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Easy Ways to Remodel Your Home in Monsoon

By siliconindia   |   Tuesday, August 14, 2012   |    1 Comments

6. To avoid dampness install ventilators

It is always better to check the high humid areas of your house and set up ventilators to prevent dampness. Before the rain hits your house, ensure that the house has enough cross-ventilation options which will allow fresh air to enter your house. As dampness is not good for health and can harm the house contents as well.

7. Don't go for whole house renovate during monsoon

House renovation during monsoon is not at all a good idea. Alternatively, it is better to do renovations like painting walls, waterproofing works, changing damage electrical cords, but to go for whole house renovation may create problem during rainy season. As, the process needs immense investments and remodeling the house close to rainy season may take longer time than predicted. The renovation work may get delay due to irregularity of renovators at work and sudden rain splash, which is an obvious thing during monsoon and you have to end up paying more amount than budgeted.

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