Is India ready for IPTV?
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Is India ready for IPTV?

By Pavan Kumar Hubli   |   Thursday, 28 May 2009, 12:08 Hrs   |    12 Comments
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Is India ready for IPTV?
Bangalore: Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is all set to revolutionize the way the television is working now. With IPTV, apart from just watching television, one can use the television as a two way media to interact with the world.

According to experts, IPTV is a complementary way of transmission of entertainment, data and interactive communication. So far in the evolution of television, there has been only one way of communication (Broadcasting), but the IPTV promises an interactive way of viewing television.

But the big question that arises in one's mind is whether India is ready for the IPTV. The answer varied from expert to expert.

"Figures show that IPTV has a great future in India," said Vijay Yadav, Vice President and Managing Director, UTstarcom, an end to end service provider for the IPTV. "Asia recorded the highest number of acceptance for it, compared to the developed countries. Of the 1.27 million connection (in Asia) last year, India and China had a lion share of that," he added.

However Prakash, owner of Bangalore Cable Network said, "IPTV cannot be successful. The cost of installing an IPTV is too much and we don't have a proper infrastructure to support it. The present internet connectivity cannot provide the viewers what a cable is providing," he added.

As of today, installing an IPTV is a costly affair. The viewer needs a special set-top box, modem and broadband connection for receiving, and to make it an interactive TV an extra camera is required. But once installed it can do half of the work an internet connected computer can do. The TV can receive your call, surf videos and search data along with providing digital TV channels.

Experts believe that there are many challenges to install the new internet television. "Making people understand the importance and usage of it is a big challenge to all the service providers," said Yadav. There are other challenges, like building an ecosystem for transmission and penetration of broadband.

But these challenges bring hope that there is a great chance for improvement. "Because of the IPTV, there will be an increase in the broadband connection, IPTV will be accepted more in rural and urban sector, as there is no need to be a computer literate to use this. India doesn't need a $100 computer as we already have a $100 TV." added Yadav.

"Its basic advantage is that it is fast and clear," said Srikanth B, Sales Specialist, Cisco India, which is producing set top box and d-link for the internet TV. "With the passing of time, the speed of the broadband will increase and people can access to the service easily," he added.

IPTV provides services like Video on Demand (VOD), Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) or digital phone and Web access, collectively referred to as Triple Play. Many companies are running pilot projects to provide e-governance and other kind of facilities on IPTV.

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Reader's comments(12)
1: Australian assaulting Indians. How about Indian assaulting other Indian student? Read this.

Mr. Swarup Sengupta of New Mexico state University and East Texas Sate University physically assaulted an Indian Foreign Student, Knocking on his apartment door in middle of nights to harass him and turning other Indian students against him by spreading rumours. How about an Indian Professor who put Swarup sengupta with this victim Indian student who was living as roommate of another Indian student. This Indian Professor had no permission from the renter Indian student.
When even Indian professor and graduate Indian student are in together harassing another Indian student why talk about Australians?
Posted by:bharatiye student - 09 Jun, 2009
2: Hi,

Tv is a stupid box moreover the IP TV may not be possilbe in Bangalore becoz the Maximum speed in internet we have is 2MBPS compared to US and UK which has 20-40 MBPS. Prakash, owner of Bangalore Cable Network is correct. If this is implemented we may experienice an major downtime issues. This is just for the Cisco to make money. In this case why they do not introduce wireless ? I have seen the demo of this IP TV. believe me Its an crap !
Posted by:Shashank - 31 May, 2009
Dear Shashank,

You are right, but why do we forget the atrocities being carried by the cable operators all over India. This contributes to the revolution in the IT arena and all of us should welcome the technology. Cable Network Owners had never ever paid the Channel Operators, which led to this multiple viewing possibliities through various sources. This brings the content provider and the consumer one on one. We shall not forget that INDIA oughts to be the NO 1 country for media and entertainment.

Lets Support the Nation to get its peak.
Bhavin Thakkar Replied to: Shashank - 01 Jun, 2009
4: I believe that IPTV definitely has a future market, but how long we have to wait depends upon:

1.The initial infrastructure setup capability and its cost (someone has to take the bold step to do this investment at the right time)
2.The deployment cost per end-user (it should make sense to the business stakeholders in short or long term)
3.Shift in the psychology how TV is to be used by the end-user (viewer will only invest more money if he/she realises the benefit)

I do not think that the computer market (especially laptops because they are mobile) is going to be impacted, but the desktop pc market will be impacted with full fledged IPTV in power. I believe till a certain extent, we will see a merger of computer internet usage with IPTV by 2020, which has already started with sites like YouTube, iPlayer, online VOD service, and IP feed for some real-time broadcast stuff (audio or video) via Internet. What people want is value for money and that is an important factor to trigger the market.
Posted by:Ashish Gupta - 30 May, 2009
5: I feel IPTV days are not far, as for the fact that is going to be costly, I feel when color television came in 1981 to India it was costly, in 1996 mobile was too costly and in 2005 D.T.H. was costly foolish idea and see what is the situation today.

India is a big consuming country let IPTV come in it would start as a status symbol and in a couple of years it would be lower middle class essential keeping in view growing internet related uses.

Praveen Shankar Kapoor
New Delhi. 9873336731
Posted by:Praveen Shankar Kapoor - 29 May, 2009
6: I started IPTV way back in 1995. My Dear Mother had expired at the Age of 89-90, She was in Bed for last three years and my brothers and Sisters had visited her during that period.
It was a sad Event and there was no way we were Reday to share against one another.
The Pranthna Sabha was called in and I had Promised my Brothers and Sisters that they could watch it Live,one by one and ask any questions that they wanted to ASK to any of the 500 Relatives were present.
It was SAD and happy moments for all of US.
Since the normal MTNL line was not fast and so was the Computers, we saw each other and felt the togetherness.
It lasted for TWO hours at no Extra Cost. It was Microsoft Net Meeting.I have a Hi 8 recorded Tape of the Event.
As all scientific Achievements, one can use it in a Positive manner OR negative WAY.
Society has to Decide. The Government can only make Law.

Posted by:Jitoo M. Parekh. - 29 May, 2009
True, Govt can make Law,may not be able to implement it.
As it is there against Terrorist or rapist or a murderer.
Society has to understand the Freedom it has Got.
Praful Shah Replied to: Jitoo M. Parekh. - 31 May, 2009
8: good but expencive
Posted by:nandeeswara REddy - 29 May, 2009
9: Hi,
with IPTV can the subscribers access internet in their existing televisions or do they require a computer for net connectivity and the TV is used only for surfing the channels.
what is the bandwidth allocated for IPTV and will it work in primitive broadband connections already in huawei n/w and multiplay n/w?
Posted by:Jay - 28 May, 2009
10: Why Not when IPTV has leverage of so many features...

IPTV produce a TV and video reception and distribution solution with an unmatched combination of scalability, flexibility and value.

* Distributes live or prerecorded TV and video/audio over existing data network
* Unlimited distribution to every network connected TV / PC
* Capacity for hundreds of TV and video sources
* Digital quality consistent across all viewing points
* Managerial control over individual viewing
* Flexible, controllable signage and corporate branding
* No additional hardware, cabling or power required at PC viewing points
* Office moves and changes become simple, quick and non technical
* No distance limitations on viewing points
* Dispenses with Freeview Set Top Boxes and video recorders
* Manageable bandwidth requirements
* Does not compromise network security
* Industry standards based
* Highly modular and readily expandable at any stage
* Space saving professional equipment installation
* Facility for live or scheduled recording of live TV provides the functionality of a video recorder with hard disk storage (Personnal Video Recorder)
* Costs, space and energy are saved by dispensing with Freeview Set Top Boxes, video recorders and even TVs where PC viewing is adopted
* Distribute channels over WAN links for viewing at remote sites
* Create your own Video On Demand library for training and reference
* High Definition TV (HDTV) support
Posted by:Maneesh Thareja - 28 May, 2009
thanks maneesh, your comment is very informative.
ravi Replied to: Maneesh Thareja - 30 May, 2009
12: Seems an interesting prospects for the Indian Rural and Urban sector. Virtual class rooms, e-governance will turn into reality if implemented its full magnitude. Hopping that it stand to what claim.
Posted by:Sachin - 28 May, 2009