Cobbler's son gets rank in IIT entrance exam

Cobbler's son gets rank in IIT entrance exam

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Cobbler's son gets rank in IIT entrance exam
Kanpur: He helps his father, a cobbler, mend shoes in his spare time while his mother stitches rags to support the family, but financial hardships have not stopped Abhishek Kumar Bhartiya from coming out with flying colours in the IIT entrance exam.

Abhishek, who secured 154th rank in the SC category of IIT entrance test, now wants to propel his dreams by pursuing aerospace engineering at IIT-Kanpur here.
His father earns Rs60-70 daily and mother stitches old clothings to earn money. But "this has never held them back from facilitating our education," Abhishek says, dedicating his success to his parents.

Abhishek, who also tries to pitch in by polishing shoes at his father's shop, has three young brothers and the family of six lives in a one room accommodation with no electricity.

"We have just one small room where six of us live and that too without electricity. So, he used to study under the lantern for five-six hours in the night," says his father Rajendra Prasad.
The family could not even think of providing coaching to Abhishek. "But by God's grace, a teacher of a coaching insitute helped him out," he says.

But even in the time of happiness, poverty haunts the family."I am worried about the fees. From where can I manage the amount? This question is troubling my mind but even if I have to sell myself, I am ready for it," Prasad told PTI.

With relatives flocking their house after hearing the news, the joyous father says he has not been able to open his shop since the IIT-JEE result came out yesterday.
"We are very happy. He is the first person in our family to be selected to the IITs," says his uncle Manoj Kumar.

Abhishek says he wants to support his siblings' education and help them to get into prestigious institutes.
Source: PTI
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Reader's comments(25)
1: Good to see that many people are interested in helping such people. I wonder if there is an institute (an NGO)who helps by providing resources to all those authentic poor people interested in education. I am currently based in Kuwait and wish to come back to India in another 5-10 years to work in this direction by getting associated with any such NGO or starting something on my own.
Would seek help if anybody can help me with any information (about NGO, or any idea how it can be taken forward or any such thing).
Posted by:Hridayesh - 08 Jun, 2010
2: I would like to help towards his fees. Please contact me on

best wishes,

Posted by:Vandana Asthana - 08 Jun, 2010
3: HATS OFF TO YOU ABISHEK. I always beleived that merits can overcome all hardships, so you proved that. Wish you success and your family.Donot forget your hardships and live by your dreams . You will be the pioneer of science one day.
Posted by:Prasun chakraborty - 05 Jun, 2010
4: Hi Abhishek, Congratulations for your success, I would u like to tell u that pls don’t accept any help from others. U can easily get education loan from any bank.
Posted by:Amiya - 31 May, 2010
5: Many congrats.. I would like to help.. Please email me on rammykg@

Ramesh Gautam from London
Posted by:ramesh - 31 May, 2010
6: Hi dear! First of all hats off for your sucess & support of your family.
It will be my pleasure to help you financially to get fullfilled your dream. You may contact me directly on my mail id - or on my mb - +91- 9911287166
Posted by:Kamlesh Byahut - 30 May, 2010
7: Congrats Abhi,
I also want to contribute to your fee. You can contact me at my mail ID -
Or give me your contact information I'll contact you
Posted by:Vikas - 30 May, 2010
8: Hi Abhishek, Congratulations for your success. I would like to contribute for your fees. Direclty to you not through any organization. If you read this contact me on
Best wishes.
Posted by:Ashwin Raut - 30 May, 2010
Posted by:mayihelpyouonline dot com - 29 May, 2010
10: congratulations and hats off to abhisek..
no colleges teaches us the lessons of is our own experiences from which we can learn..
Posted by:madhabi - 28 May, 2010
11: Congratulations Abhishek. He is the real Gem of India. May God give you all the success in you near future.
I am sending some details of a NGO from Kanpur itself if they could help him out for managing the fees and all.

Subhash Children Society

To make a child friendly environment in society free from child labour, street children, child traffiking and child abuse
Contact Kamal Kant Tiwari

328/7, NLC, Kidwai Nagar
Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh
India 208 011

910512-2614312 FAX: 910512-2612847


Area of Operation

Subhash Children Society is a registered N.G.O. under society registration Act and is working in the field of child and social development since 1986. The Organization began its activities running non formal education and rehabilitation center of street children and campaign for child rights.
Posted by:M R Ansari - 28 May, 2010
12: Everybody is congratulating on this page.. but no one even dares to write a line as to how can we help this boy. Easy to write but difficult to actually mean what you have written.
Posted by:Nautica - 28 May, 2010
In IITs, students whose parent's income is less than Rs 4.5 Lakh per year get a schoalrship called MCM (merit cum means) schoalarship but the amount cannot cover his entire expenses.
vaibhav Replied to: Nautica - 30 May, 2010
As he belongs to SC category so he will not have to pay any tution fees as per the rules.
vaibhav Replied to: vaibhav - 30 May, 2010
I am a facilitator for a scholarship. can you give me Abhishek's address, email id and ph number
shyam sirur Replied to: Nautica - 28 May, 2010
16: Congratulations....and All the Best for your Feature.
Posted by:chandra vir singh - 28 May, 2010
17: He has come out with flying colour. and Good luck for his future.
Posted by:Manu - 28 May, 2010
18: Hearty Congratulations and hats off. Good Luck for ur future.
Posted by:vinodk - 28 May, 2010
Hai. good Day
Manu Replied to: vinodk - 28 May, 2010
20: He is a true celebrity in real sense. His hard work proved to be successful. Regarding fees he can approach local bodies and currently BSP is on power so Mayavati who has spend millions for worthless status can alteast contribute in this good cause. IIT management should also be kind enough in this regards.

All the best for future.
Posted by:Amardeep - 27 May, 2010
21: yep this is truly India shining good luck to the boy and the family and god bless super30 for a noble cause.
Abhishke sharpen your english and communication skills along with technical skills be confident and work hard always read Dr Kalams biography and his books whenever possible ,especially if you are a bit down please make sure you read them also visit Dr Kalams website it will make you feel more confident and will help you .
God bless you abhishek .Be confident work hard use the libarary facilities ask more questions in class and do all assignements with dedication ultimately victory will be yours
rama mohana rao anne
sydney australia
Posted by:rama mohana rao anne - 27 May, 2010
It a great honor to their Parents....I wish him and his family a very best future and hope he will shine and bring out their family from present situation...
Ramesh Chandra Replied to: rama mohana rao anne - 28 May, 2010
Great He Deserves To Rise in His Life .
Hritil Roshan Replied to: Ramesh Chandra - 28 May, 2010
COngratulations.. All the Best for your Feature.. Going ahead do ur best and shine along with your family members
Raj Replied to: Hritil Roshan - 28 May, 2010
vaibhav Replied to: Raj - 30 May, 2010