5 Worst Environmental Disasters Caused by Companies

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Fremont: In an age where companies are leaving no stone unturned to fulfill their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), there are few companies which have caused environmental damage to a great magnitude. Here are the five worst environmental disasters ever, caused by companies.

Niger Delta

niger delta, niger, nigeria, exxon mobile, exxonThe Niger Delta is the worst victim of company-made disasters. There were over 7,000 oil spills (over 13 million barrels of oil) during the period 1970 to 2000. There have been frequent explosions, with the largest one till date, in 1998, killing over 1,000 innocent people. The major convict in the pitiable state of the Niger Delta is Exxon Mobile, which has till date escaped the trials. Local indigenous groups have sprung to action against numerous refineries and have resorted to bombing and firing in the region, to warn the companies to steer clear of the Niger Delta; this finally made the government intervene to take suitable action.

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