Indian interest at royal wedding of William and Kate

Indian interest at royal wedding of William and Kate

Friday, 29 April 2011, 07:22 Hrs   |    9 Comments
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Indian interest at royal wedding of William and Kate
New Delhi: The much awaited royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton is generating interest in India with various hotels, honeymoon travel agencies, airlines, television channels and cafes gearing up for the event today.

Jaipur and Jodhpur, tourist places of Rajasthan, figure among top royal honeymoon destinations for Prince William and Kate Middleton picked in a recent survey by a team of hotel experts.

Experts at, a leading provider of hotel accommodation worldwide has set out scouring and researching the globe for places befitting the royal couple.

Umaid Bhawan Palace (Jodhpur) and Rambagh Palace (Jaipur) figure among the top seven dream destinations that would probably be picked by Prince William and Kate Middleton to spend the first few weeks of their new life together according to information by

El Careyes Beach Resort (Jalisco, Mexico), Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort and Spa (Bora Bora, French Polynesia), Mount Errigal Hotel (County Donegal, Ireland) and Conrad Hotel, Rangali Island- (The Maldives) make up the rest of the list.

Animal rights organisation PETA India has sent the royal couple traditional Indian wedding sari made of luxurious faux silk and a faux silk sherwani to William. The garments are being called ahimsa garments because no animals, not even the tiniest of insects, were harmed in its production, says the animal rights body.

"All animals, from cows to silkworms, share the will to live and be pain-free", says PETA India's chief functionary Poorva Joshipura. "With all the beautiful cruelty-free materials available, everyone can have a wardrobe that's fit for royalty without hurting anyone."

With the gothic structure of Westminster Abbey being decked up as the venue for the royal nuptials, TLC, the travel and lifestyle channel of the Discovery Network, has already dedicated a week of special programmes.

"Providing an intimate look at the royals through exclusive and archived footage as well as interviews with family, close friends and passionate royal enthusiasts, Royal Wedding Week features six special premiere programmes," says company officials.

The week-long visual celebrations that began on April 24 will culminate in a TLC exclusive, where the live telecast of the wedding will be hosted by Clinton Kelly of "What Not To Wear," Randy Fenoli of "Say Yes to the Dress," and Amanda Byram who will share their perspectives on the momentous occasion with their viewers around the world.

Also, the "Royal Wedding" is coming as a blessing in disguise for the hundreds of those who plan to travel Virgin Atlantic, today.

The airlines plans to hold onboard street parties for passengers flying on the day of the wedding.

"Flights departing from the UK on the 29th April heading to the USA and the Caribbean will be transformed into a traditional UK street party to ensure passengers don't miss out on royal wedding fun," says the airlines.

After the cricket World Cup, cafes like Hyatt Regency Cafe in the national capital have once again cleared the dust on their LEDs, as they put it up for the live telecast of the wedding.

In the celebration, the cafe plans to organise a traditional English hi-tea along with a buffet by their expert chefs to accompany the live screening of the highly awaited wedding.

Apart from the savouries, freshly baked scones, jam and cream and a selection of cakes and slices are also being prepared to mark the ocassion.
Source: PTI
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Reader's comments(9)
1: C'mon guys , Are we still slaving the British?. This is the heights of marketing and commercialization. Have some self respect. Indians are treated like dogs in UK. and were treated like dogs in India Pre-Indepence..
Posted by:Anita - 29 Apr, 2011
British better than corrupt indian politicians. Indian politicians treat their own country men as slaves.
Don't be a fake patriotic Anita. Its bcoz of the education system brought in by british, u were commenting in here, else u wud have been roaming around with bow and arrows.
Janardan Replied to: Anita - 30 Apr, 2011
British people now only started corruption.Ofcourse indians are corrupted.Because most of our wealth stolen by british and they still want more....encouraging the bad fate of Indians....and dont ridiculous on our culture...thats our wealth now..what anita told is correct..still we are slaves of whites because indians still blame each other for money and colour...
Arun Replied to: Janardan - 30 Apr, 2011
Arun you are true in your sense/es. But it is matter of achievement/winning out of many places rest of the world if these places are chosen. We shold be proud of possesing such destination in our country.
Vimlesh Replied to: Arun - 30 Apr, 2011
Janardan you are true in your sense/es. But it is matter of achievement/winning out of many places rest of the world if these places are chosen. We shold be proud of possesing such destination in our country.
Vimlesh Replied to: Arun - 30 Apr, 2011
I do not remember.

Think of Railroads/Postal Services/Dams/Roads/Shcools/Colleges much much more.

In 40' Bombay roads were being washed with WATER ever week.

We should invite them back to get rid of the mess here.

Anil Rana Replied to: Anita - 29 Apr, 2011
Yes. Think of the dams, roads, schools, colleges - they existed even before British had stepped there foot on India soil if i must remind of the Indus valley civilisation and univrsities like Takshashila and Nalanda. I can never bring myself to think we would not have had them unless British came to India. The royals may talk of charity and spend the way they did or was it their national money being spent. they may talk of powerty eradication but such pompous wedding doesnt serve the purpose. Did Prince Charles' marriage which was also held with such pomp & show do good for England? That they have finally wed after the hiccups in their relationship is nice but there is nothing for Indians to be kind of struck with awe. Even our media the way it has covered the wedding looks conspicuous from the fact that there are so many thing better which can be covered for improving things in our country but selectively they do not get reported in return for other considerations from the government as well as the perpetuators of wrong.
Kanchan Dwivedi Replied to: Anil Rana - 01 May, 2011
Anita, I couldn't have said it better.
JAG Replied to: Anita - 29 Apr, 2011
Right you are
Dwai Replied to: Anita - 29 Apr, 2011