Haryana village first to get florescent lamp lighting

Haryana village first to get florescent lamp lighting

Friday, 06 April 2007, 05:00 Hrs
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Gurgaon: A small village with just 98 households in Haryana has become the first in the country to use only compact florescent lamps (CFL) for lighting.

Binaula village in Gurgaon district has shown that it is in tune with the times by using the CFL lamps, which are not only the latest in technology but also help conserve energy.

By shifting from the normal yellow bulbs to CFL, the village's electricity consumption has gone down by about 50 percent.

A spokesman of the southern Haryana power distribution corporation said Thursday that all households in the village exchanged 700 bulbs for CFLs.

This helped bring down the electricity load of the two transformers in the village from 120 ampere to 75 ampere in one case and 98 ampere to 42 ampere in the other.

Now, two transformers of 100 KVA capacity each would be sufficient to take on the total load of the village and over-loading of the system is not likely to occur, the official said.

The transformers have spare capacity for giving additional connections in the village.

The power distribution company staff urged the villagers to adopt the new energy conservation methods. Haryana had last month announced that its power distribution agencies would sell CFL lamps at half the market price to help save energy.

Officials say that even if each of the 1.8 million electricity consumers replace one conventional light bulb with a CFL lamp, the state would save 300 MW power annually.
Source: IANS
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