India to launch Bhuvan in March 2009

India to launch Bhuvan in March 2009

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, 23 December 2008, 10:06 Hrs   |    16 Comments
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New Delhi: In what may be a remarkable development in real time exercises like disaster management and military operations, India will launch Bhuvan, the country's version of Google Earth in March 2009 from Indian Space Research organization (ISRO). Bhuvan will be able to deliver high resolution imagery data of the order of five meter, and is expected to give better quality for data than Google Earth.

"Though Google Earth can provide high resolution data in the order of less than a meter, those data are two to three year old. It cannot be of much use for any real-time exercise. Whereas Bhuvan will provide the relevant data for any real-time exercise," said S K Pathan, Head, Geo Informatics Data Division, ISRO.

"Bhuvan, which means earth, will get the images from the satellites and provide high resolution imagery data of the order of five meter. It can show the topography, altitude, depth and other features of any specific locations," he added. Such information are necessary when undertaking a massive exercise like flood management or post-cyclone disaster mitigation.

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Reader's comments(16)
1: More Informaiton about BHUVAN at
Posted by:admin - 26 Aug, 2009
2: it is a very very beautiful site
Posted by:gundacharan - 12 Aug, 2009
3: HEY MARCH 2009 has gone..what about BHUVAN's launching?
Posted by:vikas - 31 Mar, 2009
when will launch it?
sajad Replied to: vikas - 20 Apr, 2009
5: Congratulations India. A wonderful contrubution to humanity.

Texas - America
Posted by:Brian - 10 Mar, 2009
6: Congratulations India. A wonderful contrubution to humanity.

Texas - America
Posted by:Brian - 10 Mar, 2009
Posted by:Arpit - 07 Mar, 2009
8: WoW! It's a dream come true for me, where I can rome about, virtually anywhere in the world using "Bhuvan". Thank you so much ISRO, u r a major key to our India's development! God Bless India!
Posted by:Arpit Roy - 07 Mar, 2009
9: all my best wishes to isro. if they are really doing what they claim, bhuvan would become a great marketing tool for isro. im waiting....
Posted by:Rohit - 16 Feb, 2009
10: mera BHARATH MAHAN all the best ISRO
Posted by:MAHESH KUMAR KAMATH - 11 Feb, 2009
11: its not just a space research organization we are talking about here, its an agency with mere $1.3 billions of budget competing with the age old giants. thanks to the dedicated scientists making the nation pride, hats off ISRO. Whole INDIA is backing you, ROCK ON...........
Posted by:mukund - 06 Feb, 2009
12: All the best ISRO
Posted by:Kiran Sarikonda - 24 Dec, 2008
13: I’ve always dreamt to see India the world No.1 I can contribute in that path to India in any which ways possible…. India marching on the Road to success
Posted by:Sampath - 23 Dec, 2008
14: Let the world know that we can do better. All the best
Posted by:Anoop - 23 Dec, 2008
Arpit Replied to: Anoop - 07 Mar, 2009
16: this will make INDIA to stand among technically devoluped countries.
all the best.
Posted by:hyndhav kranthi - 23 Dec, 2008