCs trying to open shop here, opportunities are galore for Indian professionals to grow.

Vidya Shastri, Software Development Manager at Amazon, says, "There are two reasons for coming back to India. One is the professional growth and opportunity in an expanding Amazon India and the other is personal reason to be closer to our parents and extended families, and to have my daughter be exposed to these relationships. Professional growth has been steady in India. Personally, it's been a great success moving back to India."

Most of the Indians returning are couples in the age group of 27 to 35 having kids. The major factor cited by most was to protect their kids from the Western culture. Education was also another reason for Indians to move back. There is a common believe that Indian education system is quite good.

"The ultimate reason for my shift was to stay close to my parents, so my decision was purely personal. As regards to the work culture, one cannot find a major difference in the work culture between here and the West. Our workforce is as competitive and talented, though if averaged out, may be a little less on the experience curve, but I see that India is making rapid strides in growing leaders at all levels and there is global appreciation for the Talent powerhouse that India is. I worked for 9 years in U.S. and after coming back to India I can see a lot of changes in the workforce, especially around the desire to make a significant impact on a global scale and that is happening all around us in India ," says Madan, Director - HR, Amazon.

"The U.S. work culture is more 'individualistic', whereas the Indian work culture is 'team oriented'. There is more maturity and experience in the U.S, but more enthusiasm and energy in India. I like the Indian work culture better overall," concludes Vidya.

With the economy bouncing back and growing at a faster pace, rupee becoming stronger, times have changed in India. Today, it is a place conducive to Startups and Entrepreneurship and Indian professionals around the world are waiting for an opportunity to make the most of it.

Witnessing the growing impact of this reverse brain drain that helps them to etch a better footprint globally, Amazon is hiring in U.S. This will open up opportunities for many Indians to relocate to their homeland.

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Reader's comments(63)
1: While the quality of life is good in USA and will remain so for my and my children's lifetime, there are reasons beyond lifestyle and money, for which one would want to go to back to their country of birth and upbringing.
So think hard, test yourself by actually staying in India for a while (even if not working) and then make the decision to move back.
And don't mix up India with other countries like China. 50+ % of the Chinese elite want to migrate to US, if given an opportunity. One the other hand there is hardly any rich Indian who would come to US. There is something fantastic about the Indian society. You have to just get beyond the traffic, the smell and the heat.
Posted by:M Baba - 10 May, 2012
2: While the quality of life is good in USA and will remain so for my and my children's lifetime, there are reasons beyond lifestyle and money, for which one would want to go to back to their country of birth and upbringing.
So think hard, test yourself by actually staying in India for a while (even if not working) and then make the decision to move back.
And don't mix up India with other countries like China. 50+ % of the Chinese elite want to migrate to US, if given an opportunity. One the other hand there is hardly any rich Indian who would come to US. There is something fantastic about the Indian society. You have to just get beyond the traffic, the smell and the heat.
Posted by:M Baba - 10 May, 2012
3: I have lived in the US since August, 1977. Every three years I visit my hometown Bangalore, either on Business or for visiting family, or both. Irrespective of the essence of this article, I would always prefer to stay in US, due to (a)quality of life, (b)corruption at every level of Indian government, including ability to get a birth certificate or death certificate from a local corporation,(c)to be able to identify yourself as one of the best in your profession, (d)you can fight a cause and get immediet results, (e) your kids will have a fabulous education without going through a very biased systenm in Indian Universities and schools.

Having said all of the above, if one has reasonable amount of good fortunes in the US $, they can certainly go back and lead a fanatastic life in Bangalore in rupees, always hire a gardner, chauffer, cook, guard, a pissboy, a purohit, etc., and the list goes on endless.,

When you make a decision to come back home consider and evaluate all variables and make a good decision, instead of just making a decision based on YOUR UPBRINGING in India.
Posted by:M Srinivasan - 29 Mar, 2012
4: Welcome back, our wise Indian Professionals!
Posted by:Mohd Shafiq Mohiuddin - 20 Jun, 2010
5: The economies such as those of the US had almost gotten to the verge of collapse due to the all consuming recession. There has been failure of large banking institutions and businesses. Those who had left India in search of greener pastures have come to face disillusionment. It is not that they find their homeland greener now and not because of personal reasons that they are headed back for India, but because they are no more wanted in the US and elsewhere. They have been simply thrown out of their lucrative jobs as a fallout of the recession. And now they are left with no other option than to come back. But they cannot come back and tell us that they have been thrown out of jobs. And so the resorting to all sorts of histrionics and false statements as India is more beckoning due the changes here, and citing of personal reasons.
Posted by:SOORAJ KUMAR P M - 13 Jun, 2010
6: I wish these people never return,
The 10% Of Indian's elite students who stayed back along with this people have made India grow by 9%..where as most of the western economies shrunk..
Posted by:Arulprakash Ravindran - 12 Jun, 2010
7: I just cant spend rest of my life with bullshit...smelly nalis...potholes...severage...feceise..
Posted by:abhishek - 12 Jun, 2010
8: Over the past 15 years there have been drastic changes in modern India.Technology,infrastructure and a huge indigenous demand have played a major role in India's big leap forward.It has been proven globally that India has the best Brains and its a Talent powerhouse as quoted above.So,the growth is evident.However,the psychology of the indians also need to change.If compared to the western world,here we have a lot of corruption upto the grassroot level... the sarkari babus for example work so less and earn so more much above their stipulated salaries.Everyone knows what they are doing yet nobody can even pinch them in their back.If corruption is reduced and advantages of technology and infrastructural development being allowed to flow to the very grassroot level , then no doubts India has the potential which can be termed as Astronomical.
As regards, the reverse brain the process has just begun and I hope it continues in this new decade at a faster pace.
Posted by:Kamlesh Bhatt - 11 Jun, 2010
Necessity-Demand-Curiosity-Sustain - is a base Management Structure.
Please get organised .West has shown Intellectual advancement contributes to Societal growth.
India needs:
Invention promotion- Technology Exchange
Technology Management Developing Countries
Cosmology Research-Best of Brains Trust
Wisdom is to convert Brains to best of Asset Management.
You are welcome to contact me
Vidyardhi Nanduri
Posted by:Vidyardhi Nanduri - 11 Jun, 2010
10: Hi Thought process
how many people in India can afford to eat a Pizza hut meal and who actually eats them maybe folks in city probably at a mall.they are defintely middel to upper middle class not the ones in villages .Your example about tax is immature .Taxes source is import ,export of goods.Income tax on poeples income .Your comment does not make sense?Govt does not cry foul it is people who use illegal electrical connections for marriages.steal railway property .do not pay income tax first do these steps before blaming others.
rama mohana rao anne
sydney australia
Posted by:rama mohana rao anne - 10 Jun, 2010
hi rama mohana rao anne ,

I totally agree with you!
Ravikumar, Mumbai Replied to: rama mohana rao anne - 11 Jun, 2010
12: A simple thought: If we eat in restaurant, say Pizza Hut in India, we end up paying around 24% as direct TAX in terms of Service Tax and VAT and restaurant owner pays Service Tax and VAT to procure different things and then the income tax everybody will pay in chain below. So in all we end up paying almost 70% tax. Similar is the case with any consumable, fuel or any services one may need.
After collecting so much as TAX government still cries about lack of money for Infra development, health care etc. How India should grow and why a person shall put up his life being patriotic and then see kids suffer some cast politics by some or other political party’s wrong motives?
Posted by:Thought Process - 10 Jun, 2010
Exactly, to the point. When you see all your hard earned money going down the drain, why would anyone want to stay here? Not ant. This is the land of grasshoppers who merry around in summer, and want to eat from ants in winter.
Only those who can not get away that easily or dont know how to, are staying back, because they don't have an option. Even those who are coming back, are doing so beccause of some personal/professional reasons, definately not for patriotic reasons.
amy Replied to: Thought Process - 12 Jun, 2010
14: Hi Amy
I do not agree with you as well about India .There are developments in India that have taken place in the last decade improvement in railways ticketing ,land records computerization etc.Your point about Delhi Railway station is illogical.People going tpo bed without food shelter etc we all know this also according to United Nations report both India and China have reduced people below poverty line.
It will take time to bring all the poeple below poverty line out,but I strongly believe Indian government is in right diretion about this.Also Indias Agricultural sector if it gets revived with proper monsoon will change the fate of lots of Indians as most Indian live in rural areas,I do not think Indian government is responsible for lack of rains etc.India got Independance only 60 odd years ago but since then it has progressed in areas like Space technology,I.T,Pharama etc. The government is doing its best it can it has build roads ,bridges,new airports etc.
I think value of life will increase if every one makes an attempt towards Environment as India is a densly populated nation.There is hope along with problems it is how we tackle them Your comment is a bit negative side and does not help the cause.I sincerly feel we all can make change happen as a team not divided but united.For example Delhi changed to CNG based vehicles to tackle pollution.There are lots of encouraging stories from India .
rama mohana rao anne
syd australia
Posted by:rama mohana rao anne - 10 Jun, 2010
I notice Syd Australia in above post.
Is that where you live? If yes, why so? Can't you get a job in India? Can't you serve your country by being here? Let me ask you this- for how long you have been away? And if it is not for monetary gains and better life, what else can it be? Not that I blame anyone living abroad. Try to come back to India and get a new passport, get a BSNL telephone connection, Electricity connection for your new home, just try to live a typical middleclass life. When you have to go to police station for personal verification you are made to stand like a criminal.
Have you ever been stuck in real bad traffic? Then some car-luxury car to be precise -with red light on its head- comes along and all of you have to make way for the mighty ones, those responsible for taking care of us don't even bother to find what is the problem, and how it can be solved? they are more interested in getting out of the shit, leaving you behind in that mess.
Have you stood in long queues whole night for admission of your child next day, and then rejected because there is no space.
Have you lost everything in your home, in the heavy rains in mumbai in June 2006, and then started building it again, while somebody living in some slum gets some help because he/she is poor, while all your life you have paid income taxes, light bills, water bills whereas all those living in slums are using all the same resources without being responsible for anything - and then you are ignored because you are not rich enough and not poor enough.
How much more can I write about?
What environment you are talking about? When your stomach is filled, you are wearing some designer clothes/shoes/watches, bored with your plasma tvs and air conditioned gyms/spa/resorts you start talking about environment.

Have you ever thought about millions of Indians struggling to meet ends,traveling for hours and hours to reach office/school/college every day, waiting in long queue early in the morning for drinking water, suffering in personal and professional life because of irregular power -and the devil called load shedding- I am sure you wont even understand what load shedding is.
Have you heard of recent water cuts in mumbai? Sarcastically funny it is that many couples are getting separated over issues like who is wasting water in the house while gardens in certain areas of the city are kept using same water from same resources. On one side people almost dying for water, while those responsible for taking care of them keeping thier gardens green with processed-purified potable water.

Talk about some real issues man. Everything boils down to survival, me first then my family, then my village, my city, my country, and the earth. If I am not surviving to see another day how much can I care about what is left behind.
amy Replied to: rama mohana rao anne - 12 Jun, 2010
16: What do you think those so-called Western INDIAN will bring to India ?
Posted by:Bharatbaryiya - 10 Jun, 2010
Bharatbaryiya, i cannot talk for all those that are coming back but most of them coming back have seen the way people work in the US very closely and understand the work culture and mentality better than the people living there in India.

And at the end of the day, all we do in India is back office development/support/service work for companies in the US. So no matter what, if you work in one of these companies, you have to answer to an "american" boss.

And they are getting this knowledge and experience with them that people there would not have.
Abhi Replied to: Bharatbaryiya - 15 Jun, 2010
18: What reverse brain drain you are talking about? All those so called highly educated Indians are coming back for their personal gain, professional growth and/or due to the problems they face abroad. Life today is so complex, nobody really has time to think about duties towards their country and be patriotic. And on second thought, why should they place some entity called India ahead of their personal requirements/needs/wants/gians. After all what is India?
1. The corrupt politicians who are never satisfied with the money they have stowed away in Swiss accounts, -our hard earned money-the taxes we pay are going down the drain, and spent to provide toys to some small amount of powerful people- being misused all the time while we helplessly watch the tamasha?
2. People fighting with each other in the name of religion and killing innocent women, children while the so called SYSTEM sits and watches helplessly.
3. The place where more than half the population goes to bed hungry every night, without proper food, shelter, decent clothes to wear, and even worst without CLEAN WATER to drink.
4. Wonderful infrastructure like well maintained roads, efficient public transport, above all HEALTH COVER for one and all. Where is it? Does anyone remember the recent stampede incident at delhi railway station? And how shameless the railway authorities and government were about it? Do you know 3 out of every 5 women in Mumbai who travels by local train has 'Urinary Tract Infection' because of unavailability of basic services like Toilets at railway stations. Well one can go on and on about the problems we face trying to live a good life in this country but then what is the point. Can we do anything to change it? REALLY? CAN WE DO ANYTHING TO DO IT? Life has no value here, unless you are a politician or a son/daughter of one.
So if some people are leaving for better opportunities in US/Europe or coming back when they are getting a better deal -financially, professionally, why are we running around so happily that we have got the talent back, and this so called reverse brain drain can actually result into something better for society and country in general? The higher in position any person goes the better he knows how to get a bigger piece of pie for himself and his family, who really is doing anything for anyone here?
Come on guys, stop for a second and think of one small act of kindness you have shown to anyone without any reason/ any gain in mind? Then why expect it from anyone else?
Posted by:AMY - 10 Jun, 2010
Yes I agree with you 100% without any doubt. The people coming back to india are not for the indian society but for their self. Once they hatered India and today returning back with a specific reason of self bettermentonly
tarakeshwar Rao Replied to: AMY - 12 Jun, 2010
Exactly, you are right Amy, first our politicians has to change, law needs to change and to say more changes we need in our country, rather than saying that lot of changes has happened in India, what has changed the roads & buildings, but the poverty still remains the same.
SriKal Replied to: AMY - 10 Jun, 2010
Davesh Singh Replied to: AMY - 10 Jun, 2010
I cannot agree more with you Amy. You have explained it so well!

The truth is everyone cares for himself because its a matter of survival in India. with the increasing population and the dwindling resources, every single person is trying to step on the others to get his piece for his and his family's survival.

And these people who are moving back to India are doing so only because they are being promised a better and bigger piece. Believe me, most of them are moving back because of issues in the US - like visa immigration issues, career growth issues in the US (its more difficult for an indian guy to grow professionally as compared to a white guy) or personal family issues (old parents). Noone is moving back for their country. And while a portion of people are moving back, a much larger number is still dying to get out of India and come to US for a better life (and i dont blame them at all).

Have you ever talked to an average guy in India - all he wants to do is "US jaake thoda paisa kamaa loon"! Go to IT firms like Infy, TCS and Wipro and people are just asking one question - "When can i go onsite? I want to make some money" I am telling this from
Abhi Replied to: Davesh Singh - 15 Jun, 2010
23: Now India is a country with fortune and dreams.If the indians are returning home it is a good sign as they can participate in the development of the country to which they belong and can feel proud by remaining near to the dear and nears.Even their children will imbibe the fine culture and old values for which our country is known in the west.
Posted by:P.S.Thakur - 10 Jun, 2010
people are moving from west after making enough money and now want to lead a cool like with more money. Not because they have some passion to work in india. These NRI returning to india increase the cost of living, if taxi guy charges 200 regularly, these guys throw 250 with out second though. so that goes on every where. infact reverse brain drain is not helpful rather its is harmful. The same work can be done by people who already live in india.
terli Replied to: P.S.Thakur - 10 Jun, 2010
Dude.. get a life. No one is that foolish that he will throw 250 rs if he has to pay 200. Reason why everyone is coming back to India is because of the economy. Wait till the economy picks up in USA everyone will be making a beeline towards USA including you :)
Not_an_NRI Replied to: terli - 15 Jun, 2010
I completely agree with u
Manoj Replied to: P.S.Thakur - 10 Jun, 2010
27: It is kinda bookish to say Indians are relocating back to India - reverse brain drain and all that. Based on my experience, US will continue to be the superpower and the leading economy for several decades to come and will overcome challenges posed by China. India has a long way to go before it can be actually considered a country to reckon with.

Pathetic infrastructure, unholy work ethics, corruption, disregard for law are just some of the many illnesses affecting India.

I am an expat, and many people who have had to come back to India - are plainly due to economic reasons. Once the economy goes into a throttle mode in the US, no one willeven look @ India
Posted by:Abhishek - 10 Jun, 2010
But when will you think US will get in throttle mode? With a huge deficit and a politician like Obama bent on socializing America, it is not long before US will become another USSR.
suresh Replied to: Abhishek - 28 Mar, 2012
I agree with you
rohit Replied to: Abhishek - 10 Jun, 2010
Abhishek u r slave of USA god bless u.?what values ur children will have at US.....cheaters at Wall street ,
samir Replied to: Abhishek - 10 Jun, 2010
really Samir? Do you really think that children in India have a lot more values? All they are learning today is corruption, cheating, division based on caste and religion!
Upbringing depends upon the parents. If they teach the right values, they learn the right things - may it be India or US.
Abhi Replied to: samir - 15 Jun, 2010
hey no offense but type GOD with capital letters bro
K I M Replied to: samir - 10 Jun, 2010
In a thought provoking article, ‘Beware The Reverse Brain Drain To India And China’(TechCrunch,Oct 7,2009) Vivek Wadhwa brought out many pertinent points on Reverse Brain Drain to India and China:
“Why would such talented people voluntarily leave Silicon Valley, a place that remains the hottest hotbed of technology innovation on Earth? Or to leave other promising locales such as New York City, Boston and the Research Triangle area of North Carolina? My team of researchers at Duke, Harvard and Berkeley polled 1203 returnees to India and China during the second half of 2008 to find answers to exactly this question. What we found should concern even the most boisterous Silicon Valley boosters.
We learned that these workers returned in their prime: the average age of the Indian returnees was 30 and the Chinese was 33. They were really well educated: 51% of the Chinese held masters degrees and 41% had PhDs. Among Indians, 66% held a masters and 12% had PhDs. These degrees were mostly in management, technology, and science. Clearly these returnees are in the U.S. population’s educational top tier—precisely the kind of people who can make the greatest contribution to an economy’s innovation and growth. And it isn’t just new immigrants who are returning home, we learned. Some 27% of the Indians and 34% of the Chinese had permanent resident status or were U.S. citizens. That’s right—it’s not just about green cards.
What propelled them to return home? Some 84% of the Chinese and 69% of the Indians cited professional opportunities. And while they make less money in absolute terms at home, most said their salaries brought a “better quality of life” than what they had in the U.S. (There was also some reverse culture shock—complaints about congestion in India, say, and pollution in China.) When it came to social factors, 67% of the Chinese and 80% of the Indians cited better “family values” at home. Ability to care for aging parents was also cited, and this may be a hidden visa factor: it’s much harder to bring parents and other family members over to the U.S. than in the past. For the vast majority of returnees, a longing for family and friends was also a crucial element.
A return ticket home also put their career on steroids. About 10% of the Indians polled had held senior management jobs in the U.S. That number rose to 44% after they returned home. Among the Chinese, the number rose from 9% in the U.S. to 36% in China.”( Vivek Wadhwa is a fellow with the Labor and Worklife Program at Harvard Law School and executive in residence/adjunct professor at the Pratt School of Engineering at Duke University).

Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP)
Posted by:Dr.A.Jagadeesh - 10 Jun, 2010
34: For last couple of years it was not brain drain as most of the people who went Westward (especially IT) were just glorified clerks who were paid well (in Rupee term).
Posted by:patnaikt - 10 Jun, 2010
35: All these changes are depends on person's view. I was working in US for more than 4 years and came back to India. If you are newly married, US is the best place to roam around and enjoying life. But for a family it is not. If you are selfish enough to think about only your car and house, US is the best place. But if you think your real assets are your next generation, India is the best place. I saw many Indian families settled there are worrying about their kids. Most of the kids are ending up as KFC and MCDonald workers. They have talent, But the culture is spoiling them .....All depneds on persons....
Posted by:manoj - 10 Jun, 2010
thanx man...you helped me...a little...
abhishek Replied to: manoj - 12 Jun, 2010
37: my friend returned to india after 5 years from U.S. says he couldn't cope up with the american lifestyle even after living there for 5 years.
Posted by:kid a - 10 Jun, 2010
38: I can say American people are the most straightforward people, very hardworking & honest comparatively
India has oldest culture and I respect it ,But nowadays???? it is all in the lense you look at.
fact is that opportunity.
About team work - its good upto some extent. Individual work and project based is good for personal growth as well organizaion growth, we can learn more thing if we are working with a project.
Posted by:Prabu Maria Pragasam - 09 Jun, 2010
Who are you?
SamOneNine Replied to: Prabu Maria Pragasam - 10 Jun, 2010
40: Hello everyone INDIA is very strong in all ways but people are influenced by western culture and money and they fly i believe where was the patriotism went with in them its all the matter of money they want if all the indians around the world like iitian's were there in india our nation would have been much stronger and ahead than any other nation.
Posted by:srikanth arya - 09 Jun, 2010
Living in lala land, are you srikanth? These guy swork for a few years abroad, make enough money, come back home, and because of their US experience get huge salaries. How much do they give back? Zero. Its nothing but unbridled greed. The country be damned.
Sunil Replied to: srikanth arya - 10 Jun, 2010
How can u judge one's patriotism with his employment. There are so many exmaples that an man who worked abroad returns here to become an enterpreneur being more fruitful than employee. It depends on their individuality.
Its true they leave country for money, but with the same money they will build nation.
hemanth Replied to: srikanth arya - 10 Jun, 2010
43: I have repeatedly heard remarks about culture .Agreed India has oldest culture and I respect it ,But does not mean USA has none ,it is all in the lense you look at ,I can say American people are the most straightforward people I have seen they are also very hardworking and honest.I have lost my way in the night while driving from Detroit (Michigan) to Newjersey in the ohio state I veered of the highway when i had to fill gas it was dark and I asked an american for directions he not only helped me but drove infront of me until I could get back on the freeway.
Human emotions and bonding are all the same if you can relate to others you can connect to them.So my view is Culture is as rich as you pursue there is no precise definition.Is it not true that even inspite of returning back to India we still work in a modern way in the office want to go to mall ,travel on the metro .Is it not true all these comforts were established first in the west(USA) and we all did want to study in usa univeristy and work there.
I also want to say USA was one country where Harekrishna movement was established in a way Americans were more open to other cultures about two to three decades ago.I like both USA and India equally.I always idolized in my heart when NRI relative docors would come for vacation to India I always used to ask them about the hospital they work.Yes we watch ER shows on TV but still the memories are fresh.
rama mohana rao anne
sydney australia.
Posted by:rama mohana rao anne - 09 Jun, 2010
Do these morons writing these articles for Silicon India know that there were a known term called 'recession' last year for which everyone flocked back home and shot down their family?
Brian Cool Replied to: rama mohana rao anne - 09 Jun, 2010
No one said the U.S is bad.We only say we are better. Never forget that we still hold the pride of being the Oldest Civilization ever. Though just predictions,they speak for us!
Vibhav Sridharan Replied to: rama mohana rao anne - 09 Jun, 2010
Vaibhav, don\\\'t get me started on our so called \\\"oldest civilization ever\\\" tag, we may be but what about the caste system, subsidies, reservations, regionalism, corruption etc. I can go on and on.
Yes, I am an Indian and I think we have a long way to go before we can call ourselves \\\"Better\\\" than someone, let alone U.S of A.
Sumanth Replied to: Vibhav Sridharan - 10 Jun, 2010
Sumanth you are right.. The people bragging about so called \\\"oldest civilization ever\\\" are generally the most uncivilized people here. I respect indian culture the real culture not the one which is followed in modern India. Its really pathetic to see so many people eye washed and conceited by this "civilization".
India is not anymore an ideal place to bet your child's career now.
Tany Replied to: Sumanth - 10 Jun, 2010
48: I have stayed in USA and worked there on H-B Visa I must say the stay was pleasant and I enjoyed it especially driving in my then Toyota Carolla in Pittsburgh and also crossing over to new jersey via Pennslyvania and Maryland states.I like the seasons and also the Houses I always enjoyed the sorroundings .people are straightforward and I have never experienced any politics at all.overall it was pleasant experience that I will cherish
Rama Mohana Rao Anne
Sydney Australia
Posted by:rama mohana rao anne - 09 Jun, 2010
those wish to stay back they can and they will else it's simple, say good bye and settle in India.
ramki Replied to: rama mohana rao anne - 09 Jun, 2010
Social mobility != Economic mobility
India is going to be doomed in the longer run because reservations, subsidies, exemptions in income tax , customs tax, excise duties, registration fees etc are short term economic incentives and they'll not fix perennial social injustices.
India has started to geographically disintegrate in the form of casteism, corruption, naxalism, insurgency, regionalism and fascism.
And Indian politicians and administrators are absolutely clueless.
Police Officer Replied to: rama mohana rao anne - 09 Jun, 2010
Your arguments are Baseless! you can never say there was NO POLITICS. Just that you where to naive to realise you where being played upon! Any way good day!
Vibhav Sridharan Replied to: rama mohana rao anne - 09 Jun, 2010
52: Look people have more options here, some of them will give bullshit reasons, bt fact is only one, the opportunity.
Posted by:aadi - 09 Jun, 2010
that's a very apt conclusion and a precise one too :)
Antony Replied to: aadi - 10 Jun, 2010
54: Thats a gud news for our country....
Posted by:Sudhkar - 09 Jun, 2010
55: Growth of Asian Economy is the major factor....
See the figures in next few years.
Posted by:Vinay - 09 Jun, 2010
56: There was a time when Indians packed their bags to settle in other countries. Now they are realising the potential of their homeland
Posted by:Vani - 09 Jun, 2010
As a friend of Sharukh khan in the movie Swadesh says, sometime people become 'Foolishly romantic' about India. I did the same I returned back, same time the recession started. I got severly effected lost job. However if you consider short term gains less than 10 years, it US which is really good to stay. If you are married having children and family, for long term plan better we come back and stay in India. Because we have to think about our children and their life. India is going to be the happening place when our children grow up. We want them to face the harsh environment of compitition here, then only they can survive in this mad rush...
Aravinda Replied to: Vani - 09 Jun, 2010
I absolutely agree with you!
Sachin Borawake Replied to: Vani - 09 Jun, 2010
Hello Guys,



DSINGH Replied to: Sachin Borawake - 10 Jun, 2010
US will be the destination for Quality of life, Justice and good laws. Today its a flutuation , glich, it will recover. Work culture is not that important it is $ , other wise why would one go there in frist place. With reservation in jobs on horizon US will win back its good flock.
Chandratre Replied to: DSINGH - 10 Jun, 2010
Well Said
Davesh Singh Replied to: Chandratre - 10 Jun, 2010
china is already going and some super smart desis have started moving there!
Harsha Replied to: DSINGH - 10 Jun, 2010
Devesh, Tu kya laude ke baal se paida hua hai...bhosdi ke..capitalism ne tera dimaag ka lauda bana diya hai..
pradeep Replied to: Davesh Singh - 12 Jun, 2010