'IISc can't be substitute to an IIT in Karnataka'
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'IISc can't be substitute to an IIT in Karnataka'

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 05 February 2009, 11:17 Hrs   |    9 Comments
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Bangalore: Being the technology hub of the country, the state government has asked the central government to consider the Karnataka for an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). It is despite the fact that central authorities are of the opinion that the state doesn't need an IIT since it already has an Indian Institute of Science (IISc).

Counteracting the union government's view, UR Rao, Former ISRO Chairman, told DNA that IISc can't be a substitute to IIT. "No doubt it is a premium institute but it is for doctoral and post-doctoral education. We need a good technical institute at the graduate-level and only an IIT can be an answer to that," Rao opined.

According to Rao, an IIT also means brand equity apart from being a great institute, which he believes, will help the city. The best thing is that we will get lakhs of students writing entrance exams from whom the best will be chosen.
"An IIT is required in a place which has many industries. The industries can address the major issue of quality education; they can be the places from where we get professors. Moreover with technology making progress almost every day, students need industry exposure on a regular basis. So a place like Bangalore is ideal for housing an IIT," he further added.

Rao also pointed out that the then state government did not show any interest when some Germans came to Bangalore to set up an IIT and finally they stared IIT Chennai in 1964. "If there is political will, I can see IIT happening in Bangalore within two years. They must identify land and place and then can immediately start," Rao said.

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Reader's comments(9)
1: Ask BITS-Pilani to set up a campus in Karnataka like they were asked by the Andhra Pradesh Government. The university is as reputed as IITs and has an equally influential name and alumni base. Look beyond the name to what is more feasible.
Posted by:Akshay - 10 Feb, 2009
2: Well, IIT - it's really ..you know what?

How many them ie. so called "IITs, NITs, Govt Medical Colleges" contributed to the upliftment of our society?

Are we all talking only educated and white collar people? Who is going to think about 70% population living in villages? :(

What they have contributed for India? I have asked these to one of IIT PhD scholar, He doesn't even have answer to manage?

Why you guys want to spend "poor/medium scale tax payers money" for the welfare of well educated folks with abroad dreams?

Certainly we need to understand -- "How can take our Farmers. Agriculture and associated Cos forward?" What are all the vision/missions and practical steps that all these "So called IITs, NITs, IISc, Top notch Medical Institues going to do?"
much money has been spent by Govt India to set up IITs? I
Posted by:Arunkumar - 07 Feb, 2009
3: IIT for Bangalore is must...actually Karnataka is deprived by these politicians and always looked to milk money from Karantaka. It's quite unfortunate comaring IISC to IIT. What will you expect from UPA ministers like Arjun Singh or Bala..
Even Premji,Murthy do not press the matter..they look for low end service job even the graduate will be OK to them. Bangalore is not only IT hub but also R&D centre...many patents can be filed..
Posted by:Ramesh - 06 Feb, 2009
4: What's in a name? I feel big name is not required always.
Especially, in technology, if you dont have the zest for hard work, innovations and new ideas,
you don't have much recognition. IIT is well known but how many patents have been filed by them and how much development they have contributed for India? So much money has been spent by Govt India to set up IITs? I think there are only few of them contributed to India in return. I
am sorry if this hurts our dear IITians who really worked hard and contributed their best efforts and
knowledge for India. There are many REC (NIT) and other Engineering colleges across India producing bright young engineers every year! If you are going to count by numbers to trace renown engineers, scientists and technologies in India (as well as International), many of them are non IITs! Upgrading these colleges(rather than IIT) is the need of the hour of the state Govt.

My point is : I feel that its not a requirement to go for a big name, having an IIT at Bangalore will not make much of a difference.
Posted by:Sunny - 06 Feb, 2009
5: Why this craze for an IIT? Is it just for the brand value? If you have 100 IITs, what will happen to the brand value? Would the IITans be treated with the same respect? Even today, the graduates from the original 5 IITs are treated at a different footing from the rest. This gap will only increase with the number of IITs. I think the state Governments should focus on revamping the NITs (erstwhile Regional engineering Colleges) and their curriculum to bring them closer in stature to the IITs. As someone said on this thread before, let us look at spreading the EDUCATION more evenly and to a higher value, rather than creating IITs.
Posted by:B Ghosh - 06 Feb, 2009
6: Nope, I don’t agree with these intellectuals, I am sorry to say these are infected by their Regional Jingoism. Everybody just wants their states, city, town, colony, home and themselves to be developed and have access to all the things.., what crap is this? IIT in Bangalore is required or not that’s a second question, first question is can’t we have equal amount of EDUCATION distribution to all over India. Despite the fact that many states and their students are still deprived from good education, If Bangalore does have all the good things, then why IIT is required here, instead IIT should be launched in such a city in India where Industry revolution is in moderate situation and that place can become an upcoming hub for new developments. India is seriously sick with regionalism. My Dear Think for All, Think for Nation, Think and do for INDIA.
Posted by:INDIAN - 06 Feb, 2009
7: I'm noticing since a long time in the growth and in its productivity etc...if still BANGALOREAN's go sleeping & giving their rights & their growth to corrupted & irresponsible politicians you will no where reach but you will be locked behind the house like pigs..... wake up all Bangalorean's better I'd say all Karnataka people. Bangalore is known as "Silicon Valley of the East" where in California of USA called as Silicon valley of the West. If there are no good top notch institutions me like Bangalorean's has to depend on other states for learning. Instead of giving more importance for the growth of Bangalore & Karnataka the governments is giving a chance to come up with local Al-Qaeda's like Ram Sena etc we see very clearly the BJP government is very supportive for its all activities without taking a quick and adequate action on those anti-social activists. If all you guys don't act for this right now tomorrow you have to lick their shoes and dance according to will and wish of these anti-social activists.

" WAKE UP ALL...don't give chance for this corrupt and irresponsible politicians to use race, religion, caste or money to separate our Indian brothers & sisters before that we have to give back to them and we have to act against for all the activities played by them"
Posted by:Sunil Lawrence - 05 Feb, 2009
8: It is a shame that Bangalore which is kn own as the tech centre of India has no IIT. An IIT in Bangalore will be a great tonic for the tech eocsystem to take wings. The state should go half way by providing carrots like Land etc. that will coax a reluctunt center to move.
Posted by:Jay Bharat - 05 Feb, 2009
9: As a Bangalorean I feel that the state should have an IIT. Since most of the techies working in IT firms in the state are from other states, an IIT will bring more opportunities for local population.
Posted by:Dinkar - 05 Feb, 2009