Reasons Why Home Loans Are Rejected

Reasons Why Home Loans Are Rejected

By siliconindia   |   Tuesday, February 10, 2015   |    11 Comments

Bangalore: Buying a dream home is a momentous goal in every one’s life. If you are looking forward to purchase a home then, applying for a home loan may seem to be a good idea. Even though, when you have all the qualities to acquire a home loan, sometimes the loan application tends to be rejected. Therefore, to improve your chances of getting approved, it is better to know the pitfalls which lead to the disapproval of your home loan application before applying as Banks have thousands of reasons to disapprove the home loan application. Sometimes, it can be unique to the loan applicant.

When you apply for a home loan, banks will estimate your repaying capability by including various counts such as age, financial and job stability, Credit history, pending debts and many others. Here are the few reasons why your home loan application is being disapproved.

Your residential address is on the bank defaulters’ list: If you live together with the person who slipped up the loan payment, credit card bills or sued in court for the bad experience. In such case, the possibility of getting a home loan is too low as all banks will have the detailed address of applicants in its database who failed to pay.

Poor credit score: Accumulating credit card dues, Bills, EMI payments, pending debts like insurance premiums, telephonic bills over the years can also be the strong reason for loan application rejection. To brighten the prospects to accomplish a home loan, make sure that you pay off your outstanding loans, bills, repayments and credit card dues on time without any delay.

Existing Loan Repayment: Whenever bank process an application, it will check the borrowers’ loan repayment chart. If you have already acquired many loans such as car loans, Commercial loan, personal loan then the banks will consider the real income after deducting the ongoing repayments. If other loan repayments cause stress on applicants’ income the bank will disapprove the loan application by considering the repaying ability.

Job stability: If you are a frequent job hopper, then this will surely affect your chance of getting a home loan approval as banks evaluate clients pay back capability by taking job stability as a main concern. In a few cases, certain banks insist that an applicant must be employed with a particular organization for a certain period of time to be eligible for a home loan.

Being Loan guarantor for defaulter: Whenever you are signing on the dotted line to be someone’s loan guarantor, you should be very cautious. You must ensure that the applicant has an ability to repay the money without any hassles. If the applicant fails to repay the loan amount then, the guarantor will be liable to repay the loan behalf of the applicant which results poor credit report.

Age concern: If you are nearing to retirement stage, the banks will hesitate to approve the loan application as after a few years the repayment capacity will lowers. In such cases, few banks will offer some short term loans but it perk-up the huge EMIs which will burdensome to the applicant.

Application been turned down earlier: While evaluating home loan applications the banks will look over the list of rejected home loan applications. In such cases, the applicant should not apply home loan in several banks at the same time. Once your application got rejected, you have to rectify the mistakes which you have done and wait for an offer before you approach other bank.

The property you have chosen does not satisfy policy guidelines: All should keep in mind that not all the types of residential properties are suitable for acquiring a loan. Usually, banks will prefer the properties which are easy to sell, simple to value, have stable prices. So while choosing property you should ensure that the builder has all the required documents for easy sanction of loan.

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