Indian urban students are digital natives

Indian urban students are digital natives

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, 31 July 2009, 02:51 Hrs   |    3 Comments
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Indian urban students are digital natives
Bangalore: Home is the most preferred choice for accessing information on the web in India. Although, Bangalore and Delhi have the highest PC penetration, Chennai tops the internet usage from home with 75 percent of its residents accessing the web from home. Among mini metros, Ahmedabad (63 percent) leads in internet access at home.

In the 'Web 2.0 survey' conducted by Tata Consultancy Services among around 14,000 high school children, it was revealed that the new generation has shifted its social and academic life online. "The TCS Generation Web 2.0 survey confirms that today's students are shifting their academic and social life online and embracing the digital world as true digital natives," said S. Ramadorai, Chief Executive and Managing Director of TCS.

The survey was conducted across 14,000 high school children between the age group of 12-18 in 12 cities across the country. It said about 80 percent of the students surveyed have access to mobile phones and have embraced Web 2.0 tools like blogs and social networking sites. In fact, Kolkata (24 percent) tops internet access from mobile.

In the mini metros, cyber cafes are the primary access points, and Cochin (65 percent) tops this category. Internet access from school is highest in Delhi and among mini metros, Ahmedabad leads in internet usage from school.

Among other findings of the survey, it was found that Bangalore has the highest ipod/digital music player penetration nationally. Also, U.S. is the most preferred destination among student with at least 40 percent wanting to go there.

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Reader's comments(3)
1: I belong to the city of Ahmedabad. Here Internet growth is fast though not in compared with the IT Major cities or metros.But the significance is that high speed Internet availability here is from long back years since 1999 and IT savvy,Stock Traders & Businessmen have explored to its highest along with Schools & Instituions.
Posted by:Rajal - 31 Jul, 2009
2: I am pretty sure Bangalore is the most web savvy. This shows what the next generation is like and covers all the trends. But a bigger survey will show a more real picture.
Posted by:shiny - 30 Jul, 2009
The results can be attributed to the awareness among people towards technology and its use.
Aditya Lakkaraju Replied to: shiny - 30 Jul, 2009