After water, now Indian scientists find cave on Moon
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After water, now Indian scientists find cave on Moon

Tuesday, 09 February 2010, 02:55 Hrs   |    14 Comments
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After water, now Indian scientists find cave on Moon
Ahmedabad: After the successful discovery of water on moon, the Indian spacecraft Chandrayaan - 1 has made another startling discovery and has found large caves on the lunar surface. Scientist believe that these can act as human shelter on moon.

"We have discovered a natural tunnel near the equator of the Moon which is even bigger than that discovered by the Japanese. This is a empty volcanic tube, measuring about two kilometer in length and 360 meters in width. This could be a potential site for human settlement on moon," said AS Arya, scientist SF of Ahmedabad-based Space Application Centre (SAC). Arya told Economic Times on the sidelines of a two-day conference at Physical Research Laboratory (PRL) on Monday. Arya will also be presenting a paper on the discovery at the LPC (Lunar and Planetary Science Conference) scheduled to be held at Houston from March 1-5.

Earlier, Japanese aircraft Kaguya had also discovered a cave on moon. This spacecraft had discovered a tunnel which was 65 m wide and 80 m deep in the volcanic Marius hill range on the lunar surface "This is a horizontal cave and is much bigger than the Japanese discovery. This finding would go a long way in India's quest to set up a permanent base on the Moon. Such wide tunnels could sustain underground lunar outposts, while the ceilings could help protect astronauts from space radiation, meteoroid impacts and wild temperature fluctuations (up 300 degree centrigrade) that is commonplace on the lunar surface," Arya explained.

Scientists have long suspected that such rock formations existed on the moon, but lacked evidence until now. According to scientists, Lunar lava tubes are a potentially important location for a future lunar base, whether for local exploration and development, or as an outpost to serve exploration beyond the moon.

"The findings happened while the data from the TMC (Terrain Mapping Camera) was being analysed. Moreover, this particular cave is situated near the equator where most of the lunar missions have landed so far," Arya said. The TMC was one of the five Indian payload that was onboard Chandrayaan-I.

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Reader's comments(14)
1: jK3jUY ibkrqqvmefub, [url=]qdghwlssaptu[/url], [link=]hktmcflalmuz[/link],
Posted by:lqgwop - 19 Sep, 2011
2: How much does it cost per square feet? when our natural resources are depleting,human beings,flora and fauna are affected with global warming,instead of finding some alternative means of retaining life on earth,what are these ppl aiming at finding caves.Out for some treasure hunt?Provide alternate sources of energy for more electricity,and other sources rather than digging caves in mars or moon.
Posted by:vichoo - 10 Feb, 2010
incoherent babbling. an artcle about lunar exploration, and you change the subject utterly to nag about unrelated issues. history is not interested in your weak whimpering. you are obsolete. and this cave is the property of the USA.
k. singh Replied to: vichoo - 02 Mar, 2011
I doubt that the USA (as a nation) actually own anything besides what can be found inside their borders. In fact, if we ever got to occupy the moon in some way (notice I use "we" and I'm not an US citizen) we would do it in an orderly and fair fashion. Not to mention that if we start pointing out that the USA should own the Moon because they got to it's surface first, well... Things would really get messy: 1. Did the USA land on the Moon? I've only seen pictures of it (cliché I know). 2. Well, Ok... but since the USA was founded by a lot of different cultures, then... I think you got the picture :)
Louis Replied to: k. singh - 11 Mar, 2011
5: Where are we heading for? Why wasting so much finance and effort on such missions which will be of no use to our general public? Had all these money spent on creating better living facilities here for people who are still dwelling in and around the forests, it would be good.
Thes mission are just mere show offs. What u can do if you get water and air on moon? Are they planning to grow BT crops there and transport them back to India to feed the masses?
Senseless missions with headless objectives..take us to such places only.
Posted by:Raj - 09 Feb, 2010
That is how morons like you keep our country underdeveloped.. you yourself don't have the capability to innovate or invent things but you have a problem if others do the same. According to you Madam Curie and her husband were idiots who were wasting their money, time and life trying to find "just another useless element" (which later turned out to be curing Cancer). Besides your myopic eyes can't see the immense economic benefits India can obtain by space research, like taking payloads of other countries (US paid to take its NASA analyzer to moon). You can't see the hundreds of people getting employment opportunities due to the industries spurred by the Space research. Instead you want the money to be freely distributed among people so that the value of our currency degrades and our entire economy collapses. Ohh yes, you also want the money to be used for people to be removed from jungle and given a "better" place to live. isn't it? Guess what? They don't want your "better" living standards, they want to live & die in peace at the place they were born. Hope you've heard about the Nandigram and other similar incidents (Watch the movie Avatar if you don't have the time to read about them). In fact why don't you go back to wearing leaves instead of clothes if you have so much of a disgust with scientific developement. The amount you save from buying your clothes should be enough to support a poor guy's monthly expenses. Development of science removes poverty and misery. I'm just thankful to god that ISRO and our govt's are not headed by people like you who have shortsightedness and inability to think beyond what is visible.
Abhimanyu Singh Replied to: Raj - 23 Oct, 2010
Compare some world powers' military budget with their space agencies' budget and think again...
Xenophon Replied to: Raj - 22 Mar, 2010
Good question boss , these fellows are wasting our hard earned money
Abid Replied to: Raj - 10 Feb, 2010
9: i am waithin fr d day wen v'll actly b havin lyf ova der on moon..
Posted by:Hina - 09 Feb, 2010
I am waiting for the resurrection of grammar.
Xenophon Replied to: Hina - 22 Mar, 2010
11: aaha! Gud, let us hope that when the number of such caves found by India becomes 100, all the problems in earth - poverty, illiteracy, lack of infrastructure, lack of basic healthcare, terrorism- will be solved!
Also we can think of sending millions of Indians who do not have a shelter in the earth to the MOON! they can use those caves found by INDIA. ah! Wat an Idea Sirji!?
Posted by:wills - 08 Feb, 2010
12: At this rate we may soon have agencies who will set up their base in the lunar environment..
Posted by:Jagdish - 08 Feb, 2010
Yeyy! I am booking a land there. :D
Praveen Kumar Replied to: Jagdish - 08 Feb, 2010
Not the caves on Moon, let our scientists first find suitable houses and dwelling places for millions of houseless and shelterless people on earth and by doing so our scientists will be honoured and reverended for centuries to come as a true discovery for mankind.
madhu Replied to: Praveen Kumar - 09 Feb, 2010