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Are our judges corrupt?

By Binu Paul, SiliconIndia   |   Friday, 29 April 2011, 15:31 Hrs   |    43 Comments
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Are our judges corrupt?
Bangalore: Although framed to be one of the four pillars of democracy, the accountability of Indian judiciary is deteriorating day-by-day. The widespread cancer of corruption in our Supreme Court and High Courts has destroyed the trust of the common man on the accountability and transparency of our judicial system.

The rampart corruption in the judiciary became an open secret to all when former law minister and senior advocate Shanti Bhushan said in an interview to Tehelka that eight of the last sixteen Chief Justices of India were definitely corrupt. He said, "In my view, out of the last 16 to 17 Chief Justices, half have been corrupt. I can't prove this, though we had evidence against Punchhi, Anand, and Sabharwal on the basis of which we sought their impeachment."

The stain of corruption has been present on many of our Supreme Court Chief Justices from early 1990s although many are not proven. Justice Ranganath Mishra who headed the apex court during 1990-91 period gave a clean chit to the Congress party in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots and later the Congress party bestowed him with a Rajya Sabha nomination. While Justice Kamal Narain Singh was accused of passing orders in favour of Jain Exports, Justice A.M. Ahmadi nullified the charge of culpable homicide in the Bhopal gas leak case against an earlier Supreme Court judgment. Justice A.S. Anand was accused of passing orders in favor of his relatives in some controversial land deals. Justice M.M. Punchhi and Y.K. Sabharwal had been under the shadow of suspicion for many unusually benevolent orders for their near and dear ones.

KG Balakrishnan who brought immense glory to the sleepy village of Kaduthuruthy in Kerala by becoming the first Dalit Chief Justice of India, has been stripped off his reputation over allegations of unaccounted wealth amassment by his sons-in-law and brother K.G. Bhaskaran. One of his sons-in-law, P.V. Srinijin, a former Youth Congress office-bearer and a Congress candidate in the 2006 assembly polls, gathered a slew of properties and a number of vehicles over a span of just three years.

The former Chief Justice of Karnataka High Court, P.D. Dinakaran is facing impeachment proceedings in the Rajya Sabha for amassing wealth disproportionate to known sources of income. He has also been tainted with charges of land-grabbing and securing five housing board plots in the name of his relatives.

According to a survey done by the global anti-corruption group Transparency International few years back, nearly 77 percent of Indians believe the country's judiciary is corrupt, and 36 percent paid bribes to the judiciary that year. Does this mean that the majority of our judges are corrupt? Can we expect a fair and impartial trial in this highly corrupt system?

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Reader's comments(43)
1: These survey reports aappear to be realistic. All pillars of democracy have decayed and the whole system is heading for collapse.(Positive thinkers may plaese pardon my negative thinking based on personal experienc of about 70 years. Interestingly,in earlier times judiciary and academia were considered corruption proof but not any more. After all their arguement is when every one is corrupt around them how can they suvive being honest? They wish to join the bandwagon and not to be left behind to suffer their honesty. Honesty these days is considered a negative attribute. An honest person is dubbed anachronistic,negative,impractical,inefficient,shirker, rigid and inconvenient to deal with and gets conveniently sidelined in the society. Those who mint money by unfair means attribute it to their stars.(good for the astrologers and 'tantriks. Perhaps only divine itervention can restore our traditional moral and ethical values for peace and tranquility in our society.
Posted by:Piyush - 18 May, 2011
2: Most of judges from top to bottom are corruptive- day by day the volume of corruption s increasing as more people are under impression that taking against judiciary amounts to contempt. Further not only judges the corruption in judicial employees increased 200%-300% when it compared with for lost 5 years. One of the main reason for increase rate in corruption is there is no sufficient and efficient staff and the rate hike in market. In spite there are some good judges and staff are still non-corruptive. Another reason is the appointment of lower grade judges (without practice they are coming directly from college- the employees are taking advantage of such officers innocence, lack of knowledge) and making way for corruption.
Posted by: srinivas - 04 May, 2011
3: It is as corrupt as political and Admin babus,in some cases more corrupt than political class. Its known to all the senior level judges . Still there are some Honest people as like few in politics and and in Administration.
Posted by:jodgl - 03 May, 2011
4: Judicatory and Executive of Indian Government are corrupt.Democratic system of Government favor corruption as money needed to run democracy.
Only the spirituality can have control corruption. The soul know every thing happened. And can do correction.
Posted by:Vijayan - 02 May, 2011
5: I can only say that let us each start from our self to be honest and spiritually sound. If we are not corrupt, we can start to look down upon others who are leading corrupt way of life. It is always hard to smile unless you have eternally accepted that the humble and simple way of truthful life if 100s times better than life with full luxury... Slowy this number of good people will increase and if they all make a dedicated effort to embrace simplicity and live happily, things will change. Talk to some of the people who practice "The Art of Living" in its true sense and you will come to know what I mean.... A long process... start NOW.
Posted by:Padmanabhan - 02 May, 2011
6: Judiciary consists of humans and they are also amenable. There are only a very few who are above board and donot care for the consequences of their acts and ommisions.
Off late, even these justice keepers have been lured to the various vices of the human race and have become puppets in the hands of politics and influential monied darkhorses.
Posted by:Rajagopalan - 02 May, 2011
7: Most of them are currpted
Posted by:sekhar - 02 May, 2011
8: Definitely our judges are corrupt..From Chief justice of India to lower Judiciary there is clear report that they are corrupt..Most of the judges are also the close relatives of the politicians which help them to evade from prosecution by using illegal ways...there are number of reports that many have multiplied their wealth within short spa of time while in service...many judges are close to the builders in many city..the builders arrange the luxury stay for judges... luxury car for their travels and tour with families. ..there are number of incidents here..but we are not able to report the same fearing that the contempt proceedings will be initiated..we know the judges are not gods but normal human being with responsibilities..hence we cant expect nothing more from them as they are also having feelings of human being and also weakness of human being..during the said weakness they will be forced to act against their morality...some times with corruption and some times involving in sex...ther is incidence of booking contmeot proceeding against many publications when they reported the immoral activities of high profile judges with prostitutes in resorts...that being a case how can the act of the judges will be reported freely..hence they are escaped from such incidents by using illegal ways...Under the circumstances how can we report the corrupt practice of the judges freely to the public..Everybody know ell which judge is corrupt and the way he is dealing with it...but scared to report the same..there was an incidence where the judge is permanently holding a room in a five star hotel for fixing..reaching there is difficult..on reaching there the judge will first check the mobile phones and ask the party to keep away the same...then the deal starts and fix ... fortunately he is under suspension now..LET LAW PREVAIL....BOLO BHARATH MATHA KI JAI......
Posted by:Maniraj - 01 May, 2011
9: The fact remains that indian justice system is corrupt and influenced by money and political powers.It is based on a flimsy platform,written but with loopholes to take advantages at will of judges.Gita and ramayana are written,but how many follow or understand these?Same is fate of constitution.Solution is make laws SIMPLE AND CLEAR,FIXED AND IN PUBLIC LANGUAGE,NOT LIKE ITLIMITO IDIOMS.
Posted by:drsyals - 01 May, 2011
10: Besides being corrupt, most judges do not understand the law and the constitution. They kill the litigants by endless delays and postponements. Justice delayed is indeed justice denied. Often times, they pass judgments that have nothing to do with law and would put our judicial system to shame. These judges think they are supreme beings that can dish out Kangaroo justice at their whim. We need to bring back professionalism to our judiciary. Justice should be delivered based on the law and the merits of the case, and not on the prejudices of the justice, or on the political expediency, or on the caste, creed or gender of the litigants.
Posted by:Kris - 01 May, 2011
11: Hold,

Corruption is discussed as a fashion now a days, because we have eyes to look outside, alas we could see inward to see the root of corruption intact and being nourished with our every breath.

Do we really concerned to eliminate corruption. Let us ask this question to ourselves before we discuss practices adopted by others.

The time has not come yet for the elimination of corruption from our life, rather I have a feeling that it stands to further consolidate.

Until a person among ourselves stands on his own and speak of it, the trend will only be progressive.

The only hope lies with the younger generation who are innocent to this evil and take the command in their hand.

Till then AMEN.


Posted by:r.k.sharma - 01 May, 2011
12: Comparatively low financial penalties and rare imposition of prison sentences to white collar criminals does give the perception that the judiciary may be in collusion with enforcment and prosecuting agencies may all be involved in corrupt prictes.

This is noted to be common throughtout the world in the capitalist based economies with democratic form of government where all are intertwined and may be protecting each other.

Gursharan Singh
Posted by:Gursharan Singh - 01 May, 2011
13: Spineless people who cannot achieve anything through straight forward methods use corruption to get their work done without any respect for the law of the land. This can also happen in any public institution irrespective of what category they belong. Earlier corruption used to be in the background, but nowadays it has reached alarming proportions that people give and accept bribes directly in broad daylight. We have to blame both the giver and taker of bribes. Both are equally responsible for the dangerous situation this is going to take in future which will destroy the nation sooner or later like incurable cancer.
Posted by:Chidanand - 01 May, 2011
I agree with this concept
I have seen many diverse is taking place at the drop of the hat
The judges are influenced to get the same done with pretty much gratitues paid to them.We need more and more Mr. Anna Hazera in the each town to straight out this menace which is catching up faster and faster.
other wise india will be ruled by mafias only like Italy which is still strugling to come out of the same
What we need is honest,fast and relaible information whish will publically announce the corruption where people will know and boycot their families which will have great impact and clean the system
Look at Justice bablakrishanan and his back ground.How can he own so much of properties including Justice Dinakaran
The fuuniest part is they all deny and to say they are honest and expect you to believe like some chievfe ministers and minister who were c/o nothing when elected after some time clinging to the power they amass wealth,power,property,goondasim,change to the rule for theior benefit
The Lok pall bill is pending for almost 40 years but when it come to raising their slary it will passed in the same instant
V.Pandurangam Replied to: Chidanand - 02 May, 2011
Penalty should be only on the Taker as the Giver may have no choice. If the Taker does his/her job as prescribed then there is no need for any Giver to grease the palms of those in power who may be at any level from the peon, clerk, officer, Heads, Pollitical leaders and the professionals involved.

Gursharan Singh Replied to: Chidanand - 01 May, 2011
16: yes our judes are in many numbers corrupt and not interest to do work speedy. they says advocates no corporate but as a advocate i say that judges are no interested too work.They behave a weeping child.advocate is back foot because he want self faver order so why do make angry judges.aa bull mughee maar
Posted by:kksingh - 01 May, 2011
17: the fight of advocates in court is basically the fight to take advantage of existing rules in favour of the person doing corruption so judge can do the same for his own benifit
Posted by:chandrakant deshmukh - 30 Apr, 2011
18: Besides being corrupt what I see these people have mastered the art of covering themselves hence it is difficult for just anyone to find out how it's happening.
Posted by:Jameel - 30 Apr, 2011
19: we believe judiciary is the last console for us. by seeing the present system feel shame.pd dinakaran kg balakrishnan,his brother ,like him many judges chife justices are corrupt.alas our country is a gudia in their hands
Posted by:saraswati nair - 30 Apr, 2011
20: India, like other third world corrupt countries - Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, Afghanistan - will always remain openly corrupt and untrustworthy. There is no cure for corruption since this has been part of the system from the beginning. If a foreigner or businessman from another country comes to travel to India or any of these corrupt country, he/she takes advantage of this corrupt system and brings more shame to the country and takes pride for his own country.
Posted by:Surendar Pal - 30 Apr, 2011
The position may not be any different in the developed or developing countries as the corruption methodologies may be more refined. As an example corruption money to politicians is done through middlemen known as 'lobbyists'.

Just look at US where the health or financial reforms cannot be approved due to the vested interests who control the lawmakers through their financial donations to do their bidding.

Ruling Government Politicians are normally controlled by those who finance their election campaign wins and thus need to be repaid.

Gursharan Singh
Gursharan Singh Replied to: Surendar Pal - 01 May, 2011
22: Dont cry If you are not Corrupt that is your inefficiency.Every one is Corrupt - even God accepts Money for favours they say.
Posted by:ramu - 30 Apr, 2011
23: YES ! This is very unfortunate that all our politicians, Police, Govt. Officials, CBI and even judiciary is very corrupt. I have no idea how much wealth do they need to accumulate in their life time which will fulfil their hunger. Everyone wants to have all the money in this world.

There should be very strict rules imposed for the guilty, but the biggest concern is who will enforce those rules, all the authorities are corrupt and nobody likes to pass any rules which will punish themselves.

To my feeling there is no solution to end the corruption in India, unless every corrupt dies and a new INDIA is born.

I left India and got settled abroad just to get out of this highly corrupt Indian system.

" 100 mein se 99 Be-imaan hain, phir bhi mera Bharat mahaan hai " and I say " 100 mein se 101 Be-imaan hain "

GOD BLESS INDIA without corruption.
Posted by:Narinder Arora - 30 Apr, 2011
24: yes 100%absolutely , my sister was murdered in 19 nov 2007 by her husband , after the marrige of 11 year case no 80/2008, fir no case registered in Darbhanga, patna high coart give the of acuse ,his brother , mother.

they not seee atleast fir , when money came for party , they give bail.

IPC is for only poor people.
Posted by:monir ahmad qadri - 30 Apr, 2011
Such cases have given rise to direct action by relatives of victims who have gone for direct dispensation of justice.

Sadly the relevant authorities are quick to take action against these novices who may not have fhe financial resources or the intelligence on how to cover their tracks and escape the witchhund from the authorities.

Police, Prosecution, Judiciary all may become very efficient when the victim may be related to some VVIP.
Such double standards are common worldwide.

Gursharan Singh
Gursharan Singh Replied to: monir ahmad qadri - 01 May, 2011
26: Mera Judiciary Mahan Our Legal system says, 100 culprits may be set free but one innocent person should not be punished wrongly. Hope you know that today 100 culprits have to be set free , it is their birth right,but the Innocent too can, provided he has money to offer to judiciary.Even office staff Balakrishna is allotted House under Tamil Nadu Housing scheme public.commonman@gmail.com
Posted by:pcman - 30 Apr, 2011
27: Rev 6:3 When the Lamb opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature say, "Come!" ........Then another horse came out, a fiery red one. Its rider was given power to take peace from the earth and to make men slay each other. To him was given a large sword. This was BUSH.......Rev 6:5 When the Lamb opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, "Come!" I looked, and there before me was a black horse! Its rider was holding a pair of scales in his hand. .....this is the destruction of paper money and replacing money with silver and gold....... Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures, saying, "A quart of wheat for a day's wages, and three quarts of barley for a day's wages, and do not damage the oil and the wine!" Enoch who is the hidden imam in Islam gave instruction to Iran to stop using the dollar for selling oil and replace it with silver and gold causing the destruction in sept 2008................... Rev 6:7 When the Lamb opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, "Come!" 8 I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth.....see my blog God is about to destyroy 50% of all life on earth.

Posted by:edward mooney - 30 Apr, 2011
Indian Judges are 100% corrupt. Money money money ... they will die for money .. worried about the future of indian judicial system.. god needs to come to control it.. just 2 days back my family experienced absolutely bad judgmement due to corrupt judge.. but how can one prove it.. One can collect corrupt money in n different ways.. it starts from district courts, high courts, even supreme court some times.... god save india....
Kumar Replied to: edward mooney - 30 Apr, 2011
29: Ya According to a survey done by the global anti-corruption group

Posted by:havy - 30 Apr, 2011
I think there is a say, The one who is sinless should cast the firs tone. But better to remember the poet Kabir Bura jo dekhan mei chala, bura na milya koi, jub apan khoja, mujsa bura na koi. It is wonderful if we can remove the corrupt and put them behind the bards. Well sir, good news is that there are not enough police or judges to do that. Even CBI is corrupt. Once Akbar was told by an aam admi that his son-in-law is been very cruel to his daughter and it is a major concerns for many families in the kingdom. Akbar ordered that all the son-in Laws to be hanged. This troubled Birbal. So he ordered to built four gallows one in wood, one in bronze, one in silver, one gold and one in Platinum. Akbar asked him why he is spending these much? He said it is for all the sun-in-laws depending their status. Akbar realised that he is son-in law too and Platinum would be his fate. He laughed and said he did not mean it.
Buddhdev Pandya Replied to: havy - 30 Apr, 2011
31: As it is said "Honesty is a matter of Opportunity" but it is very disheartening to learn that the Top Echlons of the Indian Judiciary are also corruptt.
All corrupt individuals no matter what positions they hold in Govt. or other organisations, should be driven out of office and put to trial and if found guilty treated as a common criminal.
This will serve to discourage all others fro resorting to corrupt practices in the future.
Posted by:Major Mathews - 30 Apr, 2011
Social activist Anna Hazare's hunger strike in New Delhi to demand a Lokpal Bill asked whether politicians were uncivilised and could not be members of civil society. It is estimated that over 50 lakh Rupees were spent on Mr. Hazare's four-day agitation Rs.82 lakh was raised from the corporate sector so why blame politicians for meeting the expenditures for contesting the Lok Sabha and Assembly elections. Let me say at the risk of being physically attacked for saying that if we ever consider including our religious and spiritual leaders in this hunt, with the exception of a handful pure souls, rest would be behind bars. I like to be in charge of building contract for prisons all over India for this purpose.

Buddhdev Pandya Replied to: Major Mathews - 30 Apr, 2011
33: The problem lies in our education system. Law and Medical Colleagues needs to go beyond the technical teachings. We need professional excellence and leadership as fundamentals for integrity, honesty and dignity. We must stop looking at God to save us or the Government to do ‘something’ when the rot is with in our families and communities locally. Instead of fuelling to chaos, each of us needs to put some added value effort and sacrifices to develop a cohesive and orderly society locally.

This brings me to the conduct of our political parties. Despite the general belief, the political parties are always ‘bottom up’ in setting its policies. The leders merely manipulate and mould the grass root feelings into policies, finally sets its conduct. The managers of the political parties are the centre of the corruption. They are wheels and dealers and puppeteers who pull stings of the politicians and the foot soldiers. The people who strongly feel that we need to tackle corruption must go into the existing major parties and contribute to the changes. Today, beside the money, the biggest corruption currency is the communal equations that generate vote banks. Therefore, it is wrong to have religion at the heart of the politics. We need to have ‘political morality’ to provide parties that serves us.

Let us mature with democracy as India is a little toddler, just beginning to stand-up and exited about the world around her.
Posted by:Buddhdev Pandya - 30 Apr, 2011
34: Supreme Court indeed is lighthouse to enlighten the dark alley of sinken justice system. But unfortunately, this lighthouse is filled with garbage of corruption causing it not to work as it ought to. Corrupt Judges and Bureaucrats, Politicians alliance with judges is no more a secret now. My personal experience with this aging legal system is, i have been fighting for my Fundamental Rights i.e. Right to Work , and the case is heard by the High Court by 126 times not adjourned, but HEARD by 126 times, and yet, the High Court is unable to decide and want me to publish a Newspaper Publication at my own cost to get No Objection from others as to Should i be granted to work with as per law and dignity? I feel pity on such Judges, but i know they are bound to abide by the orders of present rulers of the day, had they not been so, they do not possess enough wisdom to squeeze justice from the era of injust. Let us fight for this prevailing corrupt practice.
Posted by:Anand Moudgil - 30 Apr, 2011
35: 100% our judges are corrupt. Supreme court ordered no case will filled in consumer court against telecome companies in future. Just think, why Supreme Court Ordered, absolutely matter of corruption. We are paying service charges and not received better services, we can not file any case against the telecome companies. Did Supreme Court ordered to telecome companies to make a public panel to resolve issues, not yet ordered, just ordered all the disputes will be solved under telegraph act 1865. Now every one want to go on Moon but our supreme court want to exploitation of general public, supreme court only for high profile businessmans not for general public.
Posted by:Vinod Kumar Saini - 30 Apr, 2011
36: life is too busy & too fast but if we compare our judiciary system it is very slow.reason is our whole system is corrupt like police investigations,doctors reports, leaders, due to this we can't blame our judiciary system. these type of problems can only solved by aam aadmi awareness.
Posted by:ram kumar - 30 Apr, 2011
37: Being a puritan myself and belonging to pre-independence era, I never doubted about the integrity of our judiciary, until one day in a particular case relating to the company I was working after retirment, my employer got the judgement in his favour completely although 100% he was guilty of the offences he has charged with. With a smile on his face, he gave me a hint which was shocking to me.
But it did not take me long how the table was turned in favour of the employer, as I was quick to remember the Advocate calling on us the previous day to the judgement empty handed but went back with a fully loaded suitecase. Rest u can imagine yourself. I was only scratching my head to find out in what proportion the contents would have been shared. May be u can all guess.
Of course I have no doubt there are still many puritans in the judiciary barring some blacksheeps.

Posted by:Dwaraka - 30 Apr, 2011
38: It is unfortunate that both Judicary and Education system have been corrupt.
Eratic judgements especially form lower courts have become threat to nations development.
Posted by:ggr - 30 Apr, 2011
39: Unfortunately, Indians -- regardless of whether business folks, govt employees, judges, etc -- have been corrupt at least from the days of Chanakya, as pointed out by a recent TOI article. We have to get rid of this shameful trait. Moral values must be taught in school and practiced at home.
Posted by:Anu - 29 Apr, 2011
40: Our judiciary specially lower and middle is highly corrupt. The corruption is so vide that it is difficult for any one to get justice. The very salection process is corrupt. The corrupt politicions having say in the process will only infuse corruption in every system. Every constitutional or administrative institution is being destroyed or corrupted. Only GOD can save this country from the corrupt politicions.
Posted by:m p psharma - 29 Apr, 2011
Even God is helpless.Since there is no accountability.90% if the judges are corrupt and have price tag ,they have their own brokers (advocate),who are close to them and know such judges instead of knowing the laws.There is rampant of corruption in Lover Judiciary in Haryana One civil Judge Mr Vijay Singh is the glaring expample .He amassed huge wealth during his tenure in Jagadhri.
Prem Garg Replied to: m p psharma - 30 Apr, 2011
42: I also have the same doubt. Because no corrupted politicians punished in our country so far.

Also Navukarasu Murder case judgement is very surpirse one. How the David escaped from punishment? Now supreme Court give a judgement that he has to be imprisoned for 14 years.

O.K. He may come back after 14 years and may enjoy his life with his parents, wife, children too.

What about the parents of Navukkarasu?

I also have the doubt.
Posted by:Nethra - 29 Apr, 2011
43: When the corrupt politcians in the panel appoint judges at higher courts, obivsouly they will choose the personal favours at least through judgement.
Posted by:sun - 29 Apr, 2011