Simple ways for " Go Green " in your Apartment

Simple ways for " Go Green " in your Apartment

By siliconindia   |   Tuesday, October 14, 2014   |    14 Comments
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Bangalore : Many people may think that since we are living in apartment we don’t have options for go green, although there are many eco friendly approaches to turn your apartment into a healthier and eco friendly. These simple ways not only conserve energy and money, it can also make a great difference in your lifestyle and environment by making small changes. Here are the ways for a greener home.

Go green with Planting: Plants are not only air cleaning devices it also helps to chop down your bills. Planting air producing plants, trees and shrubs in your surrounding areas offers good and clear environment. Big tress around your home shades some areas and reduces the sun warm in the afternoons and offers extra cool and natural air.  If it is not possible to plant trees start a small vegetable garden near balcony, kitchen, living room and a window.

Recycle: To reduce waste, many apartment communities offer recycling services for their inhabitants. If you don’t have, ask your landlord and pickup services for your apartment or use recycling containers. Recycling is one of the simplest ways to transform green and furthermore it saves money. Shun plastic usage in your Apartment.

Turn Off lights/electronic appliances when not being used: Unplug the electronic appliances like cell phone charger, printer, computer, laptop charger, toaster, bedside lamps and camera charger when not being used. Even though you remove the mobile from charger pin still utilize the electricity if you forget to unplug. When you are going out whole day, leaving lights, lamps and TV draws continuous energy and results high electricity bill. Make sure that you turn off computer, electrical appliances and lights when not in use. These small changes can generate a big change in your energy consumption and electricity bills.

Lighten Up with CFLs: Replacing your light bulbs from incandescent bulbs to CFLs (compact fluorescent bulbs) will cut your energy usage and saves energy in your living place. In market, you can find variety of CFLs in different shapes, sizes and shades of colors. Lighting up with CFLs is the better way for utilizing less electricity.

Use Natural Cleaners: Utilizing green and natural cleaners than conventional cleaning products is the great way to keep your apartment clean and green. These ordinary cleaners harm your respiratory system. Green cleaners with natural ingredients and less chemicals or natural cleaners which include vinegar, baking soda, lemon, salt and tea tree oil will cut down your operating expenses, end up polluting water and clean up the air you breathe.

These simple ways can changes your lifestyle and help you to get a friendly environment.

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