'India poised to become major collaborative space power'

'India poised to become major collaborative space power'

Sunday, 27 April 2008, 07:00 Hrs
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Chennai: India, already a leader in the remote sensing data domain, is poised to become a major collaborative space power, says an international space competitiveness index study.

According to the study, conducted by the US-based Futron Corp, the space race that has witnessed major developments like the Soviet Union's Sputnik launch, the first man-made satellite to orbit and the US' successful moon mission is now a $100 billion-plus industry.

Today, space industry consists of satellite manufacturers, launch service providers and downstream industries like imaging solutions and navigational services.

According to the study, the US ranks at the top of the 2008 Space Competitiveness Index followed by Russia, Europe, China and India in terms of the government's ability to provide structure and funds, human capital, ability of the manpower to develop space technologies and the ability of the industry to deliver space products and service.

India ranks fourth in respect of the government's ability to provide structure and funds and its industry's ability to deliver space related products and services ahead of China, but trailing the US, Europe and Russia.

In respect of human capital, India ranks sixth after the US, Europe, Russia, Canada and China.

The Futron report stated India enjoys two percent market share in the orbital launch and satellite manufacturing sector with 11 launches and making 22 satellites during 1998-2007.
Source: IANS
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