31 Percent of Rural Indians Have Not Heard About Internet

By siliconindia   |   Tuesday, 13 December 2011, 13:15 Hrs   |    1 Comments
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Among the 10 crores of Indian internet users, nearly 4 crores of them are using top social networking sites to be connected with others.

The fascinating details say that not less than 200 million new mobile subscribers will be newly joined to the worlds’ second largest mobile phone users’ network. This will be an equivalent to the total population of Russia.

Being the cheaper option to access Internet, Mobile handsets are even handier for Googling on the go.  Around 59 percent of the Indian Internet users depend on mobile internet. 37 percent of increase is noted in Indian Facebook users within last 6 months. Most of the Indian Facebook users are into games like Farmville, Cityville. As figures goes beyond a million, India place the second highest Linkedin base. Two among three of the Indians consider online reviews for buying any products.

Along with the Internet usage, India’s e-commerce sector is also growing in the upward direction. E-commerce in the country is expected to have an approximate value of $10 billion by this year. 67 percent of the e-commerce hits through mobile devices. Moreover, 5,000 advertisements reach to mobile devices in India in each second. The progress in digital technology may hopefully hit the rural sectors also very soon. Mobile is becoming the platform for internet access in India and the business-related digital access will be other area of significant growth. Despite the progress in internet mobile, cyber crimes are also on an increase in India. Child trafficking and kidnapping grows proportionally to the high rate of internet access.