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About us
Ecompany was established in 2007 with the aim to make Online Marketing, SEO and SME affordable to Individual Entrepreneurs, big brands and small businesses. The company helps its clients who seek online presence and soar up traffic and sales to grow their business. It has successfully completed more than 7000 campaigns till June 2014.

The main objective of the company is customer satisfaction and everything revolves around it. Ecompany has not specialized in an particular industry but rather at what it does.
Vinod Gill
Year of founding:
All the people across the globe are unified by searches and major search engines are the catalyst. Content marketing and SEO are the two most vital things. Big brands and small business are fighting for the same place and whoever has optimized it more will win the race.
The biggest challenge is to give exactly what client wants. Give them maximum benefit even in the smallest budget possible. Boost their sales and give our clients customers who are looking for them online.
Ecompany does social media optimization along with SEO.
People use search engine to find something. Ecompany targets that Query for its clients. If people are not able to find a company in SERP, it does not have a shot.
Everything in the search results commence for SEO whether it is link building, coding, designing, etc. Ecompany does not work only for the search results, reaching at first is not the only objective but makeing sales from visitors is what separates the company from its clients.