Interact with your walls: 23 yr old Indian innovates
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Interact with your walls: 23 yr old Indian innovates

Monday, 29 March 2010, 10:29 Hrs   |    53 Comments
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Interact with your walls: 23 yr old Indian innovates
Bangalore: Anup Tapadia, a 23-year old Indian, has launched a digital technology company 'TouchMagix', which specializes in converting ordinary surfaces into three-dimensional interactive environments.

"The idea behind TouchMagix was to bring the interactive experience a step closer to reality," says 23-year-old Tapadia. The first technology we developed was called MotionMagix, and it allows any projection screen to be made interactive. Imagine walking up to a real wall, projecting a picture on it, and interacting with the objects in the picture," said Tapadia.

He also said that he was inspired by origami in many ways. It taught him the importance of scaling designs in 3-D. Tapadia, who bagged two master degrees in Computer Science at the age of 21, is an alumnus of University of California, San Diego. At age of 14, he became the world youngest professional to pass the Microsoft Certifications (MCSD, MCSE, MCDBA). Bill gates, Azim Premji, Raghunath Mashalkar and many others have written and appreciated his achievements in the field of technology and science. Also, he worked for a year with Qualcomm in San Diego, U.S, where he developed two products in distributed mobile computing, which were patented. Later on he joined the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) to pursue a PhD in communication theory and systems.

Explaining about the latest version of the MotionMagix system, Tapadia said that the latest version allows surfaces like LCD and plasma screens, LED floors and walls to be made interactive, so one can project a football field on the floor of a mall and start chasing the ball. "It has extensive applications in retail, malls, advertising, events, promotions and gaming. At a cost of 3.5 lakh upwards, the technology is limited to installations in shopping malls and multiplexes, but it is only a matter of time before people start using the walls, tables and floors in their homes as convenient surfaces for entertainment," said Tapadia.

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Reader's comments(53)
Posted by:MartyKnight - 07 Oct, 2011
Posted by:TeleIndigo - 01 Oct, 2011
Posted by:KipriotVili - 29 Sep, 2011
Posted by:FagimNui - 29 Sep, 2011
Posted by:DenSikukis - 28 Sep, 2011
Posted by:ShvetkaKlass - 28 Sep, 2011
Posted by:KlarkDibling - 24 Sep, 2011
8: Hi Anup

gr8 wrk dude....i wtachd ur show on ETNow and really impressed by to thank you for introducing such gr8 entertainment for all of us.Also wud like to know its i 2 a very curious champ....pls write ur email id on this post so that i can be in touch with u....

Posted by:Saurabh - 18 Oct, 2010
9: Whoever said "walls have ears" can add "walls can speak too"!
Posted by:Sachin - 04 Apr, 2010
10: Great Anup, I think you are a Maheshwari Marwari and being one from the same clan am really proud of you. I think that all Maheshwari's should be proud of your achievements. Keep it up.
Posted by:Suresh Mintri - 04 Apr, 2010
Think bigger n better...grow up above Maheshwari's dear... guy is genius all agree that.
NotaMaheshwari Replied to: Suresh Mintri - 05 Apr, 2010
12: talking to the walls is mad
Posted by:xyz - 04 Apr, 2010
13: good one.
Posted by:Damodhar - 31 Mar, 2010
14: yes he did a good work..
but seems that he is a bit late..
pranav mukherjee from india in MIT(USA) have done this work.
and i think this is just a module of his work...
for more details search "TED India, Pranav Mukherjee"
Posted by:Gaurav - 30 Mar, 2010
amazing friend, keep working like this.
Damodhar Replied to: Gaurav - 31 Mar, 2010
He was Pranav Mistry ... not Mukherjee
Harish Replied to: Gaurav - 30 Mar, 2010
Most probably the company is using interactive foil from a third party
jan Replied to: Gaurav - 30 Mar, 2010
18: Dear Friends,
Thank you all for reading article about our company and writing your valuable comments. To Nilesh and others who think that work is derived from FTIR, LPP etc, I would like to mention that we truly respect the works these guys have done, but unfortunately not related to the works we have been doing. We use a different set of technology and we manufacture our own hardwares to achieve the same. Our patents cover and protect our intellectual property. We use Capacitive Multitouch which works with LCD's and not only on projections. Will appreciate if you can visit our website to see datasheets or send us an email if you need more information on technology.

For those who think our work is derived from Pranav Mistry's work, we truly admire the work Pranav has done in marker based tracking and it's application. TouchMagix' technology is a marker-less tracking technology which tracks multi-user gestures without having to wear any equipment at all. We operate in a different space overall i.e B2B focussed toward Entertainment, Retail and Brand Messaging. Our product also varies in many aspects and also the fact that we started developing it in 2002 its hard that we could have copied what Pranav started doing recently as part of his PhD :). I am a real fan of open source and love to support it.

We as a company believe that Indian Technologies should reach out to the world and make an impact. We are looking for people to join us who share this vision.

If anyone is interested in getting in touch, you can call us on - +91-9766394449

Thanks & Regards,
Anup Tapadia
Posted by:Anup Tapadia - 30 Mar, 2010
Hi Anup,
Can you tell me where can i read more about the technology.

Kapil Replied to: Anup Tapadia - 05 Apr, 2010
hi that is write indian technologies should be reach out to world with an indian name
Idrish Khan Replied to: Anup Tapadia - 03 Apr, 2010
I dont understand the term 'Indian Technologies'. As I understand it, IT knowledge came not from India.
Ved from Victoria Institutions Replied to: Anup Tapadia - 31 Mar, 2010
Congratulations dude!.. you are a rockstar in upcoming years..

We should encourage ourselves to be strong enough to prove that we can also achieve peaks in product development. Advice you to use a polite gesture and humility over greater achievements like this, then only we can able to accept our own mistakes and grow further.

Dinakar Replied to: Anup Tapadia - 30 Mar, 2010
23: Actually all this stuffs are already available OpenSource.

But my disappointment is Utilisation of already available stuffs is called Innovations by siliconindia

and Anup and his team forgot to (don't want to) give credits to all opensource like FTIR,LLP and OpenAR which they had used in all of their products and Jefferson Y. Han is the person who had done all the research of FTIR and LLP and make it Open.
Posted by:Nilesh - 30 Mar, 2010
ya buddy u r 100% correct.
Anandh Replied to: Nilesh - 30 Mar, 2010
This is the fruit of scientists and hobby coders alike contributing to the final open source platforms. Silicon India is a dumb and technologically illiterate E-magazine. I',m unsubscribing right away.. this is my last post.
BTW they are selling the email contact list to companies for advertising... what a crappy mag...
anil Replied to: Nilesh - 30 Mar, 2010
26: Has this anything to do with the Virtual Reality concepts.
Or is it based on a complete particle nature.
But this is an awesome invention if it can be installed in 3.5 lakhs.
Posted by:Ravi - 30 Mar, 2010
27: Guys
why compare pranav with tapadia ,pranav has completed his IIT design course and now at MIT labs(u.s.a) yes he has his concepts I read it they are good ,but Anup Tapadia's idea might converge with Pranav's but Iam sure this kid is a cool guy and saying he copied pranav's idea is a tad harsh on him ,maybe it is just a coincidence,at 14 he was MCSE,MCDBA(Youngest to do this ),at qualcomm he developed two products in distributed comuting which were patented ,this is a gem of a guy we are talking about
be a bit nice to him encourage and get inspired
all the cool guys out there chill out
rama mohana rao anne
sydney australia
Posted by:rama mohana rao anne - 30 Mar, 2010
you are right
santosh kumar Replied to: rama mohana rao anne - 30 Mar, 2010
I completely agree and support you Rama Mohan. This is the least we can do for this young innovator. Do not discourage him.
Sartaj Replied to: rama mohana rao anne - 30 Mar, 2010
30: Dear Mr Anup Tapadia,
Is a pride for each Indian,we wish for your ciontinual success in future to keep on innovating the things which help all of us grow with latest development.You are icon for us.How we can contact you pls send your all details to us.we would like to give honor during Inssan 12th national summit at Delhi.
etails are as follows

Dear Sir,

Greetings from INSSAN
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With this context in focus, INSSAN – Northern India Chapter is pleased to announce a two days National Summit on Business Excellence Thru Employee Engagement during June, 25th & 26th at SCOPE CONVENTION CENTRE LODHI ROAD OPPOSIT JWAHER LAL NEHRU STADIUM New Delhi.

The two days intervention would focus on the Art & Science of “Driving More Benefits” from employee Creativity & Innovation for Business Excellence.

This programme has been designed for the learning & benefit of Employees participating in various Employee Engagement initiatives like Suggestion Scheme, QC, KAIZEN, TQM, TPM, 5S or SGA. This programme will also give a new insight to all those Facilitators, Administrators, Coordinators & Managers who are responsible for management of Employee Creativity as well helping the employee believe & practice “Progress Through Participation”.

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Posted by:vinay kumar srivastava - 30 Mar, 2010
31: This technology is already demonstrated by Pranave Mistry in many summits. As indicated by Pranav Mistry these would be available in open source and for the masses. I have a feeling Tapadia must have borrowed his concept from Pranav.
Posted by:Sivakumaran V - 29 Mar, 2010
Feelings are good, but not necessarily the realities. We are working on this technology for 6-7 years now. Also the underlying technology built by Pranav and that by TouchMagix is quite different. Moreover the applications we have built, the clients we have worked with can not be generated in few months. Its efforts of several years put together by a super team.

-Vivek Mehta (TouchMagix)
Vivek Mehta Replied to: Sivakumaran V - 30 Mar, 2010
Actually all this stuffs are already available OpenSource.

But my disappointment is Utilisation of already available stuffs is called Innovations by siliconindia

and Anup and his team forgot to (don't want to) give credits to all opensource like FTIR,LLP and OpenAR which they had used in all of their products and Jefferson Y. Han is the person who had done all the research of FTIR and LLP and make it Open.
Nilesh Replied to: Sivakumaran V - 30 Mar, 2010
34: This new three-dimensional interactive technology of a young talented Anup Tapadia,although initially will revolutionise the advertisement world but later if its prices are down can be used in our class room teaching for effective teaching learning procrss.
Posted by:P.S.Thakur - 29 Mar, 2010
Mr. Thakur, you have rightly provided insight into using such technology for classroom teaching which ultimately help the students to become either pranav or anup.
Anyways my best wishes to Anup and keep up the good work.
Aditya Atluri Replied to: P.S.Thakur - 30 Mar, 2010
36: What all have been written regarding education and Political system is really true....
but we need to think on level of education also.. where we are lagging far behind..
we can see the fresher coming out of colleges.. many of them just have theoretical knowledge...
Good eqipments and labs are just restricted to few big colleges.. Others provide degree but no knowledge..
Posted by:Akanksha Kulshrestha - 29 Mar, 2010
that is true, education institutes now a days is becomming business. Most of them only concentrate on ways of earning money rather providing value eductation.
vishnu vardhan Replied to: Akanksha Kulshrestha - 30 Mar, 2010
38: I am not impressed, because this technology is not for masses. I am more impressed by the inventions of Pranav Mistry who creates tech stuff for the masses. Check his inventions at TED.

Posted by:Pankaj Jangid - 29 Mar, 2010
what ever contribution Anup Tapadia is making would definitely bring value in how things would be in future.
this is irrespective of whether some fools are impressed or not. sitting idle and making comments especially like the one you just made, if feels like -------.So don't just sit and pass stupid comments. No body cares if you are impressed.
vishnu vardhan Replied to: Pankaj Jangid - 30 Mar, 2010
What Pranav is doing is simply great.... He has 7 Patents under his name and giving all this as open source..
maneesh Replied to: Pankaj Jangid - 29 Mar, 2010
41: its really great...atleast easy going way.
Posted by:chandni - 29 Mar, 2010
42: this is good. No need of expensive 3 d technology .
Posted by:sanjay doshi - 29 Mar, 2010
43: Indians are coming up with super cool technologies.
Posted by:ravi - 29 Mar, 2010
Really cool if it would work. What are the draw backs of passing in front the screen to reach the other side? I am sure it would have to have motion censers for interactions.
Timothy Replied to: ravi - 29 Mar, 2010
but the ques is why only NRIs ?
vishal Replied to: ravi - 29 Mar, 2010
Because education and IT development in India is still under a sea of political scum. IT Education is bought for a price by people who have lots of money. Stop capitation Fees and get the really able ( and perhaps really poor) students to get into IT and other such fields.
Sam Replied to: vishal - 29 Mar, 2010
What you say is true, but it would probably crash the international market... They are not as spoilt as we are, and so they will be willing to work for less money, which means that americain and europian students in IT would have sereous problems. It would probably be fair, but it would have consequenses.
Julix Replied to: Sam - 29 Mar, 2010
Yes,achieving PHD and having immense knowledge in the field of 3d technology is a great thing. I really appreciate that India have brilliant people like Anup Tapadia 23 years old and I request him to share his knowledge with the common people and explain the importance of the latest technology and its role in the Modern Day Life.
sappy Replied to: Julix - 30 Mar, 2010
Well, I think there are lot of people with a pool of talents are in india , but they are residing in the corners because of the political system, educational system
i am sure if we bring them up , we find lots of tapadias in them
Shaf Replied to: Julix - 29 Mar, 2010
Each of the universities in India should implement the concept of quota for intelligence and conduct scholarship exams to get the most talented in their campus to education for free or subsidized price. It is presently happening but only 1 in 150 students is under scholarship, which is bad.
Deepak Replied to: Shaf - 29 Mar, 2010
yea.. who says we donot have quota. We have hell a lot of quotas. and for what - based on majority-minority, hindu-muslim, casts etc. this is like a sick disease which our system cannot come out of and politicians will not stop minting money based on the current system. see madame Mayawathi. she is obviously not conserned about poor Indians. only thing she is conserned about is "HERSELF" IT is same with all other politicians. they sould come out of that selfish "US, OUR FAMILY, ETC" and start thinking "OUR COUNTRY" I wonder when would that come.
vishnu vardhan Replied to: Deepak - 30 Mar, 2010
We do have solutions for all these probs. Only need to know where to look for and get it. There is a platform giving over 600 courses in software, hardware, networking, etc., for as little as Rs.40/- per course with over 55,000 tutorials in audio, video, graphic demos and many more. for more details, contact mail -
Shankar Guru Replied to: vishnu vardhan - 30 Mar, 2010
keep on going with the many achievement Mr.Anup Tapadia.
We all Proud to be that he is an INDIAN.....
pavan Replied to: vishnu vardhan - 30 Mar, 2010