Indian IT biggies got maximum H1B visas

Indian IT biggies got maximum H1B visas

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, 25 February 2009, 09:42 Hrs   |    7 Comments
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Indian IT biggies got maximum H1B visas
Bangalore: When chaos over the work permits in the U.S. and stiff measures on H1B visa allocation after the transformation in the country's administration become major concerns for IT exporters all over the world, Indian IT biggies will be looking the developments much closer than others as they have received the maximum number of H1B visas last year. Majority of such visas were for sending employees to serve customers such as Citibank, GE and Bank of America, reported The Economic Times.

India's second largest IT exporter Infosys has received the most number of H1B visas-around 4,559 last year, while Wipro received 2,768 approvals. Besides, the troubled Satyam Computer has managed some 1,919 and the top Indian IT company TCS had around 1,539 H1B permits, as per a data by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). World's biggest software maker Microsoft stood at fourth place in the list with around 1,037 work permits for foreign workers.

"In this environment, it would be very difficult for a newly elected administration to increase the H1B quota beyond 65,000 currently," said a U.S.-based consultant who helps companies file H1B.

Serving customers like GE and Citibank in the U.S., Wipro is looking to leverage its existing H1Bs, apart from delivery centers in the U.S. in order to mitigate any short to medium term risk. Pratik Kumar, corporate VP, HR, Wipro opined, "Based on our inventory of visas and with more work moving offshore, we do not see any short term impact in 2009-2010."

Last year, USCIS granted around 65,000 H1B visas to immigrants from companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, TCS, Infosys and Wipro. Each visas costs around $6,000. It is expected that the need for work permits would be less this year as most of the U.S. customers seek to reduce the IT spend. "It is likely that H1B applications this year may not be as high as past, when the cap used to be reached on the first day or during the first week of filing," said Eshan Joshi, associate VP, HR, Infosys.

However, according to Morley J Nair, a Philadelphia-based immigration attorney, the demand for H1B visas has far exceeded the supply in recent years. In 2007, 1, 23, 480 H-1 B petitions were received in the first two days of filing and USCIS had to stop accepting further petitions.

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Reader's comments(7)
1: they cant scrap the H1B, they cant replace us. It's sad that americans are getting laid-off, but the fact is that the capitalist mindset of the american companies would always want cheap and better can't expect them to be moral. It may sound harsh but its a fact..we all want money..everything else comes next.
Posted by:manu - 11 Mar, 2009
2: @Richard

you Americans deserve this...we will take away all ur jobs and these laws can't stop this...the whole world has to suffer coz of this mess created by you stupid people who spend $200,000 on education and then also can't compete with us...Ask ur President to stop giving aid to pakistan
Posted by:Bobby - 27 Feb, 2009
3: Umm Objective view - Scrapping the H1 B Visa option is not the best way to go about finding a solution. The reason H1B is there in the first place is because there are a lack of skilled workers in the states. Stopping this program will only "hurt US companies and make non-US companies more competitive. Besides there are other Visa avenues which can be used so this move will not help americans get more jobs.
Instead the focus of the visa should be modified and a cap put for each company so that more companies can compete for the visa's.
Posted by:james - 25 Feb, 2009
I agree James but now companies are abusing this visas, they are not even trying qualified Americans because they have to pay more money, and i don't just speak by reading this stuff, i have seen Indian consulting firms based in USA that they are only hire H1B's. NOT 1, 2,3 but almost 9 out of 10.
Jai Replied to: james - 03 Mar, 2009
5: I think it is the right time to scrap this H1B program. It is so sad to see our American students struggling to find even intern after spending more than $200,000 for bachelor and master degree programs.
Posted by:Richard - 25 Feb, 2009
6: there is no way to apply for the H1B visas this year,US congress are taking several instructions for this issue, there is no demands from the clients and also the recession makes global IT slow down
Posted by:karthik Naidu vaddi - 25 Feb, 2009
7: I think Indian companies may not go for applying for more H1B visas this year. They have already started to call back onsite workers due to the decrease in the clients' demand.
Posted by:Tarakan - 25 Feb, 2009