Chinese hackers infiltrate Indian embassy data

Chinese hackers infiltrate Indian embassy data

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, 30 March 2009, 03:24 Hrs   |    13 Comments
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Chinese hackers infiltrate Indian embassy data
Toronto: China based hackers have infiltrated computers and stolen documents from hundreds of government and private offices around the world, including those of the Indian embassy in the U.S. and the Dalai Lama's organization, Canadian researchers said.

A vast electronic spying operation system, which infiltrated the computers, was being controlled from computers based exclusively in China, said the researchers in a report to be issued shortly. But they could not say conclusively that the Chinese government was involved. The group did also not identify the Indian embassies which were targeted.

The office of the Dalai Lama in India had asked the researchers based at the Munk Center for International Studies at the University of Toronto, to examine its computers for signs of malicious software, or malware.

Their examination unearthed a broader e-spying operation that, in less than two years, has infiltrated at least 1,295 computers in 103 countries, including many belonging to Indian embassies as well as the Dalai Lama's Tibetan exile centers in India, Brussels, London and New York.

The researchers believed that the e-spying operation, which they called GhostNet, had hacked into the computer systems at embassies of countries like Pakistan, Germany, Indonesia, Thailand and South Korea. The networks at foreign ministries of Bhutan, Bangladesh, Latvia, Indonesia, Iran and the Philippines, had been found similarly hacked.

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Reader's comments(13)
1: India is great country with experts in software still china has succesfully dine this, I think we should also hire some hackers for china or antihackers,well China is spreading a technological terror in the world,I think its time to think about China for the international comminity as it is no less then terrorism.The world should take a serious action against China hackers...
Posted by:Ateeq Ahmed - 31 Mar, 2009
2: If we r IT (Superpower), then show the hackers by hacking there system............
Posted by:Abdul Azeemuddin - 30 Mar, 2009
3: Hmm..they hacked. What did they take? If they did get access to information, what is the implication of it. No government will ever act on half-baked news. This article is half-baked and does not contain answers to the key question 'So, what is at stake?'
Posted by:Sowmy VJ - 30 Mar, 2009
4: It is really rediculous. It has nothing about Hacker.If Hecker is everywhere, not only in China
Posted by:Bill Hongjun Tian - 30 Mar, 2009
5: Research community should take it as challange to overcome this situation and government should fund such programmes for welfare of public.
Posted by:maaya - 30 Mar, 2009
6: Sorry Guys,if you are looking forward that any action will be taken against these hackers then all of you are wrong.Because here in government is having the mindset as ‘Let the event or mishappening to come up’ and it will come and just pass away and people will discuss and forget because people have very short memory to remember for long time. Over all any casuality or mishappening is not going to spoil the politicians or beurocrats and finally we people have to loss bcoz we are the ‘Aam Admi’.
Posted by:Mukund - 30 Mar, 2009
7: If our most valuable and confidential quotes if some hijack,will be the dangerous for our economy as well as national security.

Indian government should immediately wake up and take appropriate action this concern.

After Pakistan,
china is the bigger threat for us and this truth we must not forget.
Posted by:Nilesh Patel - 30 Mar, 2009
8: It is now very horrible situation, Govt should take step on it & also make its all Online system strong anti hacking type.
Posted by:Bhanu - 29 Mar, 2009
9: sorry gateway
Posted by:vichoo - 29 Mar, 2009
10: Is it not possible to get a getway separately for highly confidential offices like intelligence,banks and the like.
Posted by:Vijayashree - 29 Mar, 2009
11: these hackers are on continuous pursuit to take hold of the datas of the government, yet there is no concrete solution to it. is there none to take on these hackers?
Posted by:parlin - 29 Mar, 2009
Sure, India is the hub of such a huge software manpower. Indians should form hacking/antihacking groups. Pay the miscreants in the same coin.
Logof Replied to: parlin - 29 Mar, 2009
13: Do not sell Chinese hi-tech machines, like the US does. Then they don't have means to do the hacking.
CBC is now just like CNN, picked up some rumour and listed it as top news.
Any news has something to do with Dalai is the top news for CBC.
CBC, you have no more credibility.
Posted by:Xiao Wong - 06 Apr, 2010