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About us
V2Infotech began in 2009 as a small web development house, servicing a number of local businesses with website design and internet marketing solutions. Before that it was receiving interest from advertising agencies, marketing firms and other website development companies that wanted to provide company's tools to their clients. Since 2009, V2Infotect has been assisting organizations and companies throughout the world. It helps them connect with their customers and sell ideas, products and services. It has an excellent resource team of designers, developers, new media experts and business professionals.

The company firmly believes that as a provider of customized development services and SEO experts, it is its duty not only to understand but also anticipate the client's needs and to provide good services and products at attractive rates. It is also committed to create products that add value to the client's business and help them save his time, efforts and money. It also offers products and services that simplify day-to-day operations, increase efficiency and help business grow.
Virat S Shukla
The major challenge in the SEO segment is to deliver results to valued customers in specific time period, because there are several of terminology and techniques for implementation or optimization of websites. Moreover, search engines keep changing their policies. So, in order to move forward in this situation companies have to adopt some traditional SEO techniques. V2Infotech focuses on base of SEO and serves best services to its clients and lists them to the top of the search engine.

The other challenge is competition in the segment of SEO and online marketing. As the company is in the business of service industry and there are number of service providers, it focuses on delivering quality services to valued customers that can make them unique from all.
The company serves various customers from manufacturing companies to distributors of products & services and also individuals. Various industries like pharma companies, real estate business, semi government sectors, private ltd. companies, educational institutes, schools, colleges and professionals like accountants, doctors, designers, architects are benefiting from the company.
V2Infotech is purely into the service industry from the last 5 years. It offers valued end-to-end services –such as web design and development and SEO services to customers from all over the globe. The company is soon launching an E-Commerce web portal which is the first product in the online market to compete with future trends.
V2Infotech has more than 200 individual customers from Gujarat alone. Some of them are experts in their respective industry. One of them is Saytest Education. It is an online education and examination unit. V2Infotech serves them for web development and SEO services since last 3 years. Another is which once again is online education unit that serves candidates who are preparing for govt. entrance exams like GPSC, UPSC and more. The company also has a client base from some of the best IT companies in Ahmedabad, to which company offers online marketing and SEO services.
To be the No. 1 Search engine optimization and Social Media Marketing Company in India.
As of now, the company is concentrating and targeting the Indian SEO & SMO market. Eventually, FreshRank will start expanding its business globally. The company follows a strategy of providing the best services to its customers. FreshRank is confident that this strategy will definitely lead the company to the international market.
V2Infotech is the team of technocrats as all the employees of the company are coming from a technical background. Its employees learn from each other. All the units in the organization are relevant and dependent on each other. So, all employees work together and work for each other. The company conducts several programs for employees to sharpen their technical and designing skills. The organization involves each relevant employee for specific project development according to his/her expertise in such a way that it can give the feeling of a job satisfaction and importance. The company values its employees and treats them as the organization's asset.

V2Infotech customizes solutions for customers of all categories at affordable price whether it is web development or web design services or SEO services. It has its own strategy to cater customers that can make it distinctive from other competitors.

There is an increase in the number of entrepreneurs in this field. So, there is a major competition amongst these new companies and existing companies in the market for SEO and web development segments. Also there are number of individuals and freelancers in the same market segment who are offering services at very low cost. So, it is becoming difficult to survive but V2Infotech sticks to its strategies by providing quality services to customers with the help of company's pool of experts working under the same roof.
V2Infotech has a broad vision towards providing the best services to its clients. It is approaching new clients along with its present and past customers with a promise to give the best services and support with different innovative ideas and customized solutions.
The company is in the midst of a highly lucrative market in a rapidly growing economy. The upcoming current trend towards an increase in the number of entrepreneurs and competition amongst existing companies presents an opportunity for an increased demand for market information and services that will enable companies to stay ahead of the pack. So, services of V2Infotech will be positioned very carefully with extremely high quality, relevant, timely and accurate solutions tailored to the clients' needs. This will enable clients to make the right decisions and lead them towards growth of their companies, benefiting the overall economy.
Year of founding: 2009
Funding information: Self-funded
Company strength: 10