Watch out Steps to Avoid Rental Scams

Watch out Steps to Avoid Rental Scams

By siliconindia   |   Saturday, October 4, 2014

Bangalore : Rental scams are in upsurge because it is an easy crime to gain money by using an internet connection and a temporary phone number. Most con game players follow this style – finding a property, behaving like an owner, advertising through online for free, communicating only through telephone and making potential renters to deposit cash.Beware of phony ads on the internet; if you are looking for rental housing like residential colleges, apartments, PG’s, hostels and student apartments make sure that you are dealing with the real person. The best way to protect you and your family from these rental scams is to educate yourself by following these steps seriously.

Steps to follow:

  • Before renting from an individual, confirm that you are dealing with genuine person. Ask for evidence that they own the property; make sure you check the public records at assessor’s office.
  • When you are renting property outside the country to protect make deal with a certified agent from established agency.
  • Be aware of folks who ask you to pay wire money or security deposit before meeting. If you decided to pay cash before, make sure to get a receipt with seal.
  • Avoid paying money through online or giving cheque, as it is difficult to trace it out.
  • Before paying money visit a property that you considering to rent, don’t rely on photos and promises.
  • If it looks too good to be true, be fishy. Look for the similar listings on multiple sites and research on rental prices, if you find the rentals are extensively more in the neighborhood, you have probably found the rental scam. Scammers keep their prices contemptibly low to create urgency.
  • If you find any advertisements with spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes pay special attention to it.
  •  Be aware of owner’s precedence, legitimate owners will screen potential tenants by asking different questions about you and your family members where criminals prioritize taking money to close the deal immediately.  
  • Ask a lot of questions like what do I do if I need an electrician/ plumber? How good the neighborhood is? What are the nearby stores? Where I should send the rent? And so on. Verify the answers by using internet. Every experienced owner will be ready with the required answers.
  • Ask the detailed address of real office and home, investigate further by walking through. Meet at original office – The phony owner has suitable excuses for not being to meet you.

What to do? If you get scammed:

  1. Stop the deal.
  2. If money got exchanged, contact financial society and try to stop the transaction.
  3. Report to your local law enforcement authority with all the details.
  4. Contact publisher and send a message where you found the advertisement. They will deactivate the listing from their site.
  5. Report it to the police and explain your situation.
  6. Look out for money recovery.

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