Elite people involved in Karnataka mining scam
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Elite people involved in Karnataka mining scam

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, 29 July 2011, 13:08 Hrs   |    3 Comments
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Bangalore: One of the major controversies in India which is still ongoing and many ministers, industrialists and other great officers involved in this $400 million illegal mining scam will be coming to an end soon as the Lokayukta submitted the all the proofs against this state mining scam. This is being dubbed as the mother of all mining violations probably in the country.

Here are the list of top people who are very closely associated with the mining scam.

1. B.S Yeddyurappa:

The Karnataka chief minister and the member of BJP is the main convict of the Bellary mining scam. He will be stepping down from his post on Sunday after the Lokayukta chief justice Santosh. N .Hegde proved him as the major person behind this illegal mining. He has toiled for 40 years to bring BJP to power in Karnataka. Within the time of 14 months , about 1800 Crore being eaten up which is a great loss for the state exchequer. Even his son and son in laws are involved in this mining scam. He had brought lands and donated money to trust which is worth more than 10 million.

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Reader's comments(3)
1: Innoscent/ignorant people are being cheated: By almost all political men, so-called godmen, religious leaders, healing in the name of god, community leaders, linguistic, vasthu, gemmology, nameology, palmist, media, growth of hair in bald, sexology, doubling investment, adulteration in food, and adultery, lengthening, increasing, reduction of weights, colouring in complexion etc. Who else can save this innoscent people. The country needs many persons like E V RAMASAMY
Posted by:chandran - 02 Aug, 2011
2: Elite people involved in Karnataka mining scam

White Collar crime and elite people go together.

Government, Enforcement Agencies and Judiciary all appear to be unwilling to take any action against them possibly due to the reason that all may be partners in the crime of plunder of national wealth.

Sometimes I wonder what they do with the accumulated wealth which they either cannot use nor have time/health to enjoy the fruits of their ill-gotten wealth.

Almost all of them have direct links with the 'gods' and 'gurus' and thus may have direct links to the Almighty and may have contracted to take the wealth with them when they go either to heaven or hell.

It may be noted that most of them may already be in hell like conditions as they may not even know where their spouses or sons or daughters are or their conditions.

Material wealth does not bring happiness but may make the poor quality life more luxurious.

Posted by:Gursharan Singh - 30 Jul, 2011
3: When it comes to world affairs, these politicians are the dumbest. Their creed is the reason the country was ruled by foreigners for centuries. While the humble intelligent folks work hard building a strong defense, these politicians loot all the wealth. What would they be without the intelligentsia?
Posted by:Keeran - 30 Jul, 2011