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Facebook more popular than porn?

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, 21 March 2011, 04:10 Hrs   |    28 Comments
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Facebook more popular than porn?
London: According to Experian Hitwise, an Internet research company, social networking sites has become more popular than pornographic or adult websites. The company which provided the latest statistics for the year showed that social networking sites like Facebook was now the most popular and preferred destination for the Brits.This is the first time that social networking sites have overtaken entertainment in terms of popularity.

Facebook accounted to about 12.46 percent of the online traffic and was in a neck to neck competition with entertainment sites including pornographic sites which accounted about 12.18 percent of the traffic. The amount of viewers was about one eighth of all web visits.

With Internet getting better and better each day, social networking sites are jotting strategies to get more and more users. There is a sheer competition among themselves which actually ends up with users having multiple accounts in different social networks. It is estimated that every one in eight people leave a social network to join another one immediately.

India has been a major contributor for social networks. Dazeinfo, a social media news portal has tried to draw a brief demography on socialization of Facebook in India. Indian population on Facebook is approximately 22.24 Million. In 2010, there were 16 new users from India who joined Facebook every minute. Every forth Internet user in India has got an account on Facebook. The Searches for porn in India over the internet have dropped to a mere 10 percent of all queries, compared to 20 percent ten years ago.

Social Networking sites play a vital role for users as it is not only a medium to get connected and stay connected with your friends. It has become a medium to know what is happening around you. Twitter is known to give breaking news and the latest update on any current crisis. Users keep social networking sites as an open tab on their browsers even at work to know the latest news and to network the news to their friends.

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7: Facebook wont have such a huge online traffic as equal to porn sites but porn has a very strong support form all over the world so all porn available on face book without giving any identity............
Posted by:garima - 25 Mar, 2011
8: yeaH.... its true... absolutely true......!!!!"
Posted by:ujjal satnaam - 25 Mar, 2011
9: yea...its fact...that now a days people are more concentrating on social site..than the porn sites...because FaceBook is on of the most popular Social Sites...so people having fun with the F.B..not in any porn sites...I belive that its fact..said by SiliconIndia news...
Posted by:vibhs - 24 Mar, 2011
10: Networking sites have to be the most popular ways of getting connected - friends who have lost contacts, search for new friends, professional links etc.
Posted by:Sharatchandra Singh - 22 Mar, 2011
11: Yes, facebook wont have such a huge online traffic as equal to porn sites......its a fake news...
Posted by:Vipul Mathew - 22 Mar, 2011
12: no i dont believe coz porn has a very strong support form all over the world
Posted by:jignesh - 21 Mar, 2011
13: yes i agree
Posted by:rashmi - 21 Mar, 2011
14: Author is misleading the readers with the caption here... earlier worked with news/political media I guess... no comparision as such with porn sites...unless the way u take it... as said by subh and @kishor... its just an internet traffic comparison
Posted by:sastry - 21 Mar, 2011
15: yes i agree bic all porn available on face book without giving any identity
Posted by:Arvind - 21 Mar, 2011
16: I agree on this . The reason is there are many people who are uploading pornographic material in facebook . It is easy to view and totally no risk . But actually pornographic has not come down .
Posted by:jags - 21 Mar, 2011
17: Is there any indian website to compete facebook or orkut
Posted by:Kiran108 - 21 Mar, 2011
18: Don't take is other way round, its just an internet traffic comparison.
Posted by:subh - 21 Mar, 2011
19: Don't take is other way round, its just a internet traffic comparison.
Posted by:subh - 21 Mar, 2011
20: facebook also have new user day by day , but pronographic site have same users..................
Posted by:vivek - 21 Mar, 2011
u know its very well
jomu Replied to: vivek - 21 Mar, 2011
22: Good article

Posted by:Syed - 21 Mar, 2011
23: you can't really compare porn and facebook, like most people have already said!

i think the authors were just trying to get a lot of people to read the article.

check out this site instead: www.programmerinterview.com

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Posted by:jaya - 21 Mar, 2011
24: what exactly is the problem with the author.There is no level of comparison between a porn or a social site.if you can not isolate the meaning of friend and a porn, then you should be assigned to a mental asylum.
Posted by:kishore - 21 Mar, 2011
author is just presenting some statistical fact about internet traffic and in no sense remotely sugggesting which one is better timepass.No need to get red on this man.
ANURAG Replied to: kishore - 21 Mar, 2011
Kishor well said.
umesh Replied to: kishore - 21 Mar, 2011
Kindly understand that this is an Internet Traffic Analysis which has serious business applications... It is by no means, a comparison analysis which you seek to point out!
Vishal Replied to: kishore - 21 Mar, 2011
apt reply!
Sanjeev Replied to: Vishal - 21 Mar, 2011