Australians enraged by soft drink named Cocaine

Australians enraged by soft drink named Cocaine

Sunday, 28 September 2008, 07:00 Hrs
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Sydney: Lobby groups Sunday called on the Australian government to ban a caffeine-laden soft drink called Cocaine that is due on the market in November.

"Calling a drink Cocaine is just wrong," Queensland Consumer Association state secretary Max Howard told the Sunday Mail.

He urged Canberra not to follow Britain and the US in permitting the sale of Cocaine.

Paul Dillon, head of Sydney-based Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia, said the product would send a message that cocaine was cool.

"This reinforces what many young people tell us (about) the image of cocaine - that it's a soft drug that's glamorous," Dillon said.

Jamey Kirkby, president of Cocaine manufacturer Redux Beverages, said the product was harmless.

"I think that it's a silly proposition to think a soda pop ... is going to lead anyone to do drugs," he said. "We hope that our drink will take some mystery and intrigue away from the drug."
Source: IANS
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